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HSSB540: World shocking


Everyone else moved to the sides lest they be affected by the aftershocks of this Martial Saint-level battle.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Xu Fei, secretly telling him something via sound transmission.

Xu Fei’s gaze flickered slightly as he nodded.

The Northern Ocean Clone rose into the air with his arms upraised, resembling a roc soaring into the air as the Northern Ocean Divine Spear was integrated within his fist arts.

Punching outwards, it resembled a huge spear penetrating through the heavens and the earth as it assaulted towards Nian Chen.

Nian Chen’s true martial avatar appeared above his head once more, the figure of a dragonoid condensing as it clawed downwards with its nine-fingered claw.

The Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, flickered with radiance on the claw of the Blood Dragon Avatar.

However, with only eight fingers remaining to the glove, its power had inevitably weakened somewhat.

The Nine Dragon Fingers were a unique Sacred Artifact.

While the nine fingers could still maintain a connection when separated from one another, if one of them was missing, their power would then deteriorate from its peak state.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “You already couldn’t do anything with nine fingers, much less eight now”

Nian Chen chuckled, exhaling and unleashing noise as all the acupoints of his entire body shook together.

Numerous blood dragons surged into the air from his acupoints, emitting deafening roars.

As Nian Chen’s throat moved, the numerous blood dragons above his body all did the same as well, their throats heaving together.

The throats of all these blood dragons swelled as though lumps had appeared within.

The next moment, the hundreds and thousands of blood dragons roared together, numerous blood orbs shooting out from their mouths before exploding in mid-air!

Secret technique of the Blood Dragon Sect, Blood Dragon Disgorges Orb!

In the past, Yan Zhaoge had seen the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster of the Blood Dragon Sect, Hai Zhengjie, use this secret technique before, following which his strength had instantly increased greatly.

Now, with it being the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster, Nian Chen, who was using this technique, a dense blood fog instantly enveloped the surrounding heavens and earth.

All the blood fog was absorbed by the Blood Dragon Avatar above Nian Chen’s head after which its throat gradually began to swell as well.

Accompanied by the opening of the Blood Dragon Avatar’s mouth, a massive blood orb appeared, flickering with a bloodred light as it dyed the space within the entire surrounding area bloodred.

That blood orb was so massive and dazzling, resembling a sun the colour of blood as it hovered in mid-air.

The blood orb exploded, infinite blood light landing on the Nine Dragon Fingers as the power of this Sacred Artifact was instantly stimulated greatly.

As the claw descended, eight bloodred tears seemed to appear within the air before converging to pressure down at towards where Yan Zhaoge and Shi Jun were.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change.

The figure of the Northern Ocean Clone swayed in mid-air, his iron fist that was like the head of a spear drawing a semi-circle.

As soon as this semi-circle appeared, all within the heavens and earth before it, those eight bloodred tears included, were enveloped by it.

The eight bloodred tears frenziedly tried to break their way out as the Northern Ocean Clone’s Northern Ocean Divine Spear curved and blocked it, the two clashing intensely together in mid-air.

The Northern Ocean Clone remained arrogantly where it was, unmoving.

Nian Chen’s Blood Dragon Avatar swayed, having been shaken to the point of its footing being unstable.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not appear triumphant as his heart instead jolted slightly.

A black qi suddenly appeared in the distance, chopping through the great sea as it cleaved over towards this small island!

Nian Wei said coldly in mid-air, “Youngster, there are many people whom you’ve offended.

It is not just this old man who wants to deal with you!”

Yan Zhaoge did not appear surprised, “People of the Evil Shifting Sect”

The black sabre qi before Yan Zhaoge was not unfamiliar to him.

It was the Profound Dark Sabre Qi of the Evil Shifting Sect.

As the terrifying black sabre qi cleaved towards the small island, the surrounding region of sea was split apart, the island instantly being cleaved into two as its rocks split apart towards the sides, the sabre-qi breaking through all that stood in its path like tofu as it wanted to cleave Yan Zhaoge and the small island apart together.

The Northern Ocean Clone did not move as it was Yan Zhaoge who flicked his sleeve, green light flickering within as the Green Abyss Sword shot out with the roar of a dragon, transforming into a massive green dragon which intercepted the terrifying black sabre qi.

