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HSSB551: The decimation sent their way


Due to Yan Zhaoge, Lin Qiancheng felt unable to restrain his life force as it was unceasingly absorbed by the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Lin Qiancheng found that he himself had already repressed the life force from flowing out of his body.

He discovered that the situation was already completely out of his control.

The Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens ritual was still ongoing, the dragon gate down below in the midst of slowly opening as he wanted.

However, the primary target of the sacrificial ritual was already him and no longer the Northern Ocean Clone!

The final result of the sacrificial ritual would be him completely sacrificing his life essence to the ritual, while Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone got to enjoy the benefits that would come!

Lin Qiancheng’s eyes shone with a severe light as he dispelled the illusory shadow transformation on his own accord, beginning to accumulate power with which he targeted Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing Lin Qiancheng prepared to go all out against him, Yan Zhaoge was not flustered as he began drawing out a protracted battle between the two.

The enemy advancing amidst his retreat and retreating amidst his advance left Lin Qiancheng infuriated.

Yan Zhaoge was of no mind to slay Lin Qiancheng here with the help of the Northern Ocean Clone.

Since Lin Qiancheng was preparing to open the dragon gate with this Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens ritual, Yan Zhaoge was naturally happy to accommodate him.

He would certainly not be interested in becoming a stepping stone for Lin Qiancheng.

However, if Lin Qiancheng would be becoming his stepping stone, Yan Zhaoge would definitely smilingly give his consent, not being stingy in extending a helping hand in helping him complete his glorious calling.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge who had still been tyrannical and domineering a moment ago now suddenly having become slick and uncatchable, Lin Qiancheng didn’t find it funny at all as he just felt a chill permeate his heart.

As time went on, the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens ritual unceasingly devoured Lin Qiancheng’s life force.

Looking at Lin Qiancheng, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “There is indeed a smart aleck here.

Lin Qiancheng, you will not have died by my hand.

You will be dying to your own schemes.”

Lin Qiancheng released a final frenzied howl, accompanied by which the dragon gate finally mightily opened with the tugging of the nine black dragons!

Meanwhile, one of the three great Martial Saints of this Vast Ocean World, the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng, gradually shrivelled up and decayed, sinking within the deep abyss of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

The Martial Saint had been forcibly rendered dead by Yan Zhaoge with the help of the special properties of the area here.

He had died in an extremely stifled, useless manner.

Yan Zhaoge met up with the Northern Ocean Clone before they saw those nine one-eyed black dragons release simultaneous majestic roars, their bodies no longer coiling within the deep abyss as they instead wanted to shoot upwards and escape.

The dragon gate down below opened slightly, infinite radiance shooting out from within.

“Oh There are still changes like that” Yan Zhaoge’s heart tensed as the Northern Ocean Clone hurriedly brought him along to the side.

The nine one-eyed black dragons rushed upwards, numerous streams of light following closely behind their tails as they rushed out of the deep abyss and traversed the seawater, next breaking through the sea’s surface before finally shooting straight into the horizon!

Yan Zhaoge looked rather shockedly at this scene as well.

He saw that the deep abyss was still collapsing unceasingly before the dragon gate rumbled and shook, actually closing once more before levitating into the air.

The nine soaring black dragons were like the head of a dragon, while the dragon gate dragged along behind them was like that dragon’s tail.

The collective thick streams of light in between them that connected the heavens and the earth resembled the body of that dragon.

At this moment, there seemed to be a massive dragon of light that surpassed human imagination soaring between the heavens and the earth as it flew out of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

Its head greatly resembled a mountain range while its body resembled a great river.

The light dragon broke through the horizon, aimlessly coiling once within the sky before descending into the distance.

Yan Zhaoge chased it out of the depths of the sea.

He saw that while the tail portion of that massive dragon was still in the Bewildering Maze Sea, its head had already slammed down towards another region of sea!

To the northeast of the Bewildering Maze Sea was a continent.

The Vast Ocean World was mainly composed of ocean, but there were continents in it as well on which some sects made their home.

The area neighbouring the Bewildering Maze Sea was the territory of the Brilliant Thunder Sect of the Six Evil Sects.

