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HSSB52: I also have a bad temper


At Zhao Shilie’s words, Yan Zhaoge scoffed.

This Prince Jin who yearned for the Eastern Tang throne had obviously not said this out of good intentions.

While he was a Martial Grandmaster, in terms of knowledge and experience, he was in no way comparable to Yan Zhaoge.

He was able to see that Zhao Hao’s abilities were far from normal, but unable to detect what lay beyond that.

As Zhao Shilie saw it, while Zhao Hao had been able to dominate and defeat two Martial Artists, if he were to have to face Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng who were already Martial Scholars, he would undoubtedly by knocked out in a single move.

In reality, it was not only Zhao Shilie; almost everyone here also thought that way.

The way they saw it, the Zhao Hao who had taken the initiative to provoke and challenge Zhao Sheng was no better than a madman.

Yan Zhaoge, though, did not think of it that way.

While it would indeed be tough if Zhao Hao wanted to surpass levels and make battle across the huge gulf that lay between the Body Refinement and Martial Scholar realms, against Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng, it wasn’t like he would be one-sidedly suppressed and have no way to fight back against them whatsoever.

The difference in their attainments in the martial dao should be extremely huge, and the gap between their levels of knowledge and experience would only be even bigger.

It wouldn’t even be too much to call it the difference between the heavens and the earth.

The gaze with which Zhao Hao looked at Zhao Shilie was actually also filled with a bit of disregard.

It was just that he had attached somewhat more importance to him than he would a Martial Scholar.

While Zhao Shilie naturally didn’t feel any goodwill towards Zhao Hao, as he saw it, Zhao Hao could aid him in suppressing Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng.

The more intense the fight between his Royal Nephews, the more evenly matched they were, the better it would naturally be for Zhao Shilie.

The Zhao Hao who had originally been completely ordinary before having suddenly cropped out of nowhere at this time was naturally seen as a good chess piece by Zhao Shilie.

As for whether or not Zhao Hao would be stronger than Zhao Yuan in the future and affect his, Zhao Shilie’s position, that was a different question altogether.

At the end of the day, Zhao Hao was currently no more than a mere Martial Artist.

“What is my Eastern Tang Kingdom most famous for in the East Heaven Region It’s alchemy, isn’t it; and wouldn’t that be a good area in which to compete whilst making sure that your relationship is not soured.”

Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng were also not good-for-nothings.

By tradition, the entire Eastern Tang royal family were all good hands at pill concoction, just like how they were also proficient in the areas of martial arts and political administration.

The greatest alchemy power on Eastern Tang soil, the Pill Pavilion, was actually backed by its royal family.

“In making this proposal, Zhao Shilie would naturally have done so based on his understanding towards Zhao Hao, which he should have a certain level of.

Looks like this will be interesting.” Yan Zhaoge did not speak, just watching Zhao Shilie’s performance coldly from the side.

Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng having also thought of this, they naturally hesitated, but could not show any weakness.

Of the two of them, one was the son of the Queen while the other was the son of a concubine.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hao’s birth mother was but a mere palace maid.

The environments the two had been raised in as well as the educations they had received since youth had both been far superior to that of Zhao Hao.

If they completed in martial arts, Martial Scholars against a Martial Artist, there would be no glory in winning no matter how one saw it.

The two glanced at Zhao Hao, then nodded their heads to express their agreement.

Although Zhao Hao’s cultivation had soared tremendously, the two Zhao brothers just didn’t believe that he would even be able to obtain a victory over them in the dao of alchemy.

Zhao Shilie smiled lightly, “The Pill Pavilion’s Head Tribute Elder, Mr Wang, just happens to be here as well.

With Young Master Yan’s background, he must have a lot of knowledge in this area.

This Prince also knows something about the dao of alchemy.

Along with Mr Wang, the three of us can also act as judges for you; this is also a rare opportunity.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, neither confirming nor rejecting his words.

From far, a few martial practitioners now escorted an old man over.

Seeing this old man, Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng both hurriedly rushed to greet him first, “Greetings, Elder Wang.”

It was only Zhao Hao who remained standing where he was, only mildly nodding his head to the old man.

However, not only did Elder Wang not take offense as a result, he actually nodded back at Zhao Hao.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng were both instantly shocked.

Afterwards, when old Mr Wang understood the situation, he only shook his head, “What is this to even compare about; the Sixteenth Prince’s skill in the dao of alchemy is superior even to mine.”

“At his age, with his cultivation base, the level of his skill in pill concoction is something that this old man has never seen in my life before.”

His position being special, having a straight disposition, he could speak a little unrestrainedly without having to concern himself with what he said.

The moment the words left his mouth, Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng were both completely stunned.

On Eastern Tang soil, there was only one person who could compete with this Elder in the dao of alchemy, and that was the King himself.

Even Prince Jin, this Martial Grandmaster, was inferior in this area to the Mr Wang who was only in the Martial Scholar realm.

His expression calm, Zhao Hao said simply, “For a Martial Scholar, your skill in alchemy can already be considered as not bad.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Shilie’s face, “This, however, is something that even this Prince does not understand.

To think that a thousand li horse would appear in my Eastern Tang in the area of alchemy.”

“You didn’t know, huh,” Yan Zhaoge quickly and discreetly rolled his eyes, “If you didn’t know, you would come up with this sort of suggestion”

“Still, how did you come to know of this”

Yan Zhaoge’s line of vision slid past Zhao Shilie and Zhao Hao, finally coming to land on Pill Pavilion’s Head Tribute Elder Mr Wang.

Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng’s faces looked a little ugly as Zhao Hao now laughed arrogantly, “Royal Brothers stand no chance at all in the dao of alchemy; maybe we should just go back to competing in martial arts.”

