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HSSB520: I’m really not the sort of person to bear grudges


Killing one from the side of Good, next killing one from the side of Evil.

Yan Zhaoge had never considered such a notion, nor did he have to.

Yan Zhaoge scoffed at Fang Kan having said that he would be jointly surrounded and slaughtered by the martial practitioners of Water Crystal Palace, Myriad Sword Pool and the Blood Dragon Sect.

The current equilibrium between Good and Evil could be broken by his mere existence.

Due to Fang Zhaohong’s death, he had indeed battled with Fang Kan.

However, before confirming that he indeed stood on the side of Evil, the forces of Good would not lightly move lest they pushed him onto the side of Evil just like that.

Yan Zhaoge having pointed his spear at the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng, there was only one reason for that.

While he seemed to be expressing friendliness by coming here and lending aid, helping to stand up for Yan Zhaoge, he was actually misleadingly labelling Yan Zhaoge as being affiliated with the Sacred Evil Sect.

His scheming intentions could easily be understood as digging a pit for Yan Zhaoge to fall into, forcing him onto the side of Evil.

Whilst churning the waters, Yan Zhaoge deeply suspected that Lin Qiancheng was trying to fish in turbid waters for additional reasons as well.

Perhaps Lin Qiancheng thought that while Yan Zhaoge possessed shocking potential, he was still only at the sixth or seventh level of the Martial Grandmaster realm at the end of the day, being fully powerless to resist the full strength of Myriad Sword Pool and Spirit Rhino Island.

Even while he felt dissatisfied, in order not to die by Fang Kan’s hands, submitting to Evil would remain the only path that was available to him.

However, he had not thought that forcing a snake into a hole, it was actually not a grass snake that had been pressured but really a true dragon!

Having refined the Northern Ocean Clone, the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster Yan Zhaoge directly slew the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Fang Kan who stood at the head of one of the Seven Pillars of Good!

Having originally thought him to be a chess piece which he could possibly develop further and make good use of, he had actually turned out to be a heavyweight on the same level as him in strength!

Therefore, tragedy having befallen Fang Kan, things would not be good for Lin Qiancheng as well.

He immediately realised what consequences his earlier actions would bring.

“Believe me, I’m really not the sort of person to bear grudges,” Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly at Lin Qiancheng, “Whatever enmity I have, if I am so able, I’ll repay it on the spot.

A virtuous person does not bear overnight grudges, isn’t that right”

Since you dug a pit for me to fall into, I’ll naturally have to get my revenge on you.

While I don’t know what you are planning, I’ll just directly churn your waters yellow regardless.

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly.

With a thought on his part, the Northern Ocean Clone directly jabbed out with a lance towards Lin Qiancheng.

The current Lin Qiancheng was completely enveloped by black fog, his eyes bright as the stars.

No voice resounded from amidst that black fog, just that his gaze which resembled the numerous stars flickered slightly.

Numerous streams of black qi swirled over, blocking the attack of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone as he sped rapidly away into the distance.

While the true essence of the two seemed to be locked in heated battle in mid-air, with Lin Qiancheng set on retreating, it was not a true life and death battle that was going on between them.

Seeing this, everyone inevitably had many speculations.

Those who had already suspected Yan Zhaoge originally felt even more suspicious, feeling that the two of them were acting, with Lin Qiancheng intentionally giving way to Yan Zhaoge.

Myriad Sword Pool’s Chief, Yan Gang, was rather hesitant, not daring to unleash the Floating Sinking Sword at his full strength for fear that he might fall into a trap, with Yan Zhaoge and Lin Qiancheng suddenly joining hands to attack him.

Just like this, with Lin Qiancheng after all being a Martial Saint, as he focused just on escaping rather than continuing to battle, however swift Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone, with it only just having been refined, it was still difficult for him to keep Lin Qiancheng there.

However, Yan Zhaoge did not appear dispirited as a pondering expression instead appeared on his face.

Seeing Lin Qiancheng’s retreating figure, Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, “What you cultivate in is the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art Its power is indeed unordinary, full of changes and variations as it is difficult for one to discern your foundations.

