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HSSB538: Don’t be flustered


It was not just those of Changli Mountain.

The higher echelon experts of the other sects were all gazing towards Shen Ying as well.

While they were not intentionally exuding their auras, the pressure emitted by the gazes of so many Martial Grandmasters at once was enough to leave any Martial Scholar feeling suffocated.

Currently, Shen Ying was like a lone vessel amidst a stormy sea as she appeared exceptionally flimsy.

Her lips twitched.

Raising her head to survey the surroundings, what she saw were the concerned whilst also worried gazes of the seniors of her sect.

Before she could answer, Xu Fei suddenly asked, “May I ask if Miss Shen’s body is currently still pure and untainted”

Shen Ying’s Master asked angrily, “What do you mean”

Xu Fei said calmly, “I do not mean to offend you.

It is just that we martial practitioners possess the twin qis of yin and yang.

Whether a female is still pure and untainted, whether or not she has already experienced the matter between a man and woman would influence the circulation of yin and yang within her body very greatly, this also being something that cannot be reversed.”

The Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners all realised with a start what Xu Fei was going to say.

Xu Fei looked first at Shi Jun and then at Shen Ying, “If my disciple was really that kind of immoral person, having abducted and killed to satisfy his own personal desires, it would have been sufficient for many things to have happened between them with them having been missing together for so long.”

“However, observing from the exterior, Miss Shen should still be a virgin.

Of course, my observation may be inaccurate.

However, it would be sufficient just by examining the flow of qi within her body.”

The difference between the cultivation bases of Xu Fei and Shen Ying being too great, as long as he wanted to, he would be able to see through the circulation of qi within Shen Ying’s body and the changes in yin and yang therein with a single glance.

However, Xu Fei did not do so, instead scanning the area, “We do not lack female experts amongst the various great sects here.

They can be invited to help with the examination, this being comparatively fairer as well.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he just said as he looked at those of the Blood Dragon Sect, “Under the eyes of so many, don’t be up to your little tricks now.

Everyone’s watching you.”

Someone whose cultivation base far surpassed Shen Ying’s would be able to infuse their true essence into her body, temporarily changing the equilibrium of yin and yang within it for a short period of time.

However, with Nian Chen not being present, no one of the Blood Dragon Sect here had the ability to fool the eyes of so many.

Shen Ying’s Master frowned.

In truth, right after Shen Ying had returned to her side, she had already generally checked her once over and determined that she was fine.

Having inwardly sighed in relief, she instead tensed up again due to Xu Fei’s words now.

Xu Fei said, “Don’t say that there would not have been the time for it due to the pursuit.

If my disciple were really an atrocious person with his motive originally having been to abduct and violate her, the more perilous the circumstance, the easier it would have been for his evil desires to be aroused.”

He looked at Shi Jun, “Were they chasing you all the way without any chance for you to catch your breath”

Shi Jun answered, “It was actually not very tense before we arrived at the foreign dimension.

We had just wanted to search for a path and leave the Star Shifting Sea as soon as possible.

When arriving in the vicinity of the foreign dimension, it was then that we were accidentally discovered by those of the Blood Dragon Sect.”

Xu Fei surveyed the surroundings, “Therefore, if he had had really wanted to do anything, there were lots of time and opportunities for doing so.”

The people of the other sects all scanned Shen Ying.

The people of the Blood Dragon Sect wanted to stop them yet had no way to do so.

There were those who wanted to tamper with the evidence yet were helpless going about it under the gazes of all.

After having checked, those of Water Crystal Palace were the first to say, “It is indeed still pure and untainted.”

Those of the Spirit Returning Sect nodded as well.

Those of Myriad Sword Pool, Spirit Rhino Island and the Blazing Wind Sect all exchanged looks but did not speak.

Now, a longtime Elder of the Blood Dragon Sect said darkly, “Perhaps this brat had the desire to yet was physically unable to do it”

Everyone was taken aback as he continued, “Countless strange things exist in the great thousand worlds.

