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HSSB542: Kill!


Against the rampant power of the Northern Ocean Clone, Geng Hui stumbled backwards with blood leaking from the corners of his mouth.

Strange fiery red thunderbolts suddenly appeared on his body, the flames and the thunderbolts seemingly having merged together as one, blazing to the extreme as it withstood the terrifying Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze flickered slightly.

As Geng Hui was receiving the Northern Ocean Clone’s blow and the latter was temporarily slowed down by this, Nian Chen, Feng Jingsheng and Guan Li exerted their full strength in assaulting towards him.

Having scattered the thunder and fire about Geng Hui’s body, leaving him spitting out a mouthful of blood as he retreated, the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly turned as he was already shooting within the area enveloped by Feng Jingsheng’s sabre-qi at lightning speed.

Feng Jingsheng’s expression changed slightly.

Seeing that the sharp claws of Nian Chen’s Blood Dragon Avatar were already behind the head of the Northern Ocean Clone, the ferocious side of this Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect was thereby stimulated.

He no longer retreated, instead unleashing his Hidden Shifting White Bone Sabre to the maximum, chopping towards the Northern Ocean Clone.

“Die!” The Northern Ocean Clone smiled coldly, punching on his sabre and shocking it off its set trajectory before attacking with his other hand.

His arm resembled an indestructible spear at this moment as the numerous spikes on the exterior of the savage, terrifying bone armour on Feng Jingsheng’s body successively snapped.

The Northern Ocean Clone integrated spear arts into his fist, punching forward and breaking through Feng Jingsheng’s bone armour.

Amidst Feng Jingsheng’s shock, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had already soared into the skies, evading the dragon claw of Nian Chen behind him by the narrowest of margins.

However, before Feng Jingsheng could heave a sigh of relief, the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly raised his hands, a purple bow appearing within as the sound of thunder rumbled.

High-grade spirit artifact, Heaven Shocker!

The Northern Ocean Clone drew the bowstring before releasing it, two streaks of bloodred lightning that flickered with golden light whistling through the air!

Immense power was contained within the arrow of a Martial Saint.

While the skill therein might be ordinary, with that violent force, a streak of bloodred light first shattered Feng Jingsheng’s true martial avatar completely before the other landed on his shoulder, virtually blowing it off along with the rest of his entire arm!

He looked down with great effort, realising to his great shock that it was actually two dragon fingers that had heavily wounded him!

Yan Zhaoge had used the two segments of the Nine Dragon Fingers that he had wrested from Nian Chen as a projectile, instantly rending the Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect, Feng Jingsheng, half-dead.

Nian Chen was taken aback for a moment before he quickly reached out and retrieved a segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers from Feng Jingsheng, next hurriedly going to search for the other.

Feng Jingsheng’s eyeballs appeared like they were on the brink of imploding as he groaned tragically.

However, his voice was drowned out by a tragic, heart-wrenching cry.

In the distance, having kept Heaven Shocker, the Northern Ocean Clone had made use of Nian Chen’s attention being occupied to instantly lunge before Spirit Rhino Island’s Guan Li.

Then, the Northern Ocean Clone had forcibly ripped apart the true martial avatar of this Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster of Spirit Rhino Island.

Nian Chen wanted to retrieve the remaining segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers, but the Northern Ocean Clone had already caught up to him, the terrifying Northern Ocean Divine Spear directed towards the back of his head.

“You’re too much!” Nian Chen roared exasperatedly in rage, turning to receive the incoming blow as he clashed with the Northern Ocean Clone.

While he had used Blood Dragon Disgorges Orb to forcibly raise his strength, this secret art could only cause a martial practitioner’s strength to temporarily skyrocket, after which the martial practitioner in question would fall into a period of weakness, with it being equivalent to having spent all his power.

Currently, the effects of Blood Dragon Disgorges Orb were gradually wearing off.

Nian Chen was even less of the Northern Ocean Clone’s match now as he was repelled flying backwards.

The Northern Ocean Clone made a grabbing motion within the air, the dragon finger that he had previously used as a projectile returning to his hand.

Looking at Nian Chen who seemed like he was sitting on a bed of needles, gingerly holding on to the segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers that he had painstakingly managed to retrieve, Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “What use is there in getting it back Do you still have enough fingers to wear it”

Nian Chen was angered to the point of trembling.

Swivelling his head, however, he saw the Chief of the Brilliant Thunder Sect, Geng Hui, clearly already having given up on battling with Yan Zhaoge as he was hurriedly fleeing.

The remaining two, Feng Jingsheng and Guan Li, could really no longer be of assistance.

