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HSSB535: Reunion


Essence talismans congregated unceasingly above Yan Zhaoge’s head, gradually forming a massive spirit array.

This spirit array was precisely an indication of him having stepped into the eighth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the mid Essence Talisman stage!

As the pillar and beam of the Divine Palace met, the unique force field created by their meeting distorted time, bringing Yan Zhaoge immense benefit.

Yan Zhaoge obtained the thing that he lacked the most on his current cultivation path.


The powerful essence qi of the ice dragon’s corpse that he had absorbed previously had still yet to be completely refined.

As Yan Di had said, its accumulation would be available to him all the way till he Transcended Mortality, perhaps even lasting till just before he attempted his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm.

What he needed was time in order to properly convert that tremendous power for his own use.

It could also be expressed like this: Yan Zhaoge was temporarily not lacking in wealth.

What he had to consider was how to spend his money properly.

Thanks to the unexpected reaction between the pillar and beam of the Divine Palace, Yan Zhaoge had successfully stepped past another bottleneck, attaining the mid Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster realm.

Not a lot of time had passed at all since he had accomplished the early Essence Talisman stage.

If those Vast Ocean World martial practitioners who had witnessed his breakthrough into the early Essence Talisman stage were to hear of this, they would probably be rendered collectively dumbstruck once more.

After the transference had ended, that unique environment disappeared as well.

Looking at the beam of the Divine Palace before him, Yan Zhaoge set it aside for the moment, using the pillar of the Divine Palace to tame it for the moment rather than immediately refining it first.

Afterwards, Yan Zhaoge took out that jade sword once more, carefully feeling the changes within it.

He analysed the changes within it, feeling that it was indeed reacting much more intensely than before.

Yan Zhaoge hurried along in the direction that the jade sword was guiding him in.

His speed was naturally much greater than that of Shi Jun and Shen Ying.

Not being obstructed by others this time, after having travelled a certain distance, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up.

Within the Star Shifting Sea, two youngsters were currently proceeding forward painstakingly.

Shi Jun was observing the changes in the jade sword he was holding as well, joy evident on his face as he gazed all around.

“Jun’er,” Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone descended from the sky together.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Shi Jun instantly rejoiced, “Little apprentice-uncle Yan!”

Yan Zhaoge sighed in relief as well, a smile appearing on his face, “Good kid, you’ve grown up well.”

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s features, Shi Jun was rather stunned as he secretly asked via sound transmission, “Senior apprentice-uncle, your looks seem not to have changed at all…”

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he replied, “Only a little over a year has passed back in our world.”

Shi Jun understood, now turning to look at Shen Ying beside him and introducing, “Miss Shen, this here is my senior apprentice-uncle Yan Zhaoge.

You must have heard of his name before.”

Seeing Yan Zhaoge having called out to him without reservation, Shi Jun knew that there was no need to conceal his identity as he graciously made the introductions.

Shen Ying looked at Yan Zhaoge with some curiosity as well as trepidation but remained polite, “Blood Dragon Sect disciple Shen Ying greets Mister Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “No need to stand on ceremony.”

After smiling, Yan Zhaoge asked solemnly, “What exactly transpired back there”

Shen Ying’s expression dimmed while Shi Jun inhaled deeply, saying, “Senior apprentice-uncle, it’s like this.”

He narrated everything to Yan Zhaoge once over.

Yan Zhaoge listened silently.

It was generally in line with what he had grasped earlier.

Having left Changli Mountain on his own, Shi Jun had gone out adventuring on the Star Shifting Sea.

Amidst his travels, he had come across a group of Blood Dragon Sect disciples on an island.

While Changli Mountain was on bad terms with the Blood Dragon Sect, there had not been any heated conflict or interaction between them at the time.

Afterwards, however, Shi Jun had discovered a supreme healing medicine on the island, the Condensed Orb Ancient Leaf.

As he had been harvesting it, the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners had arrived as well.

They had instantly been attracted to the Condensed Orb Ancient Leaf, having wanted to wrest it away as the two sides had immediately entered a standoff, a battle seeming like it might break out at any moment.

Afterwards, Shen Ying had personally persuaded Nian Wei and the others, saying that there were people of other sects as well as forces of Evil on the island, and they should not turn themselves into a joke.