This old man had once heard of people who were unable to reproduce yet were exceptionally brutal, taking great pleasure in ruthlessly deflowering others.”

The atmosphere quietened somewhat, everyone looking at Shi Jun and Shen Ying as they were rendered lost for words for a time.

They were currently all filled with doubt, no longer being as certain as before of Shi Jun’s guilt.

However, while the words of this Blood Dragon Sect Elder sounded ridiculous, it was also not like it was completely unfounded.

The atmosphere was rather awkward.

Due to the changes within Shen Ying’s body, her chastity could easily be determined.

However, what about Shi Jun Asking him to prove it himself, it would not be easy to do it here.

They couldn’t just find some random woman for him do it with right here, right now, right

Shi Jun appeared furious.

Xu Fei pressed his shoulder, turning to look over at the Blood Dragon Sect.

A Changli Mountain Elder snorted, “Old Man Wang Qin, this old man also suspects you of being unable to reproduce! What do you say”

That Blood Dragon Sect Elder, Wan Qin, did not take the bait, “At this old age, being fully focused on cultivation, this old man already no longer thinks of relationships of the flesh as important.”

He did not continue going down this line, instead changing the direction of his argument as he said, “This old man is naturally also happy that Ying’er has maintained her chastity, not having been tainted by this brat.

However, this does not mean that in having abducted Ying’er away, he held no other untoward intentions.”

Wang Qin pointed at Shi Jun, “Instead, it is his defamation of our disciple Nian Wei of having tried to forcibly make a move on Shen Ying that is pure nonsense.”

“Nian Wei and Shen Ying were already engaged, just that the two of them were still staying apart first.

At the same time, we as seniors were also afraid that due to their cultivation bases not being stable enough as well as their lack of self-control, engaging too much in relationships of the flesh might instead harm their foundations.

Therefore, they had yet to truly reach that stage yet.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Wang Qin, who had turned the point of contention back over.

He had wanted to vouch for Nian Wei, in this way naturally shifting the issue back over to Shi Jun.

At the end of the day, Shi Jun had killed several Blood Dragon Sect disciples.

This enmity could not be alleviated, with a battle between the two sides seeming imminent.

As for what problem lay with Shi Jun, they could slowly quibble over it afterwards.

However, the fault ultimately lying with Shi Jun, reason would then stand on the Blood Dragon Sect’s side.

Like this, they would be able to legitimately pursue the matter of Shi Jun having killed their disciples.

The Blood Dragon Sect currently needed to protect their reputation as well as gain the support of the other five great sects of the Seven Pillars of Good.

A Myriad Sword Pool Elder now looked at Shen Ying, saying harmoniously, “Why doesn’t Niece Shen talk about what really happened that day This old man knows that such matters may be rather difficult to voice out for a girl.

However, this old man believes that the daughter of Chief Shen is a responsible person.”

“With this being a public case and one side having even died in it, a conclusion must be made to this matter and a satisfactory end brought about.”

Looking at that Myriad Sword Pool Elder, the people of Changli Mountain all snorted coldly inwardly, “Huh, this level of rhetoric…”

Everyone’s gazes now focused on Shen Ying once more.

Shen Ying’s face was pale to the extreme as she looked at Shi Jun.

Meeting her gaze, Shi Jun’s gaze sunk.

Then, he heard Shen Ying saying softly, “Senior apprentice-brother Nian did not bully me…”

Shi Jun was enraged.

However, seeing Shen Ying’s face that was completely devoid of the colour of blood, he could not get the words out of his mouth.

Now, he felt a hand pressing down on his shoulder.

Looking back, he saw Yan Zhaoge behind him.

“Don’t be flustered,” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm as water as though he was not surprised by the current turn of events in the least.

At the same time, the distant horizon shook as several powerful auras emerged from the direction of the Star Shifting Sea, resembling vicious dragons emerging from the sea.

They quickly arrived near the small island, revealing their appearances.

They were precisely Nian Chen, Shen Shicheng and the other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners.


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