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HSSB545: The truth is revealed, death by a single palm


The martial arts civilisation of the Vast Ocean World had developed in much the same way as in the Eight Extremities World.

In the dao of formations, the Vast Ocean World also generally employed formations established upon the geography of an area rather than ones which relied on manpower.

Most major sects were constantly solidifying these defences of theirs over the years.

All sects possessed an immense advantage on their home territories.

The news had said that three major heavyweights of the forces of Evil had acted together this time, launching an attack on Water Crystal Palace.

That was why the pressure was so immense.

If there had only been two of them, even if Palace Lord Lin Shi of Water Crystal Palace might not have been able to win one against two, he would still have been able to hold out for a long period of time at the very least.

Of the Seven Pillars of Good and the Six Evil Sects, those without Sacred Artifacts and Martial Saints would naturally be weaker against attacking Martial Saints, yet that did not mean that they were pushovers.

With a peak Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster expert sitting over their grand formation, a Martial Saint attacking on his lonesome would not be able to do much to them at all.

If it were like Nian Chen with his Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, who also possessed the home advantage over at the Blood Dragon Sect, it would be even more of a problem.

Yan Zhaoge naturally understood this logic.

The reason Nian Chen could have been lured out was that the battle had occurred near the Star Shifting Sea at a neutral area.

Yan Zhaoge could not have asked for more.

Not many would have realised that even without the incident with Shi Jun, Shen Ying and Nian Wei, Yan Zhaoge would still have been thinking of a way to deal with the Blood Dragon Sect.

After Yan Zhaoge had known that due to the Ocean Scorching Spring, Xu Fei and Shi Jun would be continuing to remain in the Vast Ocean World together with Ying Yuzhen, staying at Changli Mountain, many thoughts had flashed through his mind.

Changli Mountain had always had enmity with the Blood Dragon Sect and the Evil Shifting Sect.

Spirit Rhino Island and the Sacred Evil Sect had become Yan Zhaoge’s enemies after he had come to the Vast Ocean World.

These were all targets that Yan Zhaoge had in mind.

He wanted to leave behind a comparatively safe environment for Shi Jun and Xu Fei.

As Yan Zhaoge saw it, the equilibrium of three powerful forces was just too stable.

It was so whether it was on the side of Good or Evil.

If either of them lacked one of these three forces, the presence of two powerful forces alone would make it such that there would likely be many conflicts.

Without the conflict between the Blood Dragon Sect, Water Crystal Palace and Myriad Sword Pool, things would be better for the development of Changli Mountain.

If the forces of Evil did not have the Sacred Evil Sect waiting by the side hoping to fish in some benefits, the conflict between the Dragon Slayer Sect and Soul Shocking Island would be much more intense as well.

During his previous time at Changli Mountain, Yan Zhaoge had constantly been thinking up plans for this.

After all, retrieving darts to play with in a fire was not good, with the possibility of one being burnt.

Who knew that the matter of Shi Jun having abducted someone would have suddenly blown up.

After having found Shi Jun and confirmed his safety, Yan Zhaoge’s mind had immediately grown active.

It was like a pillow having been sent before him when he wanted to doze off.

Yan Zhaoge had naturally accepted it with glee.

Looking at that segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers from which Yan Zhaoge and the others had emerged, Shen Shicheng’s heart could not help but feel cold, “You wrested away two of them, and the one which Nian Chen managed to retrieve was intentionally left behind by you…”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “The Blood Dragon Sect’s supreme treasure, the Light Stream Golden Bug, is renowned under the heavens.

This Yan had naturally heard of it before.”

“If you had not acted, I would have sent Nian Chen on his way myself.

Still, having given you such a good chance, I felt sure that you would grasp it.

Like you said, your daughter Shen Ying created a chance for you, and you are very good at grasping chances.”

Shen Shicheng smiled bitterly.

While he had wanted to kill with a borrowed knife, he had not thought that Yan Zhaoge would actually be so dominant, having nearly slain Nian Chen on the spot even having been surrounded by so many enemies.

The borrowed knife had been exceptionally sharp, allowing Shen Shicheng’s wish to be granted exceptionally easily.

