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HSSB543: Death of the Blood Dragon


The Floating Sinking Sword in hand, Yan Gang expanded his sword-light in an endless stream like a net that encompassed the entire heavens and the earth.

He knew that Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was just so fast that if he really wanted to get away, there would be no catching up with him.

While the Light Stream Golden Bug had saved Nian Chen’s life, sending him away, it was not that far that it had sent him.

With Nian Chen being heavily wounded as well, the Northern Ocean Clone would be able to catch up with him very quickly with his speed.

Therefore, Yang Gang merely wished to delay Yan Zhaoge as he expanded his sword now, delaying him enough such that Nian Chen would have enough time to escape.

With him having more or less already achieved that, it should then be time for him to retreat.

While Spirit Rhino Island was close with his Myriad Sword Pool, his Myriad Sword Pool had no enmity with Yan Zhaoge at all.

Having seen Yan Zhaoge’s strength, Yan Gang had no wish to battle for any more than was necessary with him.

Having seen the Northern Ocean Clone’s battle with Nian Chen and the others, even those of Spirit Rhino Island had completely given up on getting their revenge against him now.

Without two or more Martial Saint experts surrounding and attacking, there was no way that they would be able to do anything to Yan Zhaoge.

The spectators in the distance were unable to immediately come to terms with this as well.

Led by Nian Chen who wielded the Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, a group of experts had surrounded and attacked Yan Zhaoge, with Yan Gang who wielded the Sacred Artifact, the Floating Sinking Sword, waiting nearby as backup.

Even if a Martial Saint expert of the Vast Ocean World had arrived, he would still have had to be cautious about this.

It would be fine if Yan Zhaoge had just managed to retreat intact.

However, he had stayed here and mightily defeated all of his opponents, leaving them either dead or frantically fleeing.

Everyone who was here was shocked by this.

Despite seeing Nian Chen escape, Yan Zhaoge seemed not to be anxious at all.

The Northern Ocean Clone swept away the sword-light of the Floating Sinking Sword with his white bone spear, scanning the surrounding area.

The amusement on his face was increasingly evident as he looked at the crowd of spectators present.

Seeing this look of Yan Zhaoge’s, Yan Gang felt puzzled.

Now, an uproar gradually arose amidst the spectating crowds off in the distance.

A Myriad Sword Pool martial practitioner finally couldn’t bear it as he approached this terrifying battlefield and yelled, “Chief, the forces of Evil have assembled! We on the side of Good are facing a grave crisis!”

Yan Gang was shocked, “What happened”

The Myriad Sword Pool martial practitioner composed himself, saying, “The Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect ‘Slaying Seven Seas’ Zhao Zhong, the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng and Soul Shocking Island’s Sacred Artifact, the Soul Shocking Box, first broke through the headquarters of the Blood Dragon Sect before going on with their momentum and attacking Water Crystal Palace in the Eastern Sea.

Water Crystal Palace’s Palace Lord Lin had originally been headed to the Star Shifting Sea, but turned back again upon hearing the news.”

While his Myriad Sword Pool had not been targeted, Yan Gang’s heart could not help but grow tense.

Based on the geographical advantage of Water Crystal Palace, Lin Shi might barely be able to fight one against two.

However, he would be sorely lacking if he had to face the Dragon Slayer Sect, the Sacred Evil Sect and Soul Shocking Island at the same time.

The Blood Dragon Sect had already suffered a huge blow to its vitality.

If Water Crystal Palace fell as well, his Myriad Sword Pool would not be able to stand on its own.

Yan Gang swivelled his head, looking furiously at Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

The Northern Ocean Clone muttered to himself, “It is only to be predicted that the Dragon Slayer Sect and Soul Shocking Island would make a move.

Instead, Lin Qiancheng really has guts.

Today is the eighth, and he will be in a state of weakness just the day after.

Let alone the forces of Good, even the Dragon Slayer Sect and Soul Shocking Island might turn on him at any time.”

Feeling Yan Gang’s gaze on him, the Northern Ocean Clone chuckled, “It was wise of Lin Qiancheng and the others not to come here to look for me.

If I notice that things are bad for me, I could simply run away just like that.

Yet, for your sects, even if the monks have run away, the temple cannot run.”

“It was very normal that Nian Chen placed his hopes on the likes of the Evil Shifting Sect’s Feng Jingsheng and Spirit Rhino Island’s Guan Li to find trouble with me.

However, in placing his hopes on Lin Qiancheng, did he think that Lin Qiancheng was as much of a fool as him”

Yan Gang sighed, retracting his sword light before rushing off into the distance.

Yan Zhaoge did not obstruct him.

The major battle seemed finally to have ended just like that.

Of the battle’s spectators, there were many who felt panicked.

