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HSSB546: I’ll decide on my spoils of victory


As Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, it was like the heavens were collapsing and the earth caving inwards.

As a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster at the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, Shen Shicheng could also be considered a peak figure of the Vast Ocean World.

However, he was still unable to face this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s.

That terrifying power of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal enveloped the entire surrounding area, causing him to feel like all he could do was close his eyes and accept his imminent demise.

The nearby Vast Ocean World martial practitioners all looked shockedly at this scene, watching how the Chief of the Blood Dragon Sect, Shen Shicheng, had his head caved in by Yan Zhaoge with a single palm with all his brain fluids splattering out, completely losing his life.

The Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners all let out shocked exclamations.

Yan Zhaoge looked casually at them, “What”

A tragic look appeared in Shen Ying’s eyes before she silently closed them.

The lips of the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners twitched as they dared not reply Yan Zhaoge.

“Are you thinking that he being your Chief, even if there was something wrong with him, he should first have undergone an internal trial in your sect before a judgement was made” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I feel that it is more necessary for you now to consider how you sect will survive after this.”

“Don’t forget, your sect has been trampled over by Lin Qiancheng and the others.”

The faces of the Blood Dragon Sect martial practitioners all turned as pale as death.

They had certainly not forgotten this matter.

It was just that having learnt the truth of Shen Shicheng and Shen Ying having schemed all of this and even killed Nian Chen in secret, the revelation had been so great that their minds had temporarily been thrown into disorder.

Having been reminded by Yan Zhaoge now, they all remembered that their Blood Dragon Sect was truly currently at a crucial period of life and death.

Nian Chen was dead, and so was Shen Shicheng.

Under the rampant assault by the forces of Evil, the Blood Dragon Sect Elders and disciples who had been present had likely been blown away like twigs.

It was probably only they who had come to the Star Shifting Sea who still remained.

Yet, being leaderless and having lost all of their foundations, they were just hanging about defencelessly.

Being greatly destabilised by the buffeting winds and rain was insufficient to describe the current tragic state of the Blood Dragon Sect.

Their long established foundations as one of the Seven Pillars of Good, those peak Sacred Ground-level powers of the Vast Ocean World, had been toppled, with them currently faced with extinction.

Yan Zhaoge ignored the people of the Blood Dragon Sect, instead swivelling his head to look at those of the other sects and smiling, “As compared to abduction, the matter of killing one’s own Master seems more serious, right”

Everyone nodded silently as Yan Zhaoge continued, “The matter of killing one’s own Master aside, Shen Shicheng and his daughter stirred up such a great storm for their own selfish benefit.

Playing us as fools aside, they even gave the forces of Evil a chance, implicating countless innocent lives.”

“This Yan having slain this sort of person with a palm, what does everybody say to that”

They all exchanged looks, with it first being someone of Changli Mountain who said, “It naturally feels greatly satisfying.”

Of the other sects, it was instead someone of Myriad Sword Pool who was next to speak, “Death is far from sufficient for traitorous scum like him.”

They all gave words of affirmation, whereas those of the Blood Dragon Sect hung their heads as if their parents had died.

Still, they did not forget the most important thing as they all gazed upwards at the hovering Nine Dragon Fingers, “The Nine Dragon Fingers are, after all…”

“They are my spoils of victory, after all.

I guess I should really just take them, then.

As for how to deal with them afterwards, this Yan will naturally slowly think on it.

You lot don’t have to worry about it for me.”

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge scanned the entire area.

Those who fell beneath his gaze all felt a chill within their hearts.

However infinitely unresigned they were, looking at Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone by the side now, they were just unable to speak.

The value of a Sacred Artifact could not be understated.

Even aside from those of the Blood Dragon Sect, who of the other sects wouldn’t have designs on it If they could not get it, they would hope that the others wouldn’t be able to obtain it as well.

However, as Yan Zhaoge’s cold gaze swept across them, their courage all just dissipated completely.

In today’s battle, Yan Zhaoge had fought against many heroic figures with his own strength, even having the way of things completely in his grasp as he had exposed the truth of the previous matter.

All those who had watched it happened were incomparably shocked, unable to even truly think of standing against him.

The Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, could not be wielded by Yan Zhaoge for quite a while yet.

He suppressed it with the extraordinary combination of the pillar and beam of the Divine Palace, barely keeping it properly stored away.

As the others watched the Nine Dragon Fingers disappear, they could not help but swallow their saliva, feeling somewhat lost.

It was now that Yan Zhaoge turned to look at Shen Ying, “You don’t have to think too much.

Having added oil to the fire, even your father was slain by my palm, let alone you who started the fire.”

Shen Ying opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but Yan Zhaoge ignored her completely as he instead looked at Shi Jun and said calmly, “Jun’er, you deal with it.

Let it end as it begun.”

“It began with you, Shen Ying and Nian Wei.

Nian Wei is already dead, with only the two of you left.

End it then.”

The Northern Ocean Clone extended his palm, light flickering as Shi Jun and Shen Ying were swept along together, falling within that palm and disappearing without a trace.

The lips of the rest twitched, but no one opposed.

Those of the Blood Dragon Sect had complex expressions on their faces, but more of them looked like their hatred could finally be alleviated.

Having been out in the world for so many years and yet having been schemed against by a young girl like this, they all felt greatly ashamed to meet others as they had the urge to immediately just slam their heads into some wall and die.

Yan Zhaoge appeared composed as he sent a sound transmission over to Xu Fei, “Senior apprentice-brother Xu, what do you think that Jun’er will do”

Xu Fei asked instead of answering, “If Jun’er chooses to let her go, what would you do, Zhaoge”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “When my Northern Ocean Clone captured her, a hidden force was already buried within her body that can erupt at any time.”

Xu Fei looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “To be honest, not considering our stances, I do indeed admire this girl’s talent somewhat.”

“Against me, against a bunch of Martial Grandmasters, she still revealed no flaw at all as even her emotions remained as stable as water with no ripples arising in the least, such that we could not feel at all that it was feigned.

She virtually performed perfectly.

Her martial talent and character aside, such force of will is indeed extremely hard found.”

“To be honest, if I were placed under the same conditions and environment as her, I have no confidence that I would have been able to exceed her in my performance.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “However, the problem is that I never care about preserving talent at all when facing my enemies.”

Xu Fei sighed, “Jun’er won’t blame you.”

He glanced at the others, “Even those of the Blood Dragon Sect would never let her get away with this, let alone the forces of Good being able to tolerate her.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I know.

I am around eighty percent certain of what Jun’er will do.

I am just rather worried about how great an influence this incident might have on him.”

He glanced over at Xu Fei before formulating an explanation, “This might be rather disrespectful towards eldest apprentice-uncle and senior apprentice-brother Shi, but they are truly befitting of their same bloodline.”

“In the depths of the Shi Family bloodline is hidden a stubborn and tough streak that surpasses the ordinary.”

“On eldest apprentice-uncle, it appeared as strictness and upholding justice, persevering and never yielding.”

“On senior apprentice-brother Shi, it appeared as antagonistic and headstrong, never regretting things even till his death.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “Jun’er still being undeveloped, only some hints are currently visible.

I wonder how he might eventually turn out to be…”

Hearing his words, Xu Fei did not speak, but did not rebut him as well.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze suddenly flickered.

The Northern Ocean Clone opened his palm.


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