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HSSB549: The dragon gate opens!


Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone expanded his arms, a Heaven Suspending Cloud of the Northern Ocean Divine Spear stabbing over towards Lin Qiancheng.

The spear forged of the spine and the white bone essence qi of the Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect, Feng Jingsheng, was not a real weapon at the end of the day, only having been temporary.

However, substituting the spear with the fists and incorporating spear arts into fist arts, majestic might and authority was contained within his attacks as well.

Lin Qiancheng cultivated in the Illusory Shadow Devilish Art, head-on attacks not being his forte.

Currently being within a weakened state, he was even more unable to stand against the Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

Where the tip of the spear surged, Lin Qiancheng’s body that resembled a black shadow instantly swayed like water as he seemed about to be ripped apart.

He dared not continue to linger, transforming into numerous black aftershadows which shot into the distance, escaping towards the depths of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed momentarily into slits.

He did not halt, controlling the Northern Ocean Clone to give chase.

Even as his peak, comparing pure speed alone, Lin Qiancheng would still not be the Northern Ocean Clone’s match.

Therefore, while he could flee, there was no way at all for him to avoid Yan Zhaoge’s pursuit.

However, Lin Qiancheng seemed to be holding some kind of special treasure.

Every time Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone were too close to him, light would flicker within his hand.

Yan Zhaoge focused on it.

It seemed to be an orb.

This orb resembled the eye of a dragon.

Every time it flickered, the roiling cloud qi of the surroundings would become much more condensed, manifesting in the form of a true dragon as it assisted Lin Qiancheng in obstructing Yan Zhaoge.

It was like the mystical addition of eyes by an artist to a dragon.

As the dragon eye flickered, the surrounding qi of true dragons grew denser as well as more condensed.

Having been dissipated by the Northern Ocean Clone, it would reform into bewildering mist.

However, as the dragon eye within Lin Qiancheng’s hand again flickered, the surrounding clouds would begin to congregate once more.

Just like this, with the aid of that treasure, Lian Qiancheng stumbled along, finally fleeing into the innermost area of the Bewildering Mist Sea.

According to the common knowledge of the Vast Ocean World, even Martial Saints were very cautious about coming here, seldom entering within.

Yan Zhaoge did not hesitate as he along with the Northern Ocean Clone pursued Lin Qiancheng closely into this dangerous area where extremely few people ever ventured.

Here, he felt the qi of true dragons to be even denser, as though there really was an elusive true dragon concealed somewhere amidst all these surrounding clouds.

Yan Zhaoge seemed to be considering something before he saw the black shadow that enveloped Lin Qiancheng plummeting straight down into the great sea.

The Northern Ocean Clone punched downwards, splitting the seawater apart.

Below existed a deep sea abyss whose depth seemed unfathomable.

Lin Qiancheng’s figure merged within, gradually vanishing.

However, the Northern Ocean Clone brought Yan Zhaoge along in going after him in hot pursuit, forever keeping his gaze fixed firmly on him.

Lin Qiancheng gazed back at Yan Zhaoge.

He brought his palms apart, striking out into the distance.

He did not launch an attack towards his pursuers, instead shocking the surrounding deep abyss.

Within the deep abyss, a large amount of black qi instantly emerged, actually resembling numerous vicious dragons as they assaulted towards Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone.

With a single glance at this black qi, Yan Zhaoge recognised it as the flourishing essence qi of life having been reversed and transformed into death qi.

The level at which the life force had flourished prior to death corresponded to how heavy this death qi was now as it caused one to feel virtually suffocated.

The majestic death qi seemed to want to devour all lifeforms that entered this place, leading them along into death as they remained here forever.

Yan Zhaoge thought, “No wonder this is a great danger ground, few people ever venturing within.”

Previously, no one had been able to explain the origins of this death qi.

Yan Zhaoge, however, was now aware of it.

This greatly flourishing death qi likely originated from that burial ground of numerous dragons.

Dragons, possessing extremely strong qi and blood at birth, with even their young possessing an extremely powerful physique and life force.

A majestic death qi might already be produced when any dragon died, let alone a burial ground of many.