It was only with that that the people of the Blood Dragon Sect had been willing to give up and disperse.

Afterwards, a typhoon had just happened to encompass the entire surrounding region.

Unable to leave immediately, those on the island had decided to set up camp there.

While Shi Jun had been cultivating on a reef, he had suddenly heard someone crying for help.

Having rushed over, arriving near a cave, he had seen two Blood Dragon Sect disciples hesitating there, not knowing what to do.

Feeling suspicious, Shi Jun had barged past the two of them and entered the cave, seeing Nian Wei wanting to perform some inappropriate actions.

Shi Jun wounded Nian Wei, bringing Shen Ying along in rushing out of the cave while Nian Wei and the others pursued them.

At the start, Shi Jun did not fight to kill, the two fighting and halting intermittently.

Soon, other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners as well as people of other sects had come over to see what was going on.

Nian Wei and the other two had been insistent of Shi Jun’s immorality, saying that Nian Wei had been injured while trying to save Shen Ying from being abducted.

However, it just so happened that Shen Ying had suffered a concussion amidst their earlier conflict and been rendered unconscious.

Everyone had seen how Shen Ying’s clothes were in a disorderly fashion as she was being carried by Shi Jun.

Due to this, it had not been possible for him to explain himself.

Shi Jun had wanted to wait for Shen Ying to wake up before explaining the truth of the matter.

However, Nian Wei and the other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners were already rushing over.

The relationship between Changli Mountain and the Blood Dragon Sect never having been harmonious, with Nian Wei having been injured and Shen Ying having been abducted now, the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners had all been vicious in their attacks as they had wished to hack Shi Jun apart into countless segments.

Greatly enraged, Shi Jun had turned merciless, killing two people in the ensuing melee.

Facing an ever increasing number of opponents, he had ultimately opted to jump into an oceanic whirlpool together with Shen Ying.

Afterwards, having left the island through a starlight spring, Shi Jun had wanted to get back to Changli Mountain, asking the people there to help uphold justice for him.

However, the Blood Dragon Sect had begun a large scale search for him in the Star Shifting Ocean.

Shi Jun and Shen Ying had been tracked down by Nian Wei and the others once more, finally entering that foreign dimension to hide as a result.

Shi Jun had discovered that there was a hidden mechanism in the valley that could cause a great starlight tide.

Afterwards, Nian Wei and the others having found their way there, a great battle had ensued between them once more.

Nian Wei had been slain by Shi Jun on the spot before he had activated the hidden mechanism, a great starlight tide having engulfed all the remaining Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners.

Yan Zhaoge knew of all that had happened afterwards.

After having finished listening, as he looked at Shi Jun, the latter laughed bitterly, “While being surrounded and attacked on that island earlier, I did not dare to leave Miss Shen behind and just escape alone.”

“She was unconscious, and would not be able to resist if Nian Wei wanted to do anything to her.”

While Shen Ying was the daughter of the Blood Dragon Sect’s Chief, Shen Shicheng, Nian Wei’s grandfather was Shen Shicheng’s Master and the actual number one expert of the Blood Dragon Sect, Nian Chen.

All the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners on the island followed Nian Wei and Shen Ying.

With Shen Ying unconscious, the others would naturally listen to Nian Wei’s orders.

Nian Wei would not be able to do anything out in the open.

However, it would be simplicity itself to do a little something when Shen Ying was unconscious.

Yan Zhaoge understood Shi Jun’s intentions.

He had not been afraid that Nian Wei might still have designs on Shen Ying.

He had feared that Nian Wei might kill her in order to silence her.

A great disturbance had already arisen, all of the blame having been thrown to Shi Jun with Shen Ying being the only one who could prove his innocence.

Shi Jun said frustratedly, “In that foreign dimension, Nian Wei aside, those other Blood Dragon Sect disciples all just wouldn’t listen to Miss Shen’s explanation as they all tried to render me dead.”

“Because at that time, before you killed Nian Wei, the nature of the matter had already begun to change,” Yan Zhaoge patted Shi Jun on the shoulder, “It’s fine.

Your Master has come to the Star Shifting Sea as well.

Let’s first meet up with him before anything else.”


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