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HSSB557: Stirring something out of nothing


“Me!” Looking shockedly at Chang Zheng, Feng Yunsheng saw that he and Zhang Kun were looking at her with stern expressions on their faces.

Calming her mind, Feng Yunsheng said in a heavy tone, “Master’s kindness to me is like a mountain.

How could I have leaked her movements to the Sacred Sun Clan”

Elder Qin had only just shockedly rushed here upon receiving a notification from Chang Zheng.

He was not clear on the specifics of this matter.

Seeing that Feng Yunsheng didn’t seem to be faking her reaction, he quizzically sent Chang Zheng and Zhang Kun a sound transmission, “Could it have been an oversight on her part”

Chang Zheng shook his head, saying, “The other party not only testified against you leaking junior apprentice-sister Fu’s whereabouts.

He provided the reason for you having done so as well.”

Feng Yunsheng raised her brows slightly, “What did he malign me with”

“Whether or not it was maligning cannot be determined with just a few simple words,” Chang Zheng glanced at Feng Yunsheng, his tone turning cold, “According to his words, you leaked junior apprentice-sister Fu’s movements because she had discovered that you were interacting with people of the Sacred Sun Clan in secret for unexplainable reasons.”

“Having detected that junior apprentice-sister Fu had discovered your secret, in order to keep the secret, you sold her out to the people of the Sacred Sun Clan, using them to get rid of her for you.”

“Meng Feng’s target back then was not you and junior apprentice-niece Yin who were Maidens of Extreme Yin.

Junior apprentice-sister Fu did not encounter harm due to protecting you, for it was she who had been their target from the start, the person whom they wanted to eliminate.”

Feng Yunsheng was initially outraged but forced herself to calm down, “Can I ask senior apprentice-uncle where the person who claims this is I am willing to talk it out against him face to face.”

“His words are pure nonsense, stirring something out of nothing.”

Elder Qin looked somewhat disbelievingly at Chang Zheng and Zhang Kun.

Feng Yunsheng was not a normal disciple of Broad Creed Mountain.

To put it more precisely, she was not a normal direct disciple of Broad Creed Mountain.

While it was not to the level of Yan Zhaoge, she still possessed special significance that far surpassed her current cultivation base as well as worth in combat with regard to her entire clan.

It would have been fine if she were incompetent.

However, from her performances in the Fifth and Sixth Extreme Yin Bouts, Feng Yunsheng was already the greatest contender for the Extreme Yin Crown.

All of the entire Eight Extremities World believed that the Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan might not be able to remain the winner in the upcoming Seventh Extreme Yin Bout.

While Feng Yunsheng had just barely been defeated by Meng Wan in the Sixth Extreme Yin Bout, her rapid rate of improvement was fiercer than Meng Wan’s.

Feng Yunsheng’s name had already spread far and wide in the current Eight Extremities World.

Due to Yan Zhaoge’s existence, virtually all of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation had been overshadowed beneath his radiance.

Feng Yunsheng was one of the few rare exceptions to this.

Such a disciple would be a treasure amongst treasures to any single power that they might even treat as half a Sacred Artifact.

They would have to guard her, while their enemies and opponents would definitely be thinking of ways to deal with her.

Such a charge having come from the outside world, generally speaking, a clan would definitely be immediately biased towards their disciples.

This was so for Elder Qin as well.

It was he who had made the initial decision to keep Feng Yunsheng when he had first seen her and Yan Zhaoge back at the Eastern Tang Kingdom of the East Heaven Region.

He had always had a rather good impression of Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

With Feng Yunsheng now having been charged not of leaking Fu Enshu’s whereabouts but intentionally consorting with the enemy and slaughtering her Master, Elder Qin would naturally disbelieve it.

After all, whichever clan or sect it was, betrayal was always a sin of the highest order.

As soon as it was verified, death would be the only thing that awaited the traitor.

The Sacred Sun Clan had always been thinking of getting rid of Feng Yunsheng.

This still applied even now.

