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HSSB534: Mid Essence Talisman stage


While it had been just for an instant, there were a few things the black-clothed man had said that had left a deep impression on Yan Zhaoge.

The burial ground of numerous dragons entering the sea…

This mere Vast Ocean World…my trip down here…

When he had heard the burial ground of numerous dragons entering the sea being mentioned, Yan Zhaoge’s mind had wavered momentarily as he had seemed to feel a vigorous essence qi leaping slightly within his body.

It stemmed from the essence qi of the ice dragon within his acupoints that he had yet to fully absorb and refine.

While many days had passed and Yan Zhaoge had already stepped into the Essence Talisman stage, there was still an abundant amount of this essence qi that had been absorbed from the corpse of the ice dragon.

The scene of when he had stepped into the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint and obtained this ice dragon corpse seemed to appear before his eyes once more.

“Is there also a legend of numerous dragons entering the sea in this Vast Ocean World Or are there also clues for their burial ground which can be found here” Yan Zhaoge pondered.

Still, what he was more concerned about were those final words that black-clothed man had said before leaving.

“His trip down here” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed into slits, “Not merely coming over but coming down from a ‘high’ to ‘low’ place Where can that be”

Already knowing about the existence of the World beyond Worlds as well as being aware that his mother had come from there, the first thought that appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s mind was naturally that this black-clothed man might have come from the World beyond Worlds as well.

Let alone being at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, this person wasn’t even a Martial Saint yet.

In having left the World beyond Worlds and come to this Vast Ocean World, had he been intending to settle down here

Otherwise, how had he been intending to return to the World beyond Worlds

Was it like Xue Chuqing had said, with him possessing some treasure which could stabilise dimensional boundaries

Where was that black-clothed man now Had he already returned to the World beyond Worlds

“If everything went successfully for him, he should have returned to the underwater stone cavern and taken a look at the great beam of the Divine Palace once more,” Yan Zhaoge slowly shook his head, “Whether or not he made any gains in the burial ground of numerous dragons, whether or not he successfully increased in strength, he would probably have returned here to try things out again after having finished with his matters on hand.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Looking at the remnant images of light, his arrival at the underwater stone cavern was an event of a very long time ago.

A few hundred years might already have passed.”

Accompanied by the passing of time, the scenes transmitted over by the great beam of the Divine Palace were still changing unceasingly.

Perusing the countless scenes recorded by the great beam of the Divine Palace, while one would seem to have experienced an extremely long amount of time, it was actually but a matter of a mere instant.

Yan Zhaoge felt that he was currently in the midst of an infinitesimally rare opportunity.

Due to the inadvertent meeting of the pillar and beam of the Divine Palace, a shocking change was currently occurring between the two.

A special environment seemed to have been formed, going along the river of time as an instant was turned into countless long years.

This would be impossible upon establishing contact with merely the pillar or beam of the Divine Palace alone.

Even with the two of them having met, there was only this first interaction between them in which such a mysterious change would be had.

Yan Zhaoge perused the scenes of light recorded by the great beam of the Divine Palace whilst moderating his breathing and circulating his profound art.

He did not lack martial arts, did not lack resources.

All he lacked was time and accumulation.

Faced with such an instant during which time was stretched infinitely long, it was inevitably the greatest fortune for Yan Zhaoge.

As Yan Zhaoge breathed, his true martial essence talisman appeared over his head.

Next shockingly came a second, then a third…

Meanwhile, the scenes recorded by the great beam of the Divine Palace played on.

After that black-clothed man had disappeared, no human had set foot in this underwater stone cavern until the sudden arrival of two figures.

Yan Zhaoge’s spirits lifted greatly as the youth within was precisely the grown up Shi Jun.

While they had not met face to face before, Xu Fei had already let Yan Zhaoge look at an image of light depicting Shi Jun.

Therefore, he was now able to generally confirm his identity on sight.

However, the Shi Jun who had arrived in the underwater stone cavern was clearly injured.

Having made use of the great starlight tide in order to bury a crowd of Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners in a single go earlier, while he himself had escaped underground, he had been affected by the aftershock of this as well.

