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HSSB531: I’ll make your nine fingers into eight fingers


The Northern Ocean Clone clawed outwards, resembling a roc unleashing its claws as space itself seemed to be ripped apart by its fingers at this moment.

More importantly, while there had been a change in stance, the Roc-Fish Divine Claw was perfectly synergised with the previous Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s figure did not slow in the least as it directly arrived before Nian Chen.

Nian Chen’s expression was livid, “Competing in claw arts”

The claw of the Blood Dragon Avatar overhead which was equipped with the Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, swiped viciously downwards.

As numerous dragons flew, the heavens and earth before Nian Chen seemed to fall silent for just that moment.

Even the attack of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone seemed to turn slow at this moment, time flowing incomparably slowly as the Northern Ocean Clone seemed to be moving in slow motion.

The strongest killing move of the Blood Dragon Sect, the Nine Dragon Slaughtering Divine Claw, was executed, Nian Chen’s eyes flickering with a severe light as he had finally gotten a chance to counterattack.

The vicious nine-fingered claw struck the palm of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

They clashed finger above finger, claw against claw.

Nian Chen’s eyes emitted a vicious light, the fearsome power of a Sacred Artifact that his attack carried threatening to destroy one of the hands of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone!

At the same time, Shen Shicheng and the other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners were also moving to surround Yan Zhaoge!

Numerous blood dragons traversed the air, tainting the heavens and earth into a sea of blood once more which shot ferociously towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge appeared stable as Mount Tai.

In the instant at which the nine-fingered draconic claw arrived before the Northern Ocean Clone, his entire body suddenly shook intensely.

It resembled the massive mythical fish within the sea having leapt out of water, also resembling the form of the great roc spreading its wings wide.

Majestic, flourishing qi and blood erupted from the acupoints of the Northern Ocean Clone’s entire body.

His extended claw instantly changed once more!

His five fingers furled once more, clenching into a fist, before it punched straight towards the centre of the palm of the nine-fingered draconic claw that sought to capture the heavens and the earth!

As he punched outwards, it was like the sudden piercing assault of a spear, the end of the great spear pointed straight towards the centre of the draconic palm before continuing forward unstoppably.

The violent force broke free of the spatial restrictions caused by the draconic claw, regaining its speed.

Nian Chen’s expression changed slightly, immediately realising that this Northern Ocean Divine Spear of the opponent’s would be able to pierce his palm straight through!

“I’ve fallen for it!”

Having switched to using the Roc-Fish Divine Claw earlier, it had merely been a ruse to lure him in.

While Nian Chen was consumed by rage, he was exceptionally acute in his reactions amidst the battle, his judgments accurate.

He changed his move on the spot, no longer attempting to destroy the arm of the Northern Ocean Clone as he instead erupted all that power beforehand.

The pointed tips of the nine-fingered glove each lit up with a bloodred sphere of light.

Within each sphere of light seemed to be nine blood dragons in opposition to one another, all of it collapsing mightily at this moment.

The nine light spheres all exploded, numerous blood dragons surging as a mist of blood was formed, obstructing the advance of the Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

At the same time, Nian Chen and his Blood Dragon Avatar first retreated, preparing to stabilise their footing before resuming the overall battle.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge looked indifferently at the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners charging towards him as he suddenly lifted his palm.

He raised his palm high overhead before flipping it over, bringing it downwards.

The first to arrive before him was a Blood Dragon Sect longtime Elder, a mid Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster.

His hands were formed into claws, numerous blood dragons surging from his acupoints, coiling to form one essence talisman after another.

The essence talismans lined up to form a massive spirit array in mid-air, intricate patterns representing nine dragons congregating appearing on it.

Yan Zhaoge had seen this martial art before.

It was precisely the direct lineage martial art of the Blood Dragon Sect, Nine Dragons Congregate.

Executed by this Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, it was more than just much stronger than the power displayed by the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster Hai Zhengjie in the past.

