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HSSB558: A great net


“Miss Yin, it’s all thanks to you that our Sacred Sun Clan was able to find the location of you and your Master.”

“No! It wasn’t like that! I didn’t do it on purpose! I didn’t know that you were from the Sacred Sun Clan at all! I didn’t mean it!”

“That’s right, you indeed didn’t know that I am from the Sacred Sun Clan.

Still, do you think those of Broad Creed Mountain will believe that And even if they do believe it, having failed to keep things secret, do you think that you wouldn’t have to bear any responsibilities”

“I…I didn’t know that things would turn out like this…”

“If it was Feng Yunsheng who committed such an oversight, perhaps she would just have gotten away with just a reprimand afterwards.

However, it’s different for you.

With such an outstanding person standing in comparison with you, you would already be wrong even not having committed a wrong, let alone when you indeed have done wrong now”

“You…stop it…let me go, I won’t expose your identity…”

“Miss Yin, the person you should want to expose is not me.

It is your senior apprentice-sister.”

“You…what did you say!”

“Feng Yunsheng has actually been always been someone of our Sacred Sun Clan, having been planted within Broad Creed Mountain through a scheme of self-hurt.

In the end, her Master, Fu Enshu, saw through this during your trip to the East Sea this time.

Before your Master had been able to determine this for sure, she made the first move, establishing contact with our Sacred Sun Clan’s Elder Meng as she tried to attack and kill Fu Enshu to silence her.

How do you think this sounds”

“How could it be You…I understand now.

Your Sacred Sun Clan has no confidence of winning the upcoming Extreme Yin Bout at all, thus employing such a scheme!”

“This is not something that you should be concerned with.

What you should consider is…if it was not her who exposed things, that would mean that it was you…”

Ever since having returned from the East Sea, these voices had been reverberating unceasingly within Yin Liuhua’s mind.

Gradually, however, a new thought arose.

For the Heavenly Thunder Hall and Infinite Boundless Mountain, since they only possessed a single Maiden of Extreme Yin, regardless of her prowess in battle, they would just have to accept it as they would devote all their efforts to grooming her regardless just for that one in ten thousand chance.

The Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Ying and Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui had always performed the worst in the past Extreme Yin Bouts.

However, their positions in their clans still remained unique nonetheless.

At the very least, up till now, Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Heavenly Thunder Hall had not run out of patience with them yet.

“If there was only me…if there was only me…”

Gradually, the other voices all disappeared as only this one single voice remained, gradually filling up Yin Liuhua’s entire mind.

“Please come in, junior apprentice-niece Yin.”

Hearing Chang Zheng’s voice, Yin Liuhua shivered as she regained her wits.

She inhaled deeply, knowing that the most critical moment in her life had now arrived.

After having walked into the great hall, Yin Liuhua bowed towards Zhang Kun and Chang Zheng, the latter pointing towards Hong Jiaqi, “This Mister Hong testifies that junior apprentice-niece Feng is a spy that the Sacred Sun Clan planted within our clan, also saying that it was due to having discovered this secret that junior apprentice-sister Fu was had her location leaked with junior apprentice-niece Feng’s betrayal, leading to the arrival of the experts of the Sacred Sun Clan to kill and silence her.”

“He says that apart from himself, you too witnessed the scene of that time, and that he can perform the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony with you in order to prove this.”

“Is there such a matter How is it that we have never heard you mention this before”

Chang Zheng pressured Yin Liuhua with his gaze.

Whilst being the First Seat Elder of the clan’s Disciplinary Hall, he was a late Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster as well.

His gaze seemed to crush down on Yin Liuhua’s body, with no secret possibly remaining concealed.

Yin Liuhua shivered in her entirety as she felt as though her soul had nearly dispersed.

Still, she felt immediately afterwards that while Chang Zheng’s gaze was still on her, it was no longer as shocking to the soul as it had initially been.

Zhang Kun and Elder Qin both clearly trusted Chang Zheng greatly, not intending to overstep their authority as they left him as the Chief of the Disciplinary Hall to preside over all these proceedings.

Ying Liuhua calmed herself, saying weakly, “This disciple cannot be sure.

