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HSSB529: Well and properly trapped


Scanning the deep valley, Yan Zhaoge saw that one of its entrances had completely collapsed.

There seemed to be signs of a flash flood having occurred there, sweeping through the entire valley with immense destructive power as it brought death to all the people located within.

Those were no mere floodwaters.

Instead, they were like the spurting of the starlight springs yet much more intense, the starlight turning into floodwaters before decimating all that stood in its path.

Looking downwards, Yan Zhaoge saw that the corpses lying at the bottom of the valley had already been broken beneath the mighty assault of the starlight as they were riddled with wounds.

Still, with Yan Zhaoge’s vision, he could still tell that two of them had not died to the starlight, instead having already been killed before having been impacted by the starlight.

One of them was this youth whose corpse had been protected in its entirety by the spirit artifact.

At first glance, Yan Zhaoge was already able to tell that those seven sword scars across his chest were the handiwork of the Big Dipper Sword.

Such a major starlight flash flood having occurred, this had basically eliminated the possibility of anyone else having fabricated the wounds.

“Shi Jun did it” Yan Zhaoge’s spirits first rose as he knew that Shi Jun had likely been here just earlier, just having first been discovered by these Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners.

In the ensuing combat, Shi Jun had slain two of his enemies yet had been unable to overcome their overall numerical advantage.

Perhaps it was a mechanism that Shi Jun himself had set up beforehand, or perhaps the grand starlight tide had inadvertently been triggered during their battle.

Whatever the case, Shi Jun had successfully broken out of his encirclement under the cover of the grand starlight tide while these Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners had taken the brunt of the impact, having been consumed by the grand tide.

After checking around solemnly and confirming that Shi Jun’s corpse was not to be found here, Yan Zhaoge then relaxed greatly.

These marks indicated that all of this had happened not long ago.

Meanwhile, the jade sword in his hand also indicated that he was not far away from Shi Jun.

If he continued on his search, he should be able to locate Shi Jun very soon.


Yan Zhaoge’s expression was rather strange as he looked at that youth with seven sword scars across his chest.

Having died by Shi Jun’s hands, he didn’t look old at all, likely only being a Martial Scholar who had yet to reach the Xiantian stage.

Already having a low-grade spirit artifact despite not having reached the Xiantian stage, this person’s identity must definitely be extraordinary.

Yan Zhaoge had already confirmed that the artifact forging standards of this Vast Ocean World were similar in their entirety to that of the Eight Extremities World.

Even for a major sect like the Blood Dragon Sect, having a spirit artifact whilst not yet being at the Xiantian stage was already a special case.

Either one was fortunate enough to have obtained it by chance outside or their family background was extraordinary.

Yan Zhaoge stared at this youth for a moment, thinking, “…It can’t be that much of a coincidence, right”

Lightly patting his head, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched upward, “If it really is that Nian Wei, they shouldn’t have let him run around on his own at a time like this.

Even if he wanted to personally search for Jun’er and Shen Ying, there should logically also have been an expert of the Blood Dragon Sect accompanying him.”

“That place just now was one in which Martial Grandmasters could still move backwards.

Like this, the people of the Blood Dragon Sect outside could have obtained information regarding the existence of this place as well.”

Amidst his ponderings, the gaze of the Northern Ocean Clone beside Yan Zhaoge now flickered slightly.

Yan Zhaoge connected their minds, “Someone has just entered this foreign dimension Also, his cultivation base…is very high!”

The next moment, Yan Zhaoge himself was also able to feel the area before the entrance of the foreign dimension shaking intensely.

The other party’s movements were rapid to the extreme, not thinking of concealing his movements in the least as he directly forcibly ripped apart the purple mist blocking his way and charged in.

The person was as fast as flying as he quickly arrived at the entrance of the deep valley.

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips.

Raising his head and gazing upwards, he saw a silvery-haired old man currently gazing predatorily over.

Seeing the corpse of that youth on the ground, this silvery-haired old man instantly released an enraged howl that was agonised to the extreme, his eyes instantly turning bloodshot.

Feeling the powerful aura that emanated from this silvery-haired old man, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Nian Chen”

The experts of the Blood Dragon Sect that commandeered the Nine Dragon Fingers would always break off the thumbs of their left hands.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell on the left hand of that old man, seeing that it was thumbless with only four fingers present.

He smacked his lips, “It really is him.”

Nian Lei stared intently at Yan Zhaoge with rage that seemingly could not be quenched as he angrily forced out the words, “You are…Yan Zhaoge”

This Blood Dragon Sect Grand Elder had only just left seclusion not long ago over the matter of Shi Jun, Shen Ying and Nian Wei, having been in secluded cultivation and detached from worldly matters before this.

After having left seclusion, he had focused wholeheartedly on searching for Shi Jun.

Yan Zhaoge’s name really being too resplendent, those of his sect had naturally reported Yan Zhaoge’s accomplishments and known history to him.

However, having always been used to getting his way, with the heat currently rushing to his head as well due to the death of Nian Wei, Nian Chen suddenly roared like a dragon, numerous streams of bloodred light flying outwards from his body.

The more furious he was, the less likely Nian Wei was to underestimate his enemy.

Even though the Northern Ocean Clone was standing quietly by Yan Zhaoge’s side like a statue, Nian Chen had also noticed its presence.

Numerous streams of bloodred light transformed into numerous dragons in mid-air before finally condensing into a massive silhouette.

This draconic silhouette had just one arm, the massive claw that extended from it clearly being nine-fingered.

Yan Zhaoge chortled as he watched Nian Chen calmly, “If I were to act, do you think a Martial Scholar would still have his full corpse intact You wouldn’t think that a mere low-grade spirit artifact would have been able to protect him, right”

Nian Wei extended his hands, his nine fingers glowing simultaneously with light as a sharp-tipped glove that was red as blood and flickered with a golden light appeared on them.

Having put on the glove, Nian Wei’s hands resembled the sharp claw of a dragon.

He now retracted his anger which instead turned completely into coldness, “Those seven sword scars were the work of that little beast, Shi Jun!”

“Even if it was not your handiwork, it is definitely related to you!”

Other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners now appeared beside Nian Chen, one of them being a middle-aged man with a special air about him.

He was a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

Seeing the corpses of Nian Wei and the others at the bottom of the valley, pain as well as deep worry flashed within his eyes.

Glancing at him, Yan Zhaoge recognised him to be the father of the missing Shen Ying, the current Chief of the Blood Dragon Sect Shen Shicheng.

Whilst being pained at the death of his sect’s disciples, Shen Shicheng was also feeling worried over his daughter.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he said in a heavy tone, “Young Master Yan, Yan Zhaoge.

Your name has recently been as common as thunder to the ears.

This Shen had really hoped that he would not see you here.”

“It would have been fine if you had stayed at Changli Mountain.

You having come here, it means that you and that Shi Jun must be related!” Shen Shicheng slowly shook his head, “Shi Jun and his master share a mysterious background, and it is the same for you.”

“You were looking for Changli Mountain, and that is a very normal thing.

However, that Shi Jun and his master are but guests there, not being part of their number.

It would be understandable if Changli Mountain’s disciples were to come and assist the two of them.

You also being a guest, why would you have appeared here”

Shen Shicheng asked in a heavy tone, “Young Master Yan having always been straightforward and aboveboard, you won’t say that all of this is a coincidence, right Or would you deny that the sword scars inflicted on the body of my junior apprentice-nephew, Nian Wei, were that Shi Jun’s doing”


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