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HSSB553: The path back to the Eight Extremities World


Seeing that he was unable to enter the dragon gate although it had finally opened, Yan Zhaoge didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“If Lin Qiancheng had known that it would eventually turn out like this, I guess he probably wouldn’t have come so happily to open this dragon tomb”

Having gone through so much effort and used the Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens technique, while the dragon gate had finally opened, there was no way to seize the initiative as there was only waiting till the world within the dragon gate had stabilised before it could be entered.

At that time, others would have long since got wind of this, waiting here together as they all began on the same starting line.

What good would those previous actions mean then

Had Lin Qiancheng known about this, he probably wouldn’t have so triumphantly treated that Nine Dragons Devouring Heavens technique as a treasure.

Ignoring the fact that the Brilliant Thunder Sect was located here, even for he himself, it would have been totally detrimental if all had gone as he had planned.

Yan Zhaoge had a rather strange expression on his face as he looked at that basin below him, “Yeah, it really is a huge pit he dug for himself.”

The martial practitioners of the various other sects congregated in the vicinity of the basin as well.

Those who had accompanied Yan Zhaoge to the Bewildering Maze Sea also soon gradually arrived.

After having heard Yan Zhaoge’s explanation, all of them were lost for words as they were unable to speak for a time.

Lin Qiancheng had long since set a trap, preparing an ambush in the Bewildering Maze Sea as he waited for someone to fall for the bait.

In the end, however, it had been Yan Zhaoge who had turned out the superior as Lin Qiancheng had been trapped in his own web.

Lin Qiancheng, one of the three Martial Saint experts of the Vast Ocean World, had soundlessly met his doom in the deep abyss of the Bewildering Maze Sea just like that, becoming the key that unlocked the dragon gate.

The news of the burial ground of numerous dragons entering the sea left everyone’s hearts beating increasingly quickly as well.

Looking at the dragon gate at the bottom of the basin, countless thoughts sprung up within their minds.

No one disbelieved Yan Zhaoge’s words, because the scene before their eyes already proved how powerful that existence of legend was.

The Brilliant Thunder Sect of the Six Evil Sects had directly been decimated in just an instant.

This feat was not something that any single person would have been able to achieve in the current Vast Ocean World.

Looking at them, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “This will not be stabilising within just a couple of days.

This Yan will return to Changli Mountain first.”

Xu Fei and Shi Jun naturally believed in Yan Zhaoge’s judgment.

The martial practitioners of Changli Mountain exchanged glances, specifically leaving someone behind to stand guard before turning to leave as well.

Seeing this, those of the other great sects were rather hesitant.

While they could indeed somewhat feel the dangerous aura within the dragon gate down below, they just felt rather unresigned to not being able to do anything.

Someone disbelievingly tried to enter the dragon gate.

In the end, he was instantly exterminated by the terrifying, tyrannical dragon qi within, without even his bones remaining.

Everyone felt a fearful chill run down their spines.

It was only with that that they accepted that they would not be able to enter for the time being.

Still, all the sects left someone behind in the vicinity of the basin to keep watch over the area.

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge returning to Changli Mountain, the earlier tribulation that had been set in motion by the Blood Dragon Sect finally came to an end.

After the incident with the Brilliant Thunder Sect occurred, Soul Shocking Island and the Dragon Slayer Sect immediately ceased completely in their battle with Water Crystal Palace and Myriad Sword Pool, while Water Crystal Palace and Myriad Sword Pool also let things end just like that.

Both sides had paid close attention to the incident that concerned the Bewildering Mist Sea and the Brilliant Thunder Sect.

After having gotten to the bottom of things, they tacitly ceased to battle.

The flames of war which had blazed through the Vast Ocean World just earlier now ceased to burn, things rapidly regaining their original calm.

However, the repressed atmosphere still remained as everyone seemed to be waiting for something.

Still, both sides had suffered tragic losses in this great battle.

On the side of Good, the Blood Dragon Sect had been virtually decimated, the two Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters of Spirit Rhino Island had both fallen and Water Crystal Palace had also suffered great losses from having been surrounded and assaulted by many enemies initially.

On the side of Evil, the Evil Saint Lin Qiancheng had perished, the Chief of the Evil Shifting Sect Feng Jingsheng had perished and the entire Brilliant Thunder Sect had been levelled.

Whether it was Good or Evil, both sides had suffered huge blows.

