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HSSB539: Who dares to touch my junior apprentice-nephew


Nian Chen looked down from high above at Yan Zhaoge and Shi Jun, his eyes virtually about to spew fire.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual, a hint of a smile visible at the corners of his mouth as he waved leisurely at Nian Chen, asking him, “Yo, ‘Eight-Fingered Dragon King’! How’re you doing”

Everyone on the island was taken aback as they stared at the hovering Nian Chen, stunned.

Nian Chen’s face was livid as he glared furiously at Yan Zhaoge.

Looking at Nian Chen’s rather stiff hands, everyone discovered now that other than the thumb of his left hand which had been removed long ago in the past, Nian Chen was now shockingly missing the index finger of his right hand as well!

He was indeed the ‘Eight-Fingered Dragon King’ now.

However, no one could smile.

As they gazed between Yan Zhaoge and Nian Chen, they all had a shocking suspicion.

The Northern Ocean Clone beside Yan Zhaoge relaxed his firmly clenched fist a little, blood light and golden light emanating from within.

It was as though an extremely powerful existence had been firmly caught by the Northern Ocean Clone as it was completely unable to move.

Their guesses having been confirmed, everyone was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied, “Nian Chen had his finger cut off by him! A segment of the Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, was actually wrested away by him!”

While they knew that this young person was powerful, they had never thought that he would actually be powerful to this extent.

Shen Shicheng’s gaze fell on Shen Ying, “Ying’er, are you okay”

Shen Ying nodded while Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Not even a hair on your daughter’s head has been harmed.

Instead, it is my junior apprentice-nephew who is injured quite a fair bit.”

A Blood Dragon Sect Elder snorted, “Him having killed so many of my Blood Dragon Sect disciples, you still have the gall to say that”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Oh, yeah.

So many people having surrounded and tried to kill just my junior apprentice-nephew alone, a whole bunch of them was instead all killed in the end.”

That Blood Dragon Sect Elder glared furiously, “You…”

“I what” Yan Zhaoge ignored him as he instead turned to look at Shen Ying, “This Miss Shen, you said that Nian Wei did not bully you.

Did my junior apprentice-nephew, Shi Jun, bully you then”

Shen Ying hesitated and looked downwards while the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners beside her all looked nervously at her.

Before she could speak, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “If my junior apprentice-nephew did bully you, can I ask which part of you he bullied While you are the victim, your claims still cannot be completely baseless, right”

“With so many people here, you can just say what harm you received.

There are many people who can confirm the issue for you.”

Blood Dragon Sect’s Wang Qin said coldly, “It has already been proven that it was indeed your junior apprentice-nephew who abducted away the disciple Shen Ying of our sect.

Other disciples of our sect tried to stop him, but were instead killed by him!”

“Why your junior apprentice-nephew abducted Shen Ying is a question that only he can answer.”

“Shen Ying being fine now, it can only be said that she was fortunately discovered before it was too late.

Otherwise, who knows what your junior apprentice nephew might have been intending It was just that he didn’t have the time to do it.”

“Still, this does not change the fact that he abducted and killed!”

Yan Zhaoge looked rather amusedly at Wang Qin, “Is the truth of the matter to be completely fabricated by you”

Wang Qin raised his voice, saying, “I know that you are powerful and outstandingly talented, already having attained the Essence Talisman stage at such a young age.”

“You have managed to refine the mortal shell of the Northern Ocean Martial Saint, Zhuang Kun, as your clone as well.

However, does your great strength mean that you can harbour your junior apprentice-nephew despite his guilt”

“You need to know that justice exists in this world.

You can kill and silence me today, but can you kill everyone under the heavens, silencing all of us myriad lifeforms”

Wang Qin looked sternly at Yan Zhaoge, “While you are powerful, you wouldn’t have the ability to do that, right”

“You appeared out of nowhere and shocked the entire Vast Ocean World.

However, if you say that rampaging throughout the entire world and dominating over all, pressuring till there is no one who dares to speak against you is your goal, you would surely be underestimating the people of this world!”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm, not appearing flustered at all as he instead looked rather interestedly at Wang Qin.