It was just that at the end of it all, he had discovered that the identities of ‘knife’ and ‘wielder’ had actually been overturned long ago.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Nian Chen having fled, my Northern Ocean Clone scanned the surroundings and found that you had already long disappeared from the crowd of spectators.

I knew then that there would be a good show to watch and that I wouldn’t have to send Nian Chen on his way myself.”

A powerful aura appeared in the distance.

As everyone gazed over, they saw Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone headed this way neither hurriedly nor slowly.

Beside him were martial practitioners of the various other sects.

As they approached, all of them were saying that Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had captured Shen Ying and the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners.

Those who had been concealed along with Yan Zhaoge himself in the segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers and witnessed everything all sighed, explaining the situation to them as they were all rendered dazed like wooden chickens.

Looking first at Shen Ying and then at Shi Jun, all of their expressions instantly changed.

Shen Ying pursed her lips, her gaze sweeping across her father, then Shi Jun, then Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Like your father has said, you, Miss Shen, are indeed resourceful, having set my junior apprentice-nephew up yet appeared hesitant and subject to great pressure as if you were in great inner turmoil.”

“Like this, you could change your statement at any time if necessary.

Of course, the precondition would be that Nian Chen was killed by either me or your father, allowing all of the blame to be thrown onto the grandson of the Nian family.”

“While the reputation of the Blood Dragon Sect would still be affected as a result, if there really was no other way to get back the complete Nine Dragon Fingers, even if there were any detriments, this method would still just have to be used.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “I didn’t know whether you were really in inner turmoil.

Still, I had no interest in establishing my hopes upon the character of a stranger.

Therefore, I chose to flash the segment of the Nine Dragon Fingers that I had obtained in front of you and Jun’er.”

“And indeed, you did not disappoint me.”

Shen Ying pursed her lips and did not speak while Yan Zhaoge continued mildly, “I have to praise you in that you didn’t actually commit any errors yourself.

Even I was nearly fooled by you as well.

It was more through bad luck that you were exposed.”

“Still, there is no need for you to continue pretending.

Thanks to your father and Nian Chen, everyone here now knows what sort of person you are.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Shen Shicheng, “Speaking of which, it is not just me who has to thank you father and daughter.

There are also the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect Zhao Zhong, the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng and Island Chief Liu Shuo of Soul Shocking Island.”

The martial practitioners recovered from their shock, their expressions turning incomparably solemn once more.

As the people of Changli Mountain who had acted together with Yan Zhaoge learnt this news, their expressions were greatly solemn as well.

This great battle centred around the Blood Dragon Sect and Yan Zhaoge, or it could also be said internal chaos amongst the forces of Good in which Myriad Sword Pool and Water Crystal Palace had moved out as well, had given the forces of Evil a chance to capitalise on.

The Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng who had some enmity with Yan Zhaoge had not moved on his personal grudges, instead choosing to do something which was more beneficial to himself in joining forces with the Blood Dragon Sect and Soul Shocking Island in sweeping across the forces of Good together.

Those of Water Crystal Palace, whilst having rather complex expressions, all looked rather hopefully towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Relax, as long as there wasn’t any ambush waiting for Chief Yan of Myriad Sword Pool on his way to reinforce, with him having successfully joined up with your Palace Lord Lin, they would have been able to stabilise the overall situation.”

While everyone still couldn’t really set their minds at ease, it was not their place to say anything.

Their current rage towards Shen Shicheng and Shen Ying could not be easily suppressed.

A Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioner howled furiously, “Senior apprentice-brother Shen, why exactly did you have to do something as calamitous as this”

Shen Shicheng snorted, laughing tragically, “Now that things have already come to this…”

Before his words had landed, the world before his eyes suddenly grew dark as Yan Zhaoge’s palm mightily descended towards him!

“Now that things have already come to this, with the truth having been revealed, there is no longer a need to keep you alive,” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Who cares about why you father and daughter wanted to kill Nian Chen However, having set my junior apprentice-nephew up and been prepared to set me up as well, did you think you would be able to casually end things just like this”

His palm descended, slaying Shen Shicheng on the spot!


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