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HSSB552: The Brilliant Thunder Sect that got hit out of nowhere


In the battle outside the Star Shifting Sea, other than the Blood Dragon Sect’s Nian Chen, those who had helped in encircling and attacking Yan Zhaoge had also included the Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect ‘Heavenly Evil’ Feng Jingsheng and the new number one expert of Spirit Rhino Island after Fang Kan’s death, the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Guan Li.

Finally had been the Chief of the Brilliant Thunder Sect, the ‘Crimson Thunder King’ Geng Hui who was acclaimed as the number one expert of the Vast Ocean World beneath the Martial Saint realm, reigning at the top of all the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters.

The Blood Dragon Sect’s Nian Chen, Myriad Sword Pool’s Yan Gang as well as Soul Shocking Island’s Liu Shuo might still be able to suppress Geng Hui with their Sacred Artifacts.

However, if they were without their Nine Dragon Fingers, Floating Sinking Sword or Soul Shocking Box, they would only be able to slink away when seeing Geng Hui.

This Chief of the Brilliant Thunder Sect was indisputably the person of the Vast Ocean World who was currently closest to Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood.

That the Evil Shifting Sect’s Feng Jingsheng and Spirit Rhino Island’s Guan Li would get involved had been within Yan Zhaoge’s predictions.

After all, his enmity with the Evil Shifting Sect and Spirit Rhino Island was not small.

If they had the chance to, it was only natural for them to want to take revenge.

While Good and Evil were diametrically opposed, for dealing with Yan Zhaoge, at the very least, the Blood Dragon Sect, Spirit Rhino Island and the Evil Shifting Sect had temporarily overlooked their individual camps by tacit agreement, cooperating for the time being.

However, while Yan Zhaoge had not come into conflict with the Brilliant Thunder Sect before, Geng Hui had actually appeared and tried to kill him with all of them.

This really begged one’s attention.

It was not likely that he had come to assist at someone’s behest.

Yan Zhaoge’s battle achievements of having slain Fang Kan and repelled Lin Qiancheng over the Bewildering Maze Sea was something that all of the Vast Ocean World knew.

Those beneath the Martial Saint realm who challenged Yan Zhaoge on their lonesome were virtually courting death.

How close a relationship or how huge a price could spur someone to take on a risk as great as that

If it was unrelated to others, having been the intentions of Geng Hui and the Brilliant Thunder Sect themselves, what reason then might lie therein

A thought immediately flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment concealed within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye flickered faintly with the light of thunder, causing a slight piercing pain within.

In having slain Fang Kan over the Bewildering Maze Sea, Yan Zhaoge had unleashed the power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment.

There had been many eyewitnesses back then, but most of their attention had been placed on his Northern Ocean Clone that was in the Martial Saint realm.

However, having properly heard about all this in detail, perhaps the Brilliant Thunder Sect might have noticed An Instant’s Thunder

Was it that they aspired to such power purely because of the specialities of their sect or was it that they knew about where An Instant’s Thunder stemmed from, therefore sneakily setting their eyes on it

If they knew where An Instant’s Thunder stemmed from, was it merely limited to understanding, or was it…

Did Geng Hui and the Brilliant Thunder Sect possess an Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment too

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, flying with the Northern Ocean Clone across the great ocean and over onto the mainland towards the region where the Brilliant Thunder Sect had once stood.

At the Star Shifting Sea, Geng Hui had run the fastest.

Wanting to take care of Nian Chen and the Nine Dragon Fingers, Yan Zhaoge had ignored him.

However, back then, Yan Zhaoge had mentally noted down Geng Hui’s baffling presence there.

In order to prevent Lin Qiancheng from pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and fishing in turbid waters whilst also making sure that his judgement went rightly, the three heavyweights of the forces of Evil having swept across the territory of the forces of Good and caused great damage, Yan Zhaoge had decided to first go to the Bewildering Maze Sea to look for Lin Qiancheng.

However, a petty person such as him could never have forgotten about the matter of the Brilliant Thunder Sect.