When Master was battling with enemies back then, this disciple didn’t dare to go near at all, even having been blown all around by the aftershocks of their clash as I couldn’t even identify up and down from left and right.”

“All that I witnessed were fragmented and incomplete.”

She glanced at Feng Yunsheng, “Senior apprentice-sister Feng has always performed exemplarily, having provided this disciple with much care as well.

This disciple felt that I must have heard wrong, thus not daring to foolishly say anything.”

Chang Zheng said, “Mister Hong wants to do the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony with you.

Are you willing”

Yin Liuhua looked rather worriedly at Feng Yunsheng as she said hesitantly, “This disciple…this disciple…”

Feng Yunsheng composedly watched Yin Liuhua, her gaze shifting continuously between her and Hong Jiaqi.

Zhang Kun and Elder Qin both frowned.

Seeing this, with a flick of his finger, Chang Zheng sent a stream of light into mid-air which manifested as a pillar of light which enveloped both Ying Liuhua and Hong Jiaqi.

Hong Jiaqi pricked his finger with no hesitation at all, a drop of blood spilling out that turned into a line of blood which coiled within the light pillar.

Following Chang Zheng’s guidance, Yin Liuhua did the same as well.

The next moment, a mirror of light slowly descended within the great hall.

Scenes were visible within that left everyone shocked as they watched them.

That was the scene of the power of the seal having caused frenzied tides which extended in all directions after the seal had been formed that day.

Afterwards, Fu Enshu could visibly be seen as she was engaged in a great battle with Meng Feng.

“Never would I have thought, not in a million years! My most favoured disciple was actually raised by the Sacred Sun Clan!” Fu Enshu’s voice resounded from within the storm as it was filled with disappointment and hatred, “What a great self-hurt scheme it was that your Sacred Sun Clan employed.

You could even sacrifice Pan Botai’s grandson”

Meng Feng’s voice was as majestic as the heavens, “If you had not discovered Muge’s secret, I could originally have allowed you to live for some days longer.

After all, as Muge says, you trust her greatly and take good care of her as well.”

“Sadly, however, you just had to be meddlesome, thus sending yourself up the route of death.

There is no one but you yourself who can be blamed for this.”

Fu Enshu said coldly, “Even if I die, I will also drag you old undying monster of the Sacred Sun Clan along with me!”

As they battled, Fu Enshu suddenly sent out a vicious, risky strike, sending both herself and Meng Feng within the frenzied tides formed of the power of the seal, both of them thus meeting their doom!

The scene of light ended with this, the tragic air from within still circulating about the great hall.

Exchanging looks, Zhang Kun’s and Elder Qin’s faces both turned dark.

Yin Liuhua’s body shook as she looked rather shockedly at Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng was no longer looking at Hong Jiaqi as well as she was staring straight at Yin Liuhua.

Chang Zheng waved his hands to disrupt her gaze as he said slowly, “Junior apprentice-niece Feng, it is not that we’re not giving you a chance to defend yourself.

What do you have to say for yourself ”

Feng Yunsheng said, “It wasn’t me.”

Chang Zheng asked, “Who could it be then”

Feng Yunsheng looked towards Yin Liuhua once more.

Due to the situation having been too chaotic at the time, after having all met up once more, Fu Enshu had not told Feng Yunsheng about the matter of Yin Liuhua having received someone’s assistance and therefore being able to reunite with them the first time they had been separated.

However, Feng Yunsheng clearly knew that she was not a spy of the Sacred Sun Clan!

Thus, there must be something wrong with this Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony.

Either this scene was fake or her Master, Fu Enshu, had been fooled by someone else and had therefore been mistaken about her at the time.

Feng Yunsheng felt like she had been schemed against.

It was not just a single person.

It was like there was a great net which was descending upon her.

Fury blazed within Feng Yunsheng’s eyes before she closed them, her gaze being much calmer as she reopened her eyes, “I was maligned.”

Her gaze swept across Yin Liuhua and Hong Jiaqi, “The Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony can similarly be falsified!”

Hong Jiaqi smiled coldly while Yin Liuhua pursed her lips tightly, her heart tensing despite her calm enough expression.

Feng Yunsheng’s words had pointed her out as the traitor in the matter.

There was no longer any room for reconciliation between the two apprentice-sisters.


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