Having arrived here, Lin Qiancheng instead resembled a fish in water as originally having been amidst a weakened state, his power actually seemed to be gradually recovering.

Yan Zhaoge knew that this was because the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art was proficient in stealing the essence qi of living beings.

While this was dense death qi, it had all been converted over from the essence qi of lifeforms.

Lin Qiancheng could absorb the death qi into his body within a short period of time, instead gaining a boost in strength.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was unchanging as the Northern Ocean Clone’s arms shook, breaking through the black qi that resembled numerous vicious dragons before continuing to shoot towards Lin Qiancheng.

Lin Qiancheng struck out with a palm behind him, forcibly clashing with the fist of the Northern Ocean Clone!

As the two Martial Saints clashed, violent streams of qi instantly expanded into the surrounding area, actually dispelling all the black qi within the deep abyss as a true vacuum appeared within.

Both sides expended all their strength, the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art against the Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s right hand that seemed formed of jade now completely lost its lustre and moisture, seemingly turning shrivelled and dry, skinny and decrepit, resembling a dry corpse.

Meanwhile, while Lin Qiancheng’s right arm had transformed into a blurry, indistinct shadow in working hard to dissipate the powerful force of the Northern Ocean Divine Spear, it still finally exploded before completely breaking apart!

That single exchange had seen great intensity!

The Northern Ocean Clone inhaled deeply, circulating his profound art in silence as his true essence circulated.

While his right hand still remained shrivelled, some blood as well as bulk had returned to it.

Seeing this, Lin Qiancheng snorted, turning and fleeing once again towards the bottom of the deep abyss down below.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone pursued him without rest.

Both sides clashed numerous times.

As they progressed downwards, the surrounding death qi grew denser and denser such that even Lin Qiancheng dared not to absorb it lightly lest he die at any moment.

As they travelled, Lin Qiancheng suddenly halted.

Then, he suddenly raised his hand, light flickering amidst the all-encompassing black qi.

It was none other than that dragon eye.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart grew cold before he saw that black qi converging madly towards that dragon eye before finally transforming into a massive black dragon.

While the black dragon only had one eye, at this moment, it was like a true dragon had revived.

Its terrifying authoritative might enveloped the heavens and covered the earth as it assaulted over, causing one’s heart to palpitate.

It was not inferior at all to Nian Chen wielding the Nine Dragon Fingers.

However, the worst was yet to come.

Lin Qiancheng continuously flung outwards, eight more dragon eyes flying out before guiding along the majestic death qi in the deep abyss and transforming into eight more massive black dragons!

A total of nine one-eyed black dragons roared frenziedly, intermingled together as they sealed off the entire deep abyss.

Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone and Lin Qiancheng were all locked down by those nine powerful black dragons.

In just an instant, Yan Zhaoge could feel his life essence currently in the midst of disappearing.

He looked over, seeing that the bottom halves of the nine black dragons were concealed amidst the deep abyss down below, seeming as though they were connected to something.

Amidst the darkness of the deep abyss, light actually flickered before gradually forming a tightly shut great gate.

As these nine black dragons coiled, their tails held onto the great gate, attempting to pull it apart!

The power through which the gate was being forced open clearly originated from the life essence of Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone and Lin Qiancheng.

“Sacrificial ritual” Looking at Lin Qiancheng, Yan Zhaoge saw that he was circulating the Illusory Shadow Demonic Art to the maximum, his entire person resembling a floating shadow that did not exist in this world.

Like this, the nine one-eyed black dragons momentarily overlooked Lin Qiancheng a little in devouring the life essence of living beings as they instead primarily targeted Yan Zhaoge and his Northern Ocean Clone.

Being a Martial Saint with extremely flourishing life force, the Northern Ocean Clone especially became their primary target.

From that illusory dark shadow resounded Lin Qiancheng’s ethereal voice, “The opening of this legendary dragon gate requires immense life force to be sacrificed.

Martial Saints are required.”

“I myself would be unable to open the gate.

I was specifically waiting for some smart aleck to come along over.

It could be Zhao Zhong, it could be Lin Shi or it could also be you.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “No need to be polite.

Like you said, I too wouldn’t have been able to open the gate on my own.”


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