Feng Yunsheng’s situation was rather unique.

Even after she had entered the clan, she had been investigated whether openly or in secret for a considerably long period of time by them, having passed through all of them as she had come to where she was today.

Elder Qin felt that under such circumstances, there logically shouldn’t be any problem with Feng Yunsheng.

Otherwise, it would have been discovered long ago.

Why would it have been only now

Looking at Elder Qin, Chang Zheng slowly shook his head.

Seeing his solemn look, Elder Qin’s heart sunk.

Chang Zheng swivelled his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, first not mentioning the matter of her speaking against the person who had testified as he instead asked, “When you were separated from junior apprentice-sister Fu, was junior apprentice-niece Yin with her Or was she separated as well”

“Master and junior apprentice-sister Yin should have been together back then.

Only I alone was blown away by the flow of qi that resembled a hurricane,” Feng Yunsheng answered, “Afterwards, I heard from junior apprentice-sister Yin that she too was separated from Master following that.”

Chang Zheng asked again, “Did you encounter anyone else after having been separated from the two of them”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head, “No.

When I next encountered someone, it was the Elder of our clan who found me.”

Chang Zheng stared at Feng Yunsheng for a while before saying slowly, “A face-to-face confirmation is indeed needed.

However, it is not with you.”

He transmitted his voice with his true essence, “Bring Hong Jiaqi in.”

Hong Jiaqi was the one who had testified against Feng Yunsheng.

He was a solitary practitioner who was active around the East Sea, an unaffiliated Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster.

Chang Zheng said Hong Jiaqi, “We can be considered old acquaintances already.

You having specifically rushed here with news, this Chang should originally be sufficiently thankful.

However, this matter is a significant one.

Junior apprentice-sister Feng is a core, direct disciple of our clan who has always performed exemplarily.”

Hong Jiaqi said calmly, “Elder Chang, it is precisely because we are old acquaintances that I made this trip here.”

“Let us not mention old times.

Just this time alone, your clan was suppressing the Earth Domain on one hand whilst locked in a heated battle with the Flame Devils over the East Sea on the other.

Countless experts perished, great sacrifices being made that will never be forgotten.”

“The Eight Extremities World having been able to surpass the great tribulation of the joint attack from the Flame Devils and the Nine Underworld Evil Devils this time, your clan deserves the foremost credit.”

“As opposed to this, the Sacred Sun Clan instead stabbed you in the back when the entire Eight Extremities World was jointly resisting these external enemies together.”

“While I am unaffiliated and have only a low cultivation base, I cannot stand seeing the actions of such people.

Being even more unwilling to see your clan still being schemed against even after having shed so much blood for the human realm, that was why I made this trip.”

Hong Jiaqi cupped his hands towards Chang Zheng and the others, “I am unclear regarding the specific situation of your clan’s disciple, also not knowing whether there is some good reason for this.

I just narrated all that I saw and heard.

As for how to deal with it, I trust that Elder Chang and the others will naturally make the right judgment.”

Feng Yunsheng frowned, looking at Hong Jiaqi, “I have never met you before.

Could there be a misunderstanding”

Hong Jiaqi swivelled his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, “You are Feng Yunsheng”

Feng Yunsheng replied, “That’s right.”

Hong Jiaqi directed a long glance at Feng Yunsheng before saying rather dismally, “The two of us have indeed never met before.

That is really a fortunate thing.

Otherwise, I might already long since have ended up like your Master.”

Feng Yunsheng raised her brows, but Chang Zheng raised his hand and stopped her from speaking, “Junior apprentice-niece Feng, I’ve said that it is not you with whom a face-to-face confirmation is needed.”

He called loudly, “Junior apprentice-niece Yin, come in.”

Feng Yunsheng was taken aback as she swivelled her head, seeing Yin Liuhua walk into the great hall.

Chang Zheng looked at Hong Jiaqi and Yin Liuhua as he said, “In order to ascertain the truth of the matter, we will be proceeding with the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony.

Are the two of you unwilling”


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