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HSSB537: Direct confrontation


Yan Zhaoge brought Shi Jun and Shen Ying along, gradually flying out of the Star Shifting Sea.

As they flew, Yan Zhaoge pondered about things whilst finally also being able to focus part of his mind on the beam of the Divine Palace that he had just acquired.

With the assistance of the powerful Northern Ocean Clone and the pillar of the Divine Palace, it had become much easier for him to refine the beam of the Divine Palace.

Comprehending the countless profound spirit patterns on the beam, Yan Zhaoge benefited greatly as some of the memories buried deep within his mind were brought to the surface as well.

Memories regarding pre-Great Calamity times.

After having exited the Star Shifting Sea, Yan Zhaoge awoke from his reverie as he and the Northern Ocean Clone increased their sensory range to the maximum, beginning to search within the surrounding heavens and the earth.

Very soon, several powerful auras surfaced nearby, resembling the lighting up of a signal at a lighthouse as it was greatly noticeable.

Yan Zhaoge immediately adjusted his direction, heading over there.

A small island appeared over the horizon in the distance.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone immediately arrived above the small island.

There, they saw the island divided into different camps, with many people currently waiting there.

While Yan Zhaoge still did not recognise all the people of the Vast Ocean World, he was able to identify the martial practitioners of the various sects by the characteristics of their unique garb.

Other than Xu Fei and the people of Changli Mountain as well as the Blood Dragon Sect, as Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept the area, there were also people of Water Crystal Palace, Myriad Sword Pool, Spirit Rhino Island, the Spirit Returning Sect and the Blazing Wind Sect present.

The Seven Pillars of Good were all present.

A Changli Mountain guest Elder’s disciple having abducted a normal female disciple of the Blood Dragon Sect would still not have created such a great disturbance.

However, the girl in question being the daughter of the Chief of the Blood Dragon Sect, with the abductor also having slain the grandson of Nian Chen who was ranked third amongst the top ten Transcending Mortality experts of the Vast Ocean World, the matter would then be of utmost import.

They wanted to see if Changli Mountain would provide Shi Jun with staunch support.

If they did so, a great battle between the two of the Seven Pillars of Good might then erupt at any time.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone, the people on the island were mostly taken aback by their arrival.

The faces of those of the Blood Dragon Sect all turned incomparably gloomy.

They had already known of the battle between Yan Zhaoge and Nian Chen.

However, they had still yet to confirm before this that Yan Zhaoge had already managed to find Shi Jun and Shen Ying before them.

Xu Fei had said that he had news of Shi Jun.

He had gathered everyone together in waiting there, saying that Shi Jun would be arriving very soon.

Seeing Xu Fei being so certain of this, the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners had felt unease as they had thought that Yan Zhaoge must likely be nearby.

In the end, it had been that worst possible result.

With communication within the Star Shifting Sea not being easy, Nian Chen and Shen Shicheng had only just been informed of the matter a short while ago as they were currently still in the midst of hurrying over here.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone descending from the sky, the people of the Blood Dragon Sect could not help but feel a little repressed.

As those from the other sects saw Yan Zhaoge together with Shi Jun, they all came to the same realisation as Nian Chen and Shen Shicheng, “This person actually personally appeared over Shi Jun’s matter.

From this, it can be seen that their relationship must not be ordinary!”

“This matter might really be hard to take care of.

If this Yan Zhaoge insists on protecting Shi Jun no matter what, even if Changli Mountain and Water Crystal Palace don’t take action, it would also not be easy for Nian Chen to take revenge.”

Yan Zhaoge descended, his gaze sweeping the area.

He did not speak, but his very presence overawed the hearts of everyone present.

Seeing that Yan Zhaoge had come back with Shi Jun and Shen Ying, Xu Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, I have been successful in my endeavours, having fortunately managed to bring Jun’er back safely.”

Shi Jun first bowed towards Xu Fei, “Master, I have worried you.”

Xu Fei shook his head, “It is fine for Master.

Instead, it is these seniors here whom we have troubled, having made a long trip here over your matter.”

After bowing to Xu Fei, Shi Jun apologised to the people of Changli Mountain.