“With your body like an illusory shadow, it will be hard for the attacks of others to land on you.

At the same cultivation level, martial practitioners who cultivate in the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art are renowned for being hard to kill, with it being very difficult for even those whose cultivation bases are superior to yours to kill you as well.

I even suspect that you might be the person in this Vast Ocean World who is the hardest to kill.”

Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “Still, that is only under normal circumstances.”

“If this demonic art is not cultivated to the tenth and final completion stage, on the first, fifth, tenth, eleventh, fifteenth day of the month and so on, for a total of nine out of thirty days in a month, you would lie within a weakened state.”

“Being at the first level of the Martial Saint realm, you should normally have reached the seventh or the eighth stage of the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art at most.”

Yan Zhaoge said rather nastily, “During the period of time when you are weakened, your demonic foundations will be unstable as true essence might even leak uncontrollably out of your body, revealing your movements.

You’ve really got to hide well on those days!”

Lin Qiancheng’s figure did not halt as he vanished into the horizon.

However, the minds of all the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners present wavered as they seemed to see the Evil Saint’s body shake in its entirety, with him stumbling slightly.

They all exchanged looks, “That wasn’t a hallucination, right”

Everyone might have seen wrongly, but the Floating Sinking Sword within Yan Gang’s hands would definitely not have seen wrongly.

There was only one explanation for it then.

Yan Zhaoge must have spoken the truth.

All the martial practitioners on the side of Good had their spirits raised slightly.

Elder Dong and Zhang Haocheng of Water Crystal Palace exchanged glances, both able to see the shock in the other’s eyes.

Zhang Haocheng said hesitantly, “If I do not remember wrongly, over the years, when we have had news of the Evil Saint when he did not take the initiative to appear on his own, it seems to all have been on days like the first, the fifth, the tenth, the eleventh and the fifteenth”

Elder Dong closed his eyes, recalling earnestly for a moment before he opened his eyes and nodded slowly, “That’s right! On every first, fifth, and tenth of every ten days! It is within this perimeter even though not all the nine days might be included.”

Zhang Haocheng held his wrist, “If he did not act, we would also not know that the Evil Saint was currently in a weakened state.

Otherwise, it would be the best time to deal with him, with him even unable to conceal his location properly.

So many good chances have been wasted away just like that.”

It was true that the Evil Saint was powerful, but what troubled them the most were still his strange and unpredictable movements along with his thoughts that were hard to grasp.

A Water Crystal Palace martial practitioner sent over a silent sound transmission, “Would it be a layered trap, being a lie that they colluded to make seem true”

Elder Dong answered, “If it is a lie, that would mean that all of the Evil Saint’s movements over this long period of time thus far have been performed in preparation for this lie.”

“However, if we are cautious enough, this lie would not serve any purpose, the risks being far greater than the benefits and the returns far less than the effort put in.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, sighing softly, “If he was trying to gain trust from this youth, that was completely not worth it at all.”

Zhang Haocheng looked first at Yan Zhaoge and then at the Northern Ocean Clone beside him before smiling bitterly, “Even if the two of them colluded, it is also impossible for this Young Master Yan to be a disciple of the Sacred Evil Sect.

He can stand on level footing with any expert in this world.”

Yet, if Yan Zhaoge was not a descendant of the Sacred Evil Sect, how then should the forces of Good view him

Everyone exchanged bitter smiles.

Could they expect such a powerful person to just sit there and wait for death when facing Fang Kan It was not like he was a fool.

Even Yan Gang, the Chief of Myriad Sword Pool, felt troubled, with Yan Zhaoge after all still being too powerful.

If such a person was indeed an enemy, no more had to be said about it.

They would just do what they had to do, with them all relying on the abilities that they possessed to do so.

If such a person was neutral, however, if they forced him over to the side of Evil, wouldn’t that then be finding trouble for themselves

Therefore, looking at Yan Zhaoge, all of them could not help but feel a headache coming on…


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