However, never would he have thought that Lin Qiancheng’s opening of the dragon gate might actually cause a situation such as this where the Brilliant Thunder Sect had gotten hit out of nowhere and suffered a tragedy.

When Yan Zhaoge saw the shattered pieces of the great earth and the decimation of the former mountain range with lofty peak having been reduced to mere basin, he shook his head non-stop as well, “This is really a level of bad luck in itself.”

That terrifying collision by the light dragon earlier was such that even a Martial Saint would have been instakilled in having met it head on.

While the Brilliant Thunder Sect’s Thunder Fire Peak had been bolstered by them for many years, the Brilliant Thunder Sect martial practitioners had likely not dared to circulate their guardian grand formation for even the least bit of resistance.

They had only been able to flee with all their might, every survivor already being hard found.

If they had hesitated and attempted to put up some form of resistance, they would have been blasted into smithereens along with their entire sect.

Yan Zhaoge surveyed the area.

It was totally messed up, with no Brilliant Thunder Sect martial practitioners still present in the vicinity.

Yan Zhaoge believed that there should be survivors.

However, there were probably only Geng Hui as well as a miniscule number of their peak experts who had been able to survive this tribulation.

Currently not being visible, it should be that they had retreated after examining the dragon gate at the bottom of that basin and discovering that there was temporarily nothing that they could do.

Without the protection of their mountainous headquarters, the sect had virtually been decimated completely.

Under such grave circumstances, if any other enemies of theirs like Yan Zhaoge came looking for them or if any of the other Evil Sects came over looking for easy pickings, the Brilliant Thunder Sect would thereon truly be eradicated completely from the Vast Ocean World for good.

However infuriated and despondent they were, Geng Hui and the others could only have found a place to conceal themselves first, recuperating from their injuries and observing the overall situation.

Yan Zhaoge temporarily set aside the matter of the Brilliant Thunder Sect, carefully examining that basin as well as the dragon gate located within its depths.

Within the basin visibly emanated numerous streams of black qi as that dragon gate that had opened within the Bewildering Maze Sea was now closed again.

However, Yan Zhaoge could feel that the current dragon gate was different from before, merely having closed simply.

There seemed to be a shocking change currently brewing within the dragon gate.

As Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts circulated, the Northern Ocean Clone descended, coming before the dragon gate within the basin and grabbing outwards within the air.

Beneath the force exerted by the Northern Ocean Clone, the massive dragon gate slowly swung open with a creaking noise.

Gazing inside, Yan Zhaoge saw dense death qi coiling within like thick black ink.

However, observing carefully, it was evident that the black qi was actually in the midst of gradually dissipating.

The spiritual qi network of the entire Vast Ocean World was currently unceasingly affecting the spiritual qi flow within the dragon gate.

The death qi was being reduced unceasingly, a flourishing life force instead surging within.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge discovered that within the dragon gate, a vigorous and authoritative, vast and majestic aura that exemplified the dragon race was beginning to gradually manifest.

It was as though the numerous dragons that had died were currently in the midst of reviving.

It was just that while this qi of true dragons was still authoritative and shocking, it was still rather lacking as compared to the true coiling of numerous dragons.

Yan Zhaoge knew that the dragons had not been revived.

Instead, it was like the ice dragon corpse that he had obtained at the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, their spirituality not fading after their deaths as their dragon authority was therefore maintained.

However, this roiling dragon qi intermingled with that dense death qi made for an extremely terrifying domain.

The space and time within the dragon gate was independent from that of the Vast Ocean World, seeming as though it was another world.

Currently, with the dragon qi obstructing the way, if one were to try to go in, they would likely end up the same way as the Brilliant Thunder Sect, with even Martial Saints being unlikely to make it in.

“From the looks of it, we will have to wait patiently for some time until this burial ground of numerous dragons has gradually calmed before only then being able to enter,” Yan Zhaoge gradually came to a realisation, “I wonder how long that might be, though”

As time slowly passed, the experts of the other sects all rushed over upon getting wind of this.

Seeing the scene before them, they all exchanged looks, completely lost for words.


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