The other party was clearly trying to set him, an outsider who had suddenly appeared, as being in opposition with the entire Vast Ocean World.

Yan Zhaoge said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “This Yan does not look down on everyone under the heavens.

However, there are some whose worth I indeed feel I have overestimated, such as your sect.”

As those of the Blood Dragon Sect all looked hostilely at Yan Zhaoge, he continued mildly, “Don’t look at me like this.

Face is given to you by others, your personality is constructed by you yourself.”

He waved his hand, indicating for Shi Jun to come over beside him before he patted his shoulder, “The truth of the matter is actually only known by these two people who were involved in the matter.

Currently, their testimonies differ.”

“I naturally believe in the words of my junior apprentice-nephew,” Yan Zhaoge turned to look towards Wang Qin and the others, “Nian Wei already being dead, with him after all being the grandson of your sect’s longtime Elder Nian Chen, whether it is for his individual reputation or that of the entire sect, Shen Ying decided not to pursue the matter with him, instead distorting the truth and causing the blame to look like it lies with my junior apprentice-nephew.”

Shen Ying pressed her lips tightly together while the other Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners all appeared enraged.

Yan Zhaoge ignored them as he continued, “However, she can only take the blame off Nian Wei at most.

What would she be able to malign my junior apprentice-nephew of It would at most be of having taken her away.

Other than that, my junior apprentice-nephew did not touch her at all.”

“If I definitely have to go by what you were saying, perhaps this would explain it”

“In not having touched a hair on the head of your disciple Shen Ying, my junior apprentice-nephew was actually bringing her along as a witness.”

“As a witness of what As a witness of how incapable the disciples of your sect are.”

Yan Zhaoge said casually, “They being unable to beat my junior apprentice-nephew in single combat aside, they were unable to win even grouped up together, sending their lives away one by one.

Your sect should reflect on yourselves and think of how to better educate your disciples.

Otherwise, it would be too easy for them to die while they are outside.”

“How does this version of things sound to you”

The people of the Blood Dragon Sect were all enraged, with even Wang Qin’s entire body trembling in rage.

Those spectators of the other sects exchanged glances, their expressions all being rather complex.

Those of Water Crystal Palace did not speak, with it being the leading Elder of the Spirit Returning Sect who chuckled, “That does indeed make logical sense as well.”

At this stage, the truth of the matter was getting even more unclear.

However, none of them were foolish people as various suspicions arose in all of their hearts.

The entire matter had gradually become something like a bad debt.

They might not fully believe everything that Shi Jun had said, but even with Shen Ying testifying, the words of the Blood Dragon Sect were filled with numerous points of doubt as well.

Shi Jun’s heart now eased.

While he had been unable to truly clear his name, revealing the words of the Blood Dragon Sect to be a lie and bringing justice to himself, he finally had the feeling of the clouds having drifted away with the sun now being revealed.

While he felt rather unresigned to this, with Shen Ying not having personally revealed the truth of the matter, this was probably already the best possible result.

It was such that his reputation would not be besmirched when he next walked the lands of the Vast Ocean World.

Shi Jun had just wanted to speak when Yan Zhaoge’s voice suddenly resounded by his ear, “Stay silent.

This matter has only just begun.”

Nian Chen who had been silent since his appearance as he had just been glaring fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge and Shi Jun now said coldly, “Youngsters who do not know the height of the heavens and the depths of the earth can indeed die very easily.”

His voice resembled the roar of a vicious dragon as it shocked the ears of everyone present to the point of ringing.

Nian Chen directly struck out with a claw towards Shi Jun!

“This old man’s grandson has died! There is no existing for us under the same heavens.

This old man will offer your heart in tribute to the dead Wei’er in heaven,” Nian Chen’s gaze was cold and savage to the extreme, “No one can stop me!”

A figure swayed, appearing between Nian Chen and the pair of Yan Zhaoge and Shi Jun.

It was precisely the Northern Ocean Clone!

“As compared to fighting, verbal battles would actually have been more beneficial to you,” Yan Zhaoge said in an indifferent manner, “Those remaining fingers that are temporarily deposited on your hands-I will be coming for them now.”

“Acting against my junior apprentice-nephew-just based on you”


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