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HSSB521: Soaring to prominence, destined to be a legend


Looking at the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng fleeing into the distance, Yan Zhaoge shrugged.

The Sacred Evil Sect was strange and mysterious.

The forces of Good aside, its relationship with the other forces of Evil was not that good as well.

While similarly being part of the Six Evil Sects, the Dragon Slayer Sect, Soul Shocking Island and the others were very cautious of them.

With Lin Qiancheng’s weakness having been revealed today, there would be no end to those who would target him.

The Sacred Evil Sect had been established for many years, never having undergone any great tribulations before due to the mystery that shrouded its movements.

It definitely possessed great wealth and resources which would definitely be very beneficial to the side that managed to obtain them.

Of course, being full of treasures, Yan Zhaoge was a ‘loaded target’ as well.

Still, comparatively speaking, from today onwards, all of them of the Vast Ocean World would be very cautious in having designs on him.

After all, as compared to the Sacred Evil Sect which they had coexisted with for so many years, Yan Zhaoge who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and soared to prominence was actually even more mysterious, even harder to see through.

The forces of Good, including those of Water Crystal Palace, the Spirit Returning Sect, the Blazing Wind Sect and so on, could only felt a headache coming on at this moment.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Slayer Sect and Green Snake Island included, the forces of Evil were currently also greatly conflicted as they looked at Yan Zhaoge.

It was naught but Chief Yan Gang of Myriad Sword Pool who was feeling the most awkward.

Spirit Rhino Island had always been on good terms with Myriad Sword Pool amongst the Seven Pillars of Good.

It was having been invited by Fang Kan that Yan Gang had rushed over this time.

In the end, Yan Zhaoge had virtually killed Fang Kan in front of Yan Gang.

At the same time that tragedy had befallen Spirit Rhino Island, Myriad Sword Pool’s face had been hurt greatly as well.

However, Yan Gang would have no way of capturing Yan Zhaoge to make him pay for what he had done.

With the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect as well as the Chief of Shocking Soul Island along with the Shocking Soul Box hurrying over here as well, Yan Gang also had to stay vigilant against leaving himself vulnerable to them.

However, if Yan Gang did not do something on behalf of Spirit Rhino Island, it would be an even more tragic blow to Myriad Sword Pool’s face, at the same time also alienating Spirit Rhino Island from them.

Moreover, Fang Kan having been killed, it was the alliance between Spirit Rhino Island and Myriad Sword Pool that had suffered as a result, falling to a disadvantage against the others of the Seven Pillars of Good.

Innumerable thoughts flashed through Yan Gang’s mind at lightning speed.

Now, a voice resounded from the distance, “Yan Gang, do you still want to continue This old man would be very happy to watch the battle.”

Yan Gang’s expression changed slightly as he recognised this to be the voice of the Chief of Shocking Soul Island of the Six Evil Sects.

While the other party was not a Martial Saint, he possessed their ancestral Sacred Artifact, the Shocking Soul Box, which possessed extraordinary power and left Shocking Soul Island stably amongst the top three of the Six Evil Sects.

As Yan Gang gazed at Yan Zhaoge, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know this person.

Everyone clearly knows what you are thinking.”

Of course, it was clear that the Chief of Shocking Soul Island was just trying to get on Yan Zhaoge’s good side.

Having seen what had happened to Lin Qiancheng earlier, the Chief of Shocking Soul Island did not move rashly as he just stood far away, pressuring Yan Gang into not making a move.

Despairing looks appeared on the faces of the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners present.

First not mentioning whether Yan Gang might be able to defeat Yan Zhaoge, under such circumstances, he wouldn’t be able to attack Yan Zhaoge even if he would theoretically be able to do so.

While the two sects were close to each other, however thick-skinned these Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners were, it would still be too much of them to ask Yan Gang to bear the immense risk of fighting one against two in order to secure justice for them.

It was destined that the humiliation and hatred from the death of their Chief would not be washed clean today.

The Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners were even beginning to worry that Yan Zhaoge might ruthlessly come over and exterminate the rest of them.

The expression of Myriad Sword Pool’s Yan Gang was sunken as water as he appeared extremely displeased.

However, only he himself could know whether he had actually secretly heaved a sigh of relief, no longer being pressured into having to make a difficult decision.

Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly, seemingly completely ignoring the tense atmosphere around him.

His hands behind his back, he walked off leisurely in the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

“The Sacred Evil Sect should have a special reason for fishing in turbid waters.

Because I unexpectedly came over here, his efforts were wasted midway.

However, there should still be traces of it left behind.

Isn’t anyone interested about this”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, the hearts of Yan Gang and the others all jolted slightly.

If Yan Zhaoge was not of the Sacred Evil Sect and Lin Qiancheng had not come here to provide him with support, why then had he specifically come all the way here

Merely framing Yan Zhaoge was clearly insufficient a reason for this exalted person of the Sacred Evil Sect to come all the way here.

After all, no one could have known before this that Yan Zhaoge was actually powerful to this extent, able to affect the equilibrium of the Vast Ocean World’s global situation.

Therefore, Lin Qiancheng’s actions truly left one wondering.

As everyone pondered, they followed Yan Zhaoge into the interior of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Even that terrifying aura representing the Chief of Shocking Soul Island who had not materialised before everyone followed him as well.

The Northern Ocean Clone brought Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu along in progressing forth.

Paying attention to their surroundings, Yan Zhaoge knew that Lin Qiancheng would have been exceptionally careful since he cultivated in the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art.

Traces that he had left behind would not be easily discovered.

“The Bewildering Maze Sea itself possessing the ability to bewilder, it will have gotten rid of most of the traces that were left behind,” Yan Zhaoge pondered slightly aloud, “Still, from the looks of it, he seems to have been searching from something.”

The others felt somewhat disbelieving at his words, yet felt even more excited as well.

Things that the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng had been attracted by would naturally be remarkable beyond compare.

Still, his plans having been spoiled so by Yan Zhaoge, he naturally wouldn’t be looking for anything anymore.

Following this, he would have to focus on concealing his tracks even more thoroughly lest he unsuspectingly fell victim.

With no other visible clues present, after standing there pondering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge smiled and shook his head.

He waved leisurely goodbye to the others, “Everyone, I have finished with what I set out to do here and naturally will not remain any further.

Let us meet again.”

True essence surged within the acupoints of the Northern Ocean Clone, streams of light transforming into wings that expanded outwards, sweeping Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu along as they had travelled five thousand kilometres away in an instant, no longer visible from sight.

The Vast Ocean World martial practitioners did not know whether to laugh or to cry, all bearing greatly complex emotions as they were rendered speechless for a time.

It was just that the thoughts currently within their minds were all related to Yan Zhaoge.

The first time he had appeared, he had slain the Chief of Spirit Rhino Island Fang Kan, the head of one of the Seven Pillars of Good, whilst also exposing the weak point of the Chief of the Sacred Evil Sect, Lin Qiancheng.

All of these incidents, all of these deeds would shake the world.

Who knew what kind of changes this mysterious youth who had suddenly risen to prominence out of nowhere might bring to the Vast Ocean World in the future

Whatever one said, however, regarding these heavens and earth, even if Yan Zhaoge completely vanished after this, he had already become a legend, destined to leave behind a colourful, remarkable tale in the historical annals of the Vast Ocean World.

As powerful auras approached the area from other directions, everyone was jolted of their reverie as they recognised them to belong to the Palace Lord of Water Crystal Palace as well as the Chiefs of the Blood Dragon Sect and the Dragon Slayer Sect.

Many experts of the Vast Ocean World had actually congregated here.

Soon, though, the Chiefs of the Dragon Slayer Sect and Shocking Soul Island were the first to retreat, the martial practitioners on the side of Evil warily looking at those of the forces of Good present as they too took their leave.

The forces of Good did not pursue.

All of them needed time to digest what had happened today, thinking up a new general policy and stance regarding future developments in the global situation.

Meanwhile, the one who had stirred up and created this huge storm, Yan Zhaoge, was feeling rather relaxed and jovial.

Looking at the Northern Ocean Clone beside him, Yan Zhaoge was all smiles, “Oh, it is good to use indeed.

It’s just that due to its cultivation base being so much higher than mine, controlling it requires quite a bit of my mental strength.

When this clone is battling with others, I myself would not be able to fight as smoothly.”

Fu Enshu pointed at him, “Show-off.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, and did not speak.


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