Meanwhile, following this great battle, Yan Zhaoge’s reputation reached a whole new level as he was virtually like the great sun within the sky.

To the martial practitioners of the Vast Ocean World, whether or not Yan Zhaoge’s strength was superior to the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect Zhao Zhong and the Chief of Water Crystal Palace Lin Shi, that he was currently even more famous and authoritative than them was an indisputable thing.

Especially having caught the attention of both Good and Evil was the fact that the Sacred Artifact of the Blood Dragon Sect, the Nine Dragon Fingers, had now fallen within Yan Zhaoge’s hands as well.

If Yan Zhaoge managed to refine the Nine Dragon Fingers, accompanied by it as well as the Northern Ocean Clone, he would truly then be the undisputed number one of the Vast Ocean World.

Even other Martial Saints or Sacred Artifacts would have to team up in pairs before they might be able to compete against him.

Currently, the people of the Vast Ocean World had already gradually ceased calling this youth who was merely in his twenties directly by his name.

The earliest had been the name of the ‘Crouching Roc’.

Due to the fact that this name seemed somewhat to be mocking Yan Zhaoge as mainly having his authority through the mortal shell of the late Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun, more and more people, when bringing him up now, instead addressed him as the Traceless Cloud Dragon King or Traceless Cloud Yan.

Neither the head nor tail of the divine dragon could be seen as it was concealed and without trace amidst the clouds-such was its meaning.

Regarding this young expert with an unknown background who had suddenly appeared in the Vast Ocean World and immediately shocked the heavens upon his debut, everyone felt fearful whilst also worshipful of him.

This was so even amongst the peak powers of both Good and Evil.

For the middle and lower-tier powers beneath them as well as solitary practitioners, they were naturally filled with incomparable admiration and respect whenever the topic of Yan Zhaoge arose.

This young man had accomplished what many would be unable to attain their entire lives, the speed of his rise to prominence truly being unprecedented as he was already a living legend of the Vast Ocean World.

Currently, only a few people who had enmity with Yan Zhaoge would complain about him behind his back.

Still, they only dared to do so in private discussions.

As for Changli Mountain where Yan Zhaoge had temporarily taken up residence, he would naturally be treated as a most esteemed guest there.

“Some time will be needed before we can enter the dragon gate.

Everyone should wait patiently.

At that time, it will definitely be yet another momentous event.

The other sects will probably be accumulatively preparing for it as well,” Yan Zhaoge said to those of Changli Mountain before him.

The Chief of Changli Mountain, Gao Tianzhong, nodded slightly, “That’s right.

When the time comes, we hope that you might assist us when is possible.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Chief Gao is polite.”

Exiting Changli Mountain, Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei and Shi Jun returned to the Ocean Scorching Spring.

As Xu Fei walked, he asked, “Will it affect you and senior apprentice-aunt Fu returning to the Eight Extremities World”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “It can’t be said for certain right now.

Still, with the dragon gate having opened, the spiritual qi network of the Vast Ocean World as well as its space-time boundaries have been affected greatly.”

He took out the Lofty Prestige Mirror.

Having been nourished and recuperated over this period of time, light was already flickering on the surface of the mirror, just that it was temporarily still retracted and not emitted.

Accompanied by a mere thought on Yan Zhaoge’s part, a vast mirror-light shot out of the Lofty Prestige Mirror, shining towards the distance.

After identifying the direction, Xu Fei and Shi Jun were both taken aback, “That’s…”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “That’s right.

It’s in the direction of the Jiamao Mountain Range where the Brilliant Thunder Sect used to be located.

It might be somewhere in the vicinity, but it might also be within the dragon gate itself.”

“Therefore, us returning to the Eight Extremities World and entering the dragon gate might just fall in line together.”

“The Lofty Prestige Mirror has still yet to recover completely.

When it has, it will be able to determine the specific location.

If the spatial tunnel lies within the dragon gate itself, that would be the path back home for us.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Actually, I had long had a feeling that this might be the case.”

The Eight Extremities World and the Vast Ocean World both contained the legend of the burial ground of numerous dragons.

It was most likely there in which existed the dimensional passageway between the two worlds.

When Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu had arrived earlier, the dragon tomb had still yet to open.

Now that that the dragon gate had opened and the Vast Ocean World had suffered space-time interference, wanting to open a passageway to the Eight Extremities World, it was likely to be in the dragon tomb.

Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “I wonder how things currently are over in the Eight Extremities World”


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