On the Thunder Fire Peak of the Jiamao Mountain Range where the Brilliant Thunder Sect was located was currently congregated a group of Brilliant Thunder Sect martial practitioners who were in the midst of discussing some affairs.

Their Chief, the ‘Crimson Thunder King’ Geng Hui, had failed in his attempt to slay Yan Zhaoge over in the faraway Star Shifting Sea.

He had returned injured and immediately gone into secluded cultivation, needing to first stabilise his injuries.

The people of the Brilliant Thunder Sect felt shocked whilst also on tenterhooks.

Having attempted to encircle and slay Yan Zhaoge yet failed, it was equivalent to the Brilliant Thunder Sect having sown enmity with Yan Zhaoge.

With even Geng Hui being injured, if Yan Zhaoge decided to give chase and attack the place now, they required a countermeasure in place for that.

“As long as we guard our sect properly, even if that kid surnamed Yan has a Martial Saint clone, he would still not be able to do anything to our sect.”

“Having failed in attacking our Mountain, he might rampage in places other than Thunder Fire Peak.

That way, even more damage would be caused.”

“Contact the other Evil Sects.

If we all join hands, we should be able to exterminate him.

If he is coming to take revenge, we might just be able to set a trap for him.”

“After having broken through the Blood Dragon Sect, the Sacred Evil Sect, the Dragon Slayer Sect and Soul Shocking Island have all headed to Water Crystal Palace.

They should not be able to make it back in time.”

They all expressed their opinions, after which the leading Elder waved his hand, “Let’s wait for Chief to make the final verdict after he has treated his wounds.

Now, stay on full vigilance.

Notify our disciples who are outside to return, lest that Yan Zhaoge comes in pursuit…”

Amidst his words, his expression suddenly changed greatly.

Within the secluded cultivation grounds, a mighty ‘boom’ resounded as Geng Hui directly shot out.

Some Brilliant Thunder Sect martial practitioners with comparatively lower cultivation bases were still dazed and uncomprehending of what was happening when they saw the higher echelons of the sect hurriedly fleeing from the mountain.

Not much time was left to them before a terrifying light dragon descended from the heavens, slamming directly down onto Thunder Fire Peak!

In an instant, the Jiamao Mountain Range collapsed mightily as Thunder Fire Peak was directly levelled away by that terrifying force, a huge basin appearing in the earth where it had been.

The lengthy mountain range had completely collapsed, gorges extending on the great earth through tens of thousands of li.

The entire continent shook intensely, seemingly about to break into a few portions just with this.

The martial practitioners of sects like Myriad Sword Pool who were also on the continent were all taken aback as they were completely unaware as to what might have happened.

It was as though a world-extinguishing tribulation had suddenly appeared without any prior warning in this world.

The light dragon slammed into the great earth, entering within as the light soon vanished.

There was just that massive dragon gate at its tail portion which slammed into the ground along with it as well, landing in the bottom of the basin.

Dirt suffused the area, broken rock scattered everywhere.

When all finally calmed, there was only a massive basin left at the scene, a massive door formed of white bones standing at its very centre.

Geng Hui stared dazedly at this scene, stiffly swivelling his head to scan the surrounding area as he discovered that of his Brilliant Thunder Sect, there were shockingly only a few peak Martial Grandmasters who had made it out alive.

Everyone else had been destroyed along with the sect.

The Brilliant Thunder Sect of the Six Evil Sects, one of the Sacred Ground-level powers of the Vast Ocean World, had been virtually decimated by this sudden calamity that had come out of nowhere!

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone shot out of the deep abyss, hurrying northeast after the trail of the light dragon.

Seeing the scene of the collision of the light dragon with the great earth, Yan Zhaoge was rather dazed as well, “Lin Qiancheng probably wouldn’t have known that such a thing would happen, right This method of his really is too harmful.”

“The direction that the light dragon travelled in seems to have been related to the circulation of the Vast Ocean World’s earth veins.

I wonder who the unlucky party was”

Leaving the Bewildering Maze Sea and identifying the direction, Yan Zhaoge’s expression could not help but turn a little strange, “It seems to be the territory of the Brilliant Thunder Sect”


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