Accompanying Shi Jun was a girl, her features outstanding as she was gentle and beautiful.

She supported Shi Jun, the two of them walking into that stone palace together.

Seeing this, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched slightly, “Oh, being in close proximity ever so naturally Not bad, little fella, not bad.”

This girl was likely the daughter of Shen Shicheng of the Blood Dragon Sect, Shen Ying.

As she helped Shi Jun to sit down, Shen Ying asked concernedly, “Big Brother Shi, are you alright”

Shi Jun waved his hands, “I’m okay.

What about you”

Shen Ying said, “With you having guarded me, I’m fine.”

Shi Jun glanced at Shen Ying, “I had no other choice just now, or I would have been unable to face my many enemies.

It is just that like this, your fellow disciples would probably have perished.”

Shen Ying sighed softly, appearing to be in low spirits, “As they wanted to kill you, it was only natural that you would act in self-defence.

It’s just that I feel rather sorry about it.

After all, they were all my fellow disciples.”

“Speaking of this, this all happened because of me.

If not for you having saved me from Nian Wei, you would not have gotten into a conflict with the people of my sect.”

Shi Jun said, “I had already not liked the look of those Blood Dragon Sect people, aside from you.”

“That Condensed Orb Ancient Leaf was clearly first discovered by me, but your fellow disciples wanted to wrest it over just based on their numerical advantage.

If not for you having put a stop to things, I would already have acted against them back then.”

“Still, although I dislike Nian Wei and the others, you all belonging to the same sect, I should logically not have interfered in a matter between you Blood Dragon Sect disciples.

It was just that I really couldn’t stand watching those immoral actions of his towards you, thus finally making a move.”

Shen Ying raised her head, looking worriedly at Shi Jun.

Shi Jun smiled, “Just now, that Nian Wei was personally ended by me.”

“I know that he has a grandfather who is the number one expert of your Blood Dragon Sect, being an expert ranked highly even within the entire Vast Ocean World.

However, I do not regret having killed scum like him.”

Shi Jun pursed his lips slightly as he said this, “I will bear steadfast responsibility for my actions.

I am not afraid of Nian Wei’s grandfather wanting to kill me over his grandson.

I am just afraid of Master and Changli Mountain being affected as a result.”

Shen Ying appeared greatly troubled.

Shi Jun was not a pessimistic person as after moderating his condition to the point that his wounds no longer hindered him, he stood up and smiled, “Master always says that I am too rash.

I now share these sentiments a little as well.

To be frank, I feel a little scared now after the deed.

Still, I definitely do not regret it in the least.”

“If we could rewind time, I would still act to save you, just that I might be a little more restrained in my actions, trying not to kill anyone as much as possible.

It is just that that way, it might instead have been me dying to your fellow disciples.”

Shen Ying murmured softly, “Big Brother Shi…”

Shi Jun clapped his hands, saying, “Someone from Nian Wei’s group might have gone to report about seeing us.

Pursuers might be arriving here very soon.”

“We will see about matters of the future when the time comes.

Let’s first analyse this place a little.”

Shen Ying nodded, “Okay.”

As Shi Jun turned to look at that great beam which was clearly different from the rest of the stone palace, he took out a jade sword, “Is it Master Or is it little apprentice-uncle Yan”

Afterwards, they touched the patterns on the beam, inadvertently activating the spirit array after which they were sent elsewhere.

The numerous scenes of light that had surfaced within Yan Zhaoge’s mind ended there as well.

He rubbed his temple lightly.

Yan Zhaoge thought back on everything he had just seen, the scenes finally ceasing with Shi Jun touching the great beam of the Divine Palace while Shen Ying stood behind him.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was not bright.

Instead, his smile had vanished as he was silent for a long time.

His heart jolted slightly, and he snapped out of it.

The transference had already ended.

Yan Zhaoge ceased in his thoughts, yelling lightly as the unquantifiable amount of essence talismans above his head surged into the air, forming a massive spirit array!


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