The black sabre qi shattered, a bloodred light flashing amidst the dense darkness.

The newcomer had another sabre-blow hidden within his first move, a Blood Ocean Sabre Qi concealed in the depths of his Profound Dark Sabre Qi!

A thread of bloodred light rampantly cleaved towards the throat of the green dragon formed of Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light, leaving behind a line of blood across the dragon’s neck.

The thread of bloodred light swiftly extended, wanting to cleave the green dragon apart!

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze emitted a cold light as the scales of the green dragon’s body all pulsated together, a green light that enveloped the heavens and covered the earth being emitted from within.

A cold, shocking light was also emitted from the eyes of the dragon, a long roar that pierced through the nine heavens resounding as the green dragon soared, the sword-light surging madly.

Yan Zhaoge’s Nine Heavens Change of his Coiling Dragon Sword was unleashed at its maximum as it withstood his opponent’s assaulting Blood Ocean Sabre Qi.

The next moment, the green dragon suddenly curled entirely up, seemingly having instantly vanished and concealed itself amidst the clouds as no traces of it could be seen in the least.

That thread of bloodred light had wanted to exert pressure after halting, yet found that it had lost its target.

Beneath the Dragon Concealed Cloud sword technique, the green dragon formed of the sword-light turned small before turning massive again, the changes occurring swiftly as it had already exploded back into size within the next instant, gaining a hold over that thread of bloodred light before gnashing mightily at it!

The terrifying, mournful bloodred light was instantly shattered!

However, from amidst that shattered bloodred light, a sabre in the form of white bones suddenly appeared.

This white bone sabre hacked mightily towards the green dragon.

Following that, a man who was completely covered by bone armour made his appearance.

The bone armour was formed completely of savage bone spikes, causing him to appear incomparably terrifying.

The ferocious baleful qi left everyone present feeling a cold chill, “The Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect, ‘Heavenly Evil’ Feng Jingsheng!”

The newcomer was precisely the Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect of the Six Evil Sects and the fourth ranked Transcending Mortality expert of the Vast Ocean World, Fang Jingsheng!

The most supreme martial art of the Evil Shifting Sect, the Hidden Shifting White Bone Sabre, was executed by him, with his Hidden Shifting White Bone Avatar virtually having merged as one with his own body.

With that sabre, he tried to hack apart the green dragon formed of Yan Zhaoge’s sword along with Yan Zhaoge himself!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, the cold light that shot out from his eyes instead retracting to turn chaotic and empty.

Numerous spirit talismans condensed between the heavens and the earth before transforming into a profound spirit array, hovering at the tip of Yan Zhaoge’s sword.

The green dragon had vanished, all things seemingly having returned to chaos.

Chaos was destroyed, an incomparably terrifying power being born of this which merged within Yan Zhaoge’s sword!

As sword and sabre clashed, the fierce aftershock of their clash emanated towards the sides, directly splitting the small island below them into two before continuing to spread towards the great sea, splitting the jade sea apart.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge’s spirit array, everyone was first stunned and then shocked.

“Mid Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster!”

“Didn’t he only break through into the early Essence Talisman stage back in the Deep Sea Corridor just previously”

The expression on the face of the Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect, Feng Jingsheng, could not clearly be seen under his armour, but shock was evidently visible within his eyes as well.

Everyone felt a chill as they looked at Yan Zhaoge, not having thought at all that even with the Northern Ocean Clone occupied by Nian Chen and the Nine Dragon Fingers, Yan Zhaoge might still be able to deal with the assault of another Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster expert.

Now, however, thunder rumbled in the distance, a heavy booming sound approaching from the depths of the sea before erupting upwards beneath Yan Zhaoge’s feet.

The small island down below was completely shattered, the limitless light of thunder shooting into the skies!

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed into slits, “These Vast Ocean World martial arts-it should be the Brilliant Thunder Sect of the Six Evil Sects I have never had any dealings with this sect before…”

As the thoughts flashed through his mind, Yan Zhaoge did not slow down in the slightest as he activated Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, instantly exerting force once more!

As his sword descended, the thunder light shattered!


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