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HSSB523: A wastrel who burns away high-grade spirit artifacts like firewood


Another true martial essence talisman was slowly condensing above his head.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he inhaled and exhaled, synchronising with the principles of the heavens and the earth, a great power seemingly surging as the essence talisman condensed.

During the simple breathing of a human at any time, at any place, there actually also existed the reversal of the two different extremes of absorbing and releasing, infinite profundities being contained within the simplicity of the great dao.

When Yan Zhaoge had some achieved some minor attainments in his cultivation of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, even when he was not intentionally circulating it, strength would naturally be accumulated amidst his breathing as his foundation would grow stronger and stronger.

Over this gradual process, his cultivation base would correspondingly rise as though he was cultivating at every single moment.

This would inevitably be immensely beneficial towards the raising of his cultivation base, raising his cultivation speed far beyond that of other martial practitioners as an immeasurable amount of time would be saved in the process.

Under normal circumstances, the higher one’s cultivation base, the harder it would be for them to achieve a breakthrough, the time and effort they would have to put in also correspondingly increasing.

However, when Yan Zhaoge had achieved some level of attainment in the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, he would be able to reverse this flow, thwarting these usual rules.

Of the supreme direct lineages of the Three Purities, both the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture had boundless wonderful uses.

As Yan Zhaoge cultivated, he was brought along by his Northern Ocean Clone in traversing the Spirit Rhino Sea, heading towards the Directionless Sea.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge took out his dark green bamboo branch and appraised it in deep thought.

It would be more appropriate to call it a bamboo cane now, with it already having four segments that was each a foot in length, the entire bamboo cane spanning four feet whilst also having become a little thicker.

Even high-grade spirit artifacts were unable to bear clashing with this bamboo cane now as they would prefer to keep a healthy distance away from it.

Mid-grade spirit artifacts could now be directly shattered by it.

Yan Zhaoge’s fingers lightly brushed over the dark green bamboo cane as he gazed at the faint purple light flickering on its surface.

After pondering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge opened his Internal Crystal Furnace, throwing the dark green bamboo cane in.

Yan Zhaoge had previously unreservedly thrown most of the mid-grade spirit artifacts he had obtained into the Internal Crystal Furnace to be refined, with their strength used to bolster that of the dark green bamboo cane.

Now, Yan Zhaoge was going to throw in a high-grade spirit artifact.

Be it in the Eight Extremities World or in the Vast Ocean World, high-grade spirit artifacts were extremely precious.

Even Sacred Ground-level powers like Broad Creed Mountain, the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall, or even Water Crystal Palace, Spirit Rhino Island, the Sacred Evil Sect and Changli Mountain could only barely provide a single high-grade spirit artifact to all those at the Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm and above, not having any extras to spare.

If some newly ascended early Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters were not proficient in artifact forging, they might even have to make do with a mid-grade spirit artifact for a time.

If one was an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster and a solitary practitioner, it would be extremely unlikely for them to own a high-grade spirit artifact.

Yan Zhaoge who had already possessed an accompanying high-grade spirit artifact, the Green Abyss Sword, whilst only at the Essence Spirit stage, could already be considered an exception amongst exceptions.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had been unceasingly analysing and improving the Internal Crystal Furnace, but had still yet to gain the ability to mass produce high-grade spirit artifacts.

Yan Zhaoge had also once pondered for a time on whether he should retain the extra high-grade spirit artifacts that he managed to obtain.

Even if he couldn’t use them, he could still give them to other people to use.

However, after careful consideration, Yan Zhaoge still decided to refine and merge them with his dark green bamboo cane.

The Spirit Rhino Orb and the Jade Light Mirror were both thrown into the Internal Crystal Furnace.

The Jade Light Mirror aside, the Spirit Rhino Orb was the supreme treasure of Spirit Rhino Island.

After Fang Kan had died, it had ended up in Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

It was not just Fang Kan’s death; the loss of this high-grade spirit artifact was also a major reason for the frenzied emotions of the Spirit Rhino Island martial practitioners who had been unwilling to let things end just like that.

Still, Yan Zhaoge cared not about them as he happily threw the Spirit Rhino Orb into the Internal Crystal Furnace.