His fury and hatred still blazed, but Nian Chen also felt despair and fear now.

He helplessly roared towards the skies.

A sword-light lit up in the distance, a vast, vigorous aura emanating over.

It belonged to the Sacred Artifact, the Floating Sinking Sword.

Nian Chen finally couldn’t help but lower his head and ask Yan Gang of Myriad Sword Pool for assistance.

This had conveyed that he was in danger of dying.

Yan Gang had previously been guarding against the appearance of the number one expert of the forces of Good, the Chief of Water Crystal Palace Lin Shi.

Now, however, he could only rush over to assist.

If something happened with Nian Chen and the Nine Dragon Fingers, he would inevitably be weak all on his lonesome.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone seemed not to care at all about the sword-light of the Floating Sinking Sword that had appeared in the distance.

Instead, he arrived beside the heavily wounded Feng Jingsheng, punching downwards.

Amidst the despairing howl of Feng Jingsheng, his chest was pierced completely through.

The Northern Ocean Clone smiled brutally, exerting force with his palm as he seemed to be slowly extracting something from Feng Jingsheng’s chest.

Nian Chen and the spectating Vast Ocean World martial practitioners in the distance all felt a chill run through their entire bodies at this moment.

As they saw the Northern Ocean Clone actually drawing out Feng Jingsheng’s entire spine!

The scattered white bone fragments of Feng Jingsheng’s Hidden Shifting White Bone Avatar as well as the shattered fragments of his high-grade spirit artifact, the Hidden Shifting Bone Armour, were all formlessly drawn oven to bolster this single spine now.

With a wave of the Northern Ocean Clone’s hand, the white bone he was holding grew straight and taut, also extending unceasingly as beneath the refinement of the concept of his Northern Ocean Divine Spear, it eventually actually transformed into a thick white bone spear!

The spear swung over, mightily piercing straight towards Nian Chen!

Greatly shocked, Nian Chen used his Blood Dragon Avatar wielding the Nine Dragon Fingers to meet the strike.

However, this spear was clearly faster and stronger than the previous ones had been!

Having originally already been in a weakened state in addition to only being able to use seven segments of the Nine Dragon Fingers, Nian Chen was instantly unable to withstand the spear strike as the nine-fingered claw on the single arm of his Blood Dragon Avatar was blown to smithereens!

“The martial art that I cultivate in is called the Northern Ocean Divine Spear,” The Northern Ocean Clone laughed balefully, “While it can be incorporated in the fist as well, did you really think that it would be exactly the same when I’m using a spear and when I’m using my bare fists”

Nian Chen toppled backwards in retreat, the sword-light of the Floating Sinking Sword already being close before his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge still ignored it as the Northern Ocean Clone followed up with an even faster spear strike, directly shattering Nian Chen’s Blood Dragon Avatar completely.

Fresh blood spewed wildly out of Nian Chen’s mouth.

Glaring at Yan Zhaoge, he hissed, “Don’t be so happy! Your enemies still include the Evil Saint, Lin Qiancheng!”

Yan Gang wielded the Floating Sinking Sword with a stern expression on his face, the limitless sword light expanding gloriously at it attempted to obstruct Yan Zhaoge’s attempt at slaying Nian Chen.

However, the Northern Ocean Clone seemed not to care about the terrifying sword-light of the Floating Sinking Sword at all as he struck forth with his spear, penetrating Nian Chen’s chest!

As a great surging sword-light descended overhead, whilst holding onto his spear with one hand, the Northern Ocean Clone flipped his other wrist, flashing the Earth Devouring Burner to forcibly receive Yan Gang’s sword!

The sword-light was devoured by the Earth Devouring Burner, with it emitting a slight buzzing sound before then returning to normal.

Yan Gang was shocked, “It can forcibly devour even the power of a Sacred Artifact”

Meanwhile, having had his chest pierced through by the white bone spear, Nian Chen instantly spat out another mouthful of blood.

However, amidst this fresh blood flew out a golden beetle.

The golden beetle transformed into a streak of golden light and enveloped Nian Chen and the Nine Dragon Fingers before swiftly breaking through space and vanishing.

Seeing this, everyone discussed, “Was that the final life-saving talisman of the ‘Nine-Fingered Dragon King’ Nian Chen, the Light Stream Golden Bug”

Yan Gang expanded his sword-light, resembling numerous strands of silk which interwove within the air, not aiming to injure Yan Zhaoge as they were just meant to obstruct his path, preventing him from pursuing Nian Chen.

Watching the golden light vanish, the Northern Ocean Clone smiled faintly, not appearing troubled.

Seeing this, Yan Gang’s heart suddenly grew tense.


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