The Yan Zhaoge who had not spoken up all along now finally opened his mouth, “As His Highness Jin said, this kind of small things do not need to risk harmimg the relationship between you.”

“Just compete in alchemy then.”

Zhao Yuan looked at Yan Zhaoge bemusedly; even Zhao Shilie was a little startled.

Yan Zhaoge continued, “However, since I just happen to be here at this moment as well, why not add some festivity to this occasion”

Zhao Shilie raised his brows slightly, “Oh Which side does Zhaoge intend to wager on”

If Yan Zhaoge were to wager on Zhao Hao, Zhao Shilie would really be bemused then.

As he saw it, this was not merely a simple gambling game.

Rather, him doing so would mean that Yan Zhaoge, as well as the Yan Di behind him, amongst the Princes of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, would be giving up on Zhao Yuan and switching over to supporting Zhao Hao instead!

Zhao Yuan’s expression did not change, but it could obviously be seen that he was currently gazing at Yan Zhaoge nervously.

“I’m backing Brother Zhao Yuan.” Yan Zhaoge was forthcoming with his words.

Zhao Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, as the others became even more confused.

Zhao Shilie said, “From old Mr Wang revealing Heaven’s will with a single phrase, this Prince naturally looks favourably on Royal Nephew Zhao Hao.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Then it’s all set.”

“What does Zhaoge want to wager”

“I want to gamble for Your Highness Jin’s share of the Pill Pavilion.”

Hearing his words, Zhao Shilie’s gaze abruptly flickered, as he stared at Yan Zhaoge closely.

The Pill Pavilion was a very wealthy organisation.

Not only was it the top alchemy organisation within the Eastern Tang Kingdom, it was also the Eastern Tang’s greatest source of exports.

The power who had the greatest stake in the Pill Pavilion was exactly the Eastern Tang royal family, the one with the greatest speaking power naturally being the King himself.

However, Zhao Shilie also had an relatively huge share of the pie.

Bringing precious medicines to the world, the Pill Pavilion was an extremely profitable business, even having begun jostling into the other markets in the East Heaven Region.

The others jumped simultaneously.

A small competition having such big stakes; wasn’t this a little too hasty

But considering it carefully, with Yan Zhaoge’s background, what other things of Zhao Shilie would he even set his eyes on

Thinking about it from this perspective, their minds all relaxed, though they just couldn’t help but feel within their hearts: Having such a mighty father, must really be comfortable…

“As for my wager, I believe that Your Highness Jin will also be very interested in it.” Saying thus, he waved his hand, the low-grade spirit artifact, the Radiant Sun Wheel, appearing before him.

Zhao Shilie immediately exclaimed, “Xiao Shen’s Radiant Sun Wheel!”

Everyone else was also extremely startled, “The Sacred Sun Clan’s Xiao Shen’s protective spirit artifact How is it……”

How was it that it was in Yan Zhaoge’s hands


Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “Xiao Shen was defeated by me, and this thing of his naturally became my spoils of battle.

If I use it to gamble with Your Highness Jin, I guess it should be worthy enough”

Zhao Shilie’s breathing became rough.

Even though he was already a Martial Grandmaster, a spirit artifact was still a precious treasure extremely hard to come by.

His share in the Eastern Tang’s economic lifeline, to him, had not just its economic value, but also concerned the long-standing problem of the future King.

It was hard to accurately say which one of the two was more valuable.

However, that that spirit artifact of Xiao Shen’s had landed in Yan Zhaoge’s hands would definitely be a massive humiliation for the former.

If Zhao Shilie were to successfully get it back for him, it would definitely be doing him a great favour.

Xiao Shen aside, behind him still stood the Sacred Sun Clan’s Grand Elder.

It was only that looking at how Yan Zhaoge, even knowing how proficient Zhao Hao was at alchemy, had still dared to propose these stakes, Zhao Shilie could naturally feel a warning bell sounding within his heart.

How much confidence was required to face this head on

Zhao Shilie’s senses told him that it was best not to carry on the gamble with Yan Zhaoge.

The others all stared at Yan Zhaoge shell-shocked.

Never would they had thought that Xiao Shen, who was already in the late outer aura stage, would actually be defeated by Yan Zhaoge.

The only exception was Zhao Hao.

As if not having completely realised what Yan Zhaoge’s offering up of Xiao Shen’s Radiant Sun Wheel meant, he still faintly had an expression of total disregard for everything on his face.

Maybe he did understand what it meant, but still didn’t put it into his eyes…

Perhaps he did also understand that Zhao Shilie was intentionally making use of him, just that he similarly didn’t care about that as well; there would naturally come a time when he repayed him in the future.

Zhao Hao looked at Yan Zhaoge as he let out a cold snort, “Hmphh, Broad Creed Mountain, someone originating from Broad Creed Mountain…Hehe!”

“Royal Uncle Jin, since he wants to gamble, let’s just gamble then.” Zhao Hao said calmly, before, with a flick of his sleeve, a small, intricate pill furnace directly landed on the ground before him.

From within the pill furnace, embers of flame sprang out without warning, some faint green smoke rising into the air, actually gradually coming together to form the image of mountains and rivers.

Seeing this scene, their minds almost all drew a blank.

Mr Wang, however, abruptly opened his eyes wide.

Zhao Shilie’s eyes just brightened.

“Talented, wilful, wildly arrogant; however…”Yan Zhaoge let out a slight smile from the corner of his mouth, “… however, he’s stupid.”

“Unluckily for you, though, little fella, I also just happen to possess that kind of bad temper that does what I want when I’m not satisfied.”


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