Some hurriedly left for their sects, while others looked at Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone with complex expressions on their faces.

The martial practitioners of Water Crystal Palace had mostly returned to the Eastern Sea, few of them staying behind.

Watching Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone together with those of the Spirit Returning Sect, they finally voiced out with much difficulty, “We hope that Mister Yan can provide assistance to us who follow the same dao.”

The three heavyweights of the forces of Evil were pressuring down upon them together.

Even if Myriad Sword Pool’s Yan Gang went over to assist, their chances in the battle of Water Crystal Palace would still remain at around fifty-fifty, with them perhaps even being at a slight disadvantage.

Nian Chen having been heavily injured, the forces of Good had decreased fighting strength.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiancheng and the others could freely change the battlefield, leaving Water Crystal Palace.

In that case, it would be even tougher for Lin Shi and Yan Gang.

As those of the other sects looked at Yan Zhaoge now, some of them felt resentment at him for having compromised the fighting strength of the forces of Good yet dared not to say anything.

The Northern Ocean Clone ignored everyone, raising his head towards the skies and pondering for a bit before suddenly laughing, “As long as Yan Gang makes it in time, it would no longer be dangerous for Water Crystal Palace.”

“Lin Qiancheng is a noteworthy figure.

Someone like that would always pursue their greatest benefit, always being able to think of even more.”

Hearing those words, everyone was taken aback.

“As for Nian Chen, haha.

The most entertaining moment’s coming up next,” The Northern Ocean Clone laughed leisurely, not appearing troubled at all.


In the distance, a streak of golden light suddenly flew by before vanishing.

A figure stumbled out from it, covered completely in blood.

His silvery hair was scattered messily about as he cut an incomparably sorry figure.

It was precisely the number one expert of the Blood Dragon Sect and the third ranked of the Vast Ocean World’s top ten Transcending Mortality experts, Nian Chen.

Currently, he resembled a wounded beast as he was coughing repeatedly, coughing out fresh blood non-stop.

While the Light Stream Golden Bug had saved his life, he was currently still gravely wounded.

Nian Chen looked at the segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers that he had only managed to retrieve with great difficulty, feeling like weeping yet lacking the tears for such.

Following this trip out, only eight out of his sect’s Nine Dragon Fingers remained.

Meanwhile, he himself only had seven fingers left.

Being one finger less did not mean that he would not be able to use the Nine Dragon Fingers anymore.

However, wanting to get back that remaining one and refine it for use again, he would be physically unfit to do so for an upcoming period of time.

“Yan Zhaoge! Shi Jun!” Nian Chen felt as though his heart was bleeding.

Now, a figure approached.

Nian Chen’s heart tensed, next relaxing again as he saw who it was.

“Master, how are you” Shen Shicheng came beside Nian Chen who waved his hand dismissively, “The scoundrel’s too strong.

This old man has no strength for further battle.

Let’s return to the sect first before slowly thinking about what to do about him…”

Amidst his words, Nian Chen’s expression suddenly changed greatly, “You…”

He spewed out a mouthful of blood, looking shockedly at his chest.

There was a hand there, its five fingers resembling sharp claws as they pierced through it.

Shen Shicheng looked calmly at Nian Chen, “Master, go in peace.”

“This traitorous disciple!” Nian Chen was greatly enraged, wanting to kill Shen Shicheng with all his might amidst his grave injuries with the help of the Nine Dragon Fingers.

However, a bright red light suddenly surged on Shen Shicheng’s body, enveloping the two of them.

The Nine Dragon Fingers instantly slowed, no longer listening to Nian Chen’s bidding.

“Blood Dragon Stone!” Nian Chen was momentarily stunned before he continued laughing in fury, “You have indeed long been prepared!”

Shen Shicheng said calmly, “Of course.

Otherwise, how would I have dared to act against you”

Nian Chen said coldly, “You think that you are very clever With external enemies outside, there is still internal rife between us.

You are going to bring down the foundations of our Blood Dragon Sect that have lasted millennia long! When that happens, do you think that it will end well for you”

“Without external enemies, how would I have been able to kill you” Shen Shicheng said mildly, “You are viewing yourself as too important.”

“Too our sect, it is the Nine Dragon Fingers that we cannot do without.

There wouldn’t actually be too much of a difference if either one of us were lost.”

Shen Shicheng’s tone grew cold, “You having lost a segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers, you are the greatest sinner of our sect.”

Nian Chen coughed out a mouthful of flesh blood, “Why…is it because of the so-called Grand Chief”

Shen Shicheng shook his head, “More than ten years ago, even before I took over the position of Chief, I had already been looking forward to this day.”

“I told myself to put the sect as the utmost priority.

If you had Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, I would have cast aside my hatred for the sect’s sake.

Sadly for you, you were too slow.”


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