They all nodded slightly before their gazes began to shift between him and Shen Ying.

A Blood Dragon Sect Martial Grandmaster said coldly, “Your disciple has come back safely, yet how many disciples of my sect have been killed by him”

He stared at Shi Jun, “Atrocious and immoral–when has Changli Mountain turned to harbouring such filth”

“Or is it to say that relying on powerful external assistance, you want to act unbridled and rampantly beneath the heavens as you like”

A Changli Mountain martial practitioner frowned, “What did you say”

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly but did not speak while Xu Fei said loudly with no change to his expression, “The truth of the matter will be decided by all.

It is not something that can be decided just based on your mere baseless words alone.”

That Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioner had still wanted to speak when the middle-aged woman who had once visited Changli Mountain put up a hand to stop him, her gaze sweeping past Shen Ying, Shi Jun and Xu Fei to finally land on Yan Zhaoge.

“The two people related to the matter are both here now.

It is now possible to learn the truth of the matter from their words,” This female Elder of the Blood Dragon Sect said slowly, “Can you return our disciple to us first Or could it be that you want to hold her hostage”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I am worried that someone might kill and silence her in order to cover up the truth of the matter.”

While the people of the Blood Dragon Sect all feared Yan Zhaoge’s might, they still directed looks of anger at him now.

Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, “If I let her go back now but something happens to her very soon afterwards, you could then conveniently throw all the blame onto me.

Your sect is very accustomed to such practices.

Therefore, I feel that this Miss would instead be a little safer over here with me.”

That female Elder inhaled deeply, “Yet, threatened by you, how can Ying’er tell the truth”

Yan Zhaoge turned to look at Shen Ying who had a pale expression on her face as she said softly, “This is my Master…”

While she was Shen Shicheng’s daughter, Shen Shicheng was extremely busy with the sect’s affairs as its Chief.

Therefore, Shen Ying had entered the tutelage of this female Elder in her usual cultivation.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled faintly and made a sweeping gesture with his hand.

Shen Ying nodded in thanks, walking towards her Master.

Seeing this, the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners all sighed in relief.

The experts of the other sects who were present were all watching Shen Ying very intently.

Whether it was because the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners truly had no such intention, because of Shen Shicheng’s authority or because it was not possible to make a move with so many people watching, Shen Ying ultimately managed to go over without incident.

Seeing this, Shi Jun sighed in relief as well.

There were some who had been constantly observing him as well.

Seeing his expression, they all began to secretly wonder about things.

The leading Elder of Changli Mountain asked loudly, “Many people have already heard the Blood Dragon Sect’s account of things.

Shi Jun, we would now like to listen to your explanation.

How exactly did things play out”

Shi Jun nodded, saying loudly, “Back then, this junior chanced upon a stroke of fortune on this island, inadvertently finding a stalk of spirit medicine here…”

He narrated the incident from start to end, many Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners being unable to hold themselves back in the process as they glared furiously at him, wanting to scold and curse at him.

Every time this happened, Yan Zhaoge’s cold gaze would sweep over, causing a chill on their backs as their cursing was forcibly swallowed back in by them.

Shi Jun’s version of events was a completely different one from that of the Blood Dragon Sect.

The two of them could not be any more divergent.

Having finally managed to let Shi Jun finish his account without incident, Yan Zhaoge no longer obstructed them as a Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioner immediately yelled, “Stuff and nonsense! Nian Wei and Shen Ying grew up together since young, the two being very happy together.

Nian Wei had always been full of tenderness towards Shen Ying.

How could he have tried forceful means”

Yan Zhaoge asked mildly, “Oh Is that really true What I heard is that although their parents had indeed had such in mind, the two of them had not been engaged.

Might it not have been one-sided affection on his part with embarrassment finally turning into enraged action”

That Blood Dragon Sect Elder halted slightly before he continued, “The old Chief and the current Chief had already set up an engagement between the two.

This is something that everyone in the sect knows.

What would you as an outsider know about it”

The other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners began to voice assent as well, but their gazes all naturally drifted towards Shen Ying.

The gazes of everyone else present were currently focused on Shen Ying as well.


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