However fierce its momentum, though, Yan Zhaoge completely ignored the attack of his opponent, pressuring downwards with his palm neither hurriedly nor slowly.

However, in the eyes of the Elder of the Blood Dragon Sect, only one feeling remained which engulfed his entire mind.

The sky was collapsing!

In his mind’s eye, Yan Zhaoge seemed incomparably tall at this moment as he stood above the nine heavens.

That was not just a mere difference in height, with Yan Zhaoge instead feeling intrinsically superior as he gazed down upon him from a greater realm.

Accompanied by this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s, the sky was collapsing, the heavens and earth about to become one once more!

While his movement seemed neither rushed nor slow, it seemed as though there could be no escaping from it at all.

Living between these heavens and earth, with the heavens and the earth now being overturned, there was no escaping the fate of death no matter where one fled in this realm!

This Blood Dragon Sect Elder knew that with Yan Zhaoge’s current cultivation base, it was impossible for him to truly bring down the sky with a single palm.

It was Yan Zhaoge’s fist-intent that was influencing his mental state.

However, the problem was that whilst knowing this, he was still unable to shake off the pressure brought about by Yan Zhaoge’s palm despite all his struggling!

At this moment, the supreme martial art that existed only in the legends of this world, the Cyclic Heavenly Palm, appeared in the human realm once more!

As Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, the floating spirit array naturally collapsed.

Numerous spirit talismans shattered one after another, agonised wails unceasingly resounding from within as though numerous blood dragons had suffered tragic deaths just like that, having been crushed into meat paste!

Shen Shicheng and the others hurriedly stopped their forward momentum as they watched that Blood Dragon Sect longtime Elder standing dazed as a wooden chicken where he was, his brain fluids splattering all around under Yan Zhaoge’s palm with him completely and utterly dead!

The Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners were all stunned on the spot.

While they knew that Yan Zhaoge was a heaven-defying genius who was really extremely powerful, having been able to directly suppress experts like Water Crystal Palace’s Zhang Haocheng and the Dragon Slayer Sect’s Li Sheng at the same cultivation level, never would they have thought that Yan Zhaoge might actually be strong to this extent!

A single palm!

Slaying a mid Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster of a higher cultivation level than him with a single palm!

While Shen Shicheng was a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster, as he watched this, he could only feel a chill run up his entire body and straight to his head.

The intense battle between the two sides had caused the entire foreign dimension to sway unstably, looking as though it was on the brink of collapse.

The great earth below the deep valley broke completely apart, with light oddly flickering after this had happened.

Yan Zhaoge felt that jade sword shake intensely for a moment, the resonance in the midst of decreasing slightly.

He frowned, descending towards the light down below.

Nian Chen had just wanted to move when unrelenting in his momentum, while he had been momentarily obstructed by the scattered blood mist, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone charged forth without rest.

He no longer punched towards the centre of the palm of the nine-fingered draconic claw with his fist, instead forming a claw with his hand once more.

With the Nine Dragon Fingers just having erupted hastily with its full strength, the Northern Ocean Clone made use of that instant in which old strength had just been exerted and new strength had yet to come to strike out with a Roc-Fist Divine Claw, grabbing one of his opponent’s fingers.

Nian Chen’s expression changed greatly.

A cold smile appeared simultaneously on the faces of Yan Zhaoge down below and the Northern Ocean Clone in front of Nian Chen.

“Haha, ‘Nine-fingered Dragon King’ Nian Chen”

“From today onwards, you can call yourself ‘Eight-fingered’.”

The Northern Ocean Clone exerted strength with his palm, forcibly ripping one finger of the Nine Dragon Fingers straight off!

Nian Chen groaned tragically.

One of the fingers of his Blood Dragon Avatar above him was broken off by Yan Zhaoge.

Meanwhile, the index finger of his right hand also erupted mightily into a mist of blood, being permanently destroyed just like that!


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