“If my seniors back at the clan knew about this, they would probably call me a wastrel who burns away high-grade spirit artifacts like firewood, hah.”

High-grade spirit artifacts were extremely rich in spirituality and possessed majestic strength.

As a result, the current Internal Crystal Furnace was even unable to bear it somewhat as the assistance of the Northern Ocean Clone was required before it could continue circulating normally.

Yan Zhaoge continued cultivating whilst also refining treasures just like that as he flew across the horizon with the assistance of his Northern Ocean Clone.

Due to the splitting up of its attention, the Northern Ocean Clone did not fly very quickly.

However, as a Martial Saint, its progress was still incomparably swift.

Even with it just travelling slowly and leisurely, they still finished crossing the Spirit Rhino Sea very quickly, arriving at the Directionless Sea.

At the intersection point between the two seas, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered slightly.

A few figures slowly appeared ahead of him, one of them clearly being the martial practitioner of Changli Mountain whom he had met once before, Bai Jingkang.

The great roc retracted its wings, revealing the figures of Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu with the Northern Ocean Clone standing silently behind Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s features, Bai Jingkang instead heaved a sigh of relief, first bowing, “Young Master Yan, I hope that you’ve been well.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, nodding and reciprocating his words.

Seeing this, the other Changli Mountain martial practitioners beside Bai Jingkang relaxed as well.

Having heard the description of Yan Zhaoge from several communication channels, Bai Jingkang had been able to recognise him.

With this, able to confirm that Yan Zhaoge was not of the Six Evil Sects, with their previous ties, Changli Mountain had been able to freely establish communication with Yan Zhaoge.

What would come next aside, with Yan Zhaoge’s current strength, it was completely worth all of Changli Mountain expressing friendliness towards him.

As for the matter of Spirit Rhino Island, when it was not a full blown conflict between Good and Evil, with them having suffered a loss, it was impossible to think that Changli Mountain would stand up for them.

Their usual relationship was not all that harmonious, some minor conflicts occurring between them every once in a while.

With Spirit Rhino Island having suffered a loss and Fang Kan dead, it would not be beneficial for the martial practitioners on the side of Good as they stood against the forces of Evil.

However, if Yan Zhaoge was willing to lend them a helping hand, his assistance would be worth much, much more than that of Fang Kan’s.

Therefore, all of Changli Mountain was very relaxed and very friendly, the other Changli Mountain martial practitioners immediately bowing towards Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu as well.

Yan Zhaoge introduced Fu Enshu to them.

Having heard earlier that Xu Fei and Shi Jun were being treated rather well in Changli Mountain, Fu Enshu was rather well disposed towards these Changli Mountain martial practitioners as well.

“Right, Elder Bai.

Are my senior apprentice-brother and nephew currently at your Changli Mountain” Yan Zhaoge asked concernedly regarding the two.

Bai Jingkang said, “Mister Xu is currently on the Mountain, looking after Nephew Shi Jun’s mother.”

“As for Nephew Shi Jun, before our sect received news about you, he had already headed outside.

I have already sent someone to contact him.”

“Speaking of this, Young Master Yan has created such an uproar this time, with there being virtually no one in the entire Vast Ocean World who does not know about it.

Nephew Shi Jun has surely heard about you as well.

With that, I believe that he will be returning very shortly.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Elder Bai overpraises me.

If not for Spirit Rhino Island having come looking for trouble, I had originally not intended to act at all.

Instead, I had been intending all along to get to your Changli Mountain as soon as possible.”

As they conversed, they headed over to Changli Mountain together.

From the looks of it, Yan Zhaoge knew that after having confirmed his identity, Changli Mountain would definitely be contacting Water Crystal Palace and the Spirit Returning Sect very soon.

This was a good thing as well.

The suspicion placed upon him by Fang Kan and Lin Qiancheng could be eliminated with this.

Even though he had not suffered any due to this, being maligned by someone always left a bad aftertaste in the mouth.

Indeed, after having arrived on Directionless Island where Changli Mountain was located, they saw a man who appeared lofty as a mountain and virtuous as a deep abyss waiting there for them.

A smile brimming with joy enveloped the man’s face.

It was none other than Xu Fei.


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