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HSSB561: Bright moon above the sea, Distant horizons sharing the moment


Huang Jie kept the Heaven Spying Orb, sitting down cross-legged with his hands on his knees, “With first the Decimating Abyss, then two battles over the East Sea, and finally the deaths at the Earth Domain, Broad Creed Mountain is currently devoid of talent.

With that, Chang Zheng can freely move for himself, whilst also helping us.”

Huang Xu said, “With these great battles, everyone has taken a huge blow to their vitality.”

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Seven Reigning Suns had all died, and even some of their replacements had perished as well.

Huang Xu continued, “Even though Yan Di, Yuan Zhengfeng, Fang Zhun and Yan Zhaoge are all not around, Feng Yunsheng’s position in Broad Creed Mountain is still stable.

If it were someone else who was suspected of colluding with our Sacred Sun Clan and conspiring against their own master, even if they had not been executed or crippled of their cultivation, they would also have been flung into the Heaven Sealing Gorge and locked up awaiting interrogation.”

“Unless the evidence is as solid as a mountain, whoever is in charge of Broad Creed Mountain, they also wouldn’t bear to lose Feng Yunsheng.”

“However, not killing her does not mean that she can stably participate in this year’s Extreme Yin Bout.”

Huang Xu said calmly, “I have a general understanding of Broad Creed Mountain’s so-called moderate faction.

They would not dare to risk using Feng Yunsheng, and will most likely have placed their hopes on Turbid Wave Pavilion.”

“They, are waiting for Yan Di.”

“Speaking of which, how is it over at the East Sea Any ideas” Huang Jie asked.

Huang Xu shook his head slightly, “There is not much certainty.”

Huang Jie fell deeply silent for a rare moment before he sighed, “Perhaps there is only that final method left.”

Huang Xu shook his head, instead saying, “It is good so long as everything goes according to plan.

It is just-will Hong Jiaqi and Yin Liuhua reveal any flaws If the flaws are too obvious, Chang Zheng wouldn’t be able to help them hide it even if he wanted to.”

Huang Jie answered, “No one can guarantee for sure that nothing will go wrong at all.

Still, there shouldn’t be a problem with this.”

“Hong Jiaqi and Yin Liuhua were complete strangers before this.

They just need to firmly insist on the scene of before the Blood Soul Recollection Ceremony.

They did not interact at all other than that.

As for that person who saved Yin Liuhua and sent her to Fu Enshu before sending the news to us previously, we will not let him appear before the eyes of Broad Creed Mountain.”

Huang Xu shook his head, “We had originally intended to simply kill Feng Yunsheng in the East Sea.

Who knew that senior apprentice-uncle Meng would fail.

Luckily, there is still room for remedy.”

Huang Jie said mildly, “If there had really not been anyone else, I would also not have originally wanted senior apprentice-granduncle Meng to act.

He had not been out of our clan for too long.”

Huang Xu pointed at him, “Speak with care.

Senior apprentice-uncle Meng has already died.”

“I was too hasty,” Huang Jie did not rebut as he nodded.

He left after bowing to Huang Xu.

Just a few moments later, a figure appeared by the side of the path, seemingly having been waiting specifically for him.

“Junior apprentice-sister Meng, you should be diligently preparing for the Extreme Yin Bout now,” Huang Jie said mildly.

There was not a smile on Meng Wan’s face as she was looking expressionlessly at Huang Jie, “While the news over from Broad Creed Mountain is unclear, it seems that something has happened to senior apprentice-sister Feng”

Huang Jie seemed not to mind Meng Wan’s form of address as he nodded very calmly towards her, “That’s right.

It’s likely that she won’t be able to participate in this time’s Extreme Yin Bout.”

Meng Wan looked straight at Huang Jie, “It is related to our Sacred Sun Clan”

“That’s right,” Huang Jie replied.

Meng Wan fell silent, while Huang Jie brushed past her, halting again a few steps later as he said mildly, “If you could have maintained an assured victory over her all along, I naturally wouldn’t have had to make a move.”

“What do you want to do Go to Broad Creed Mountain and speak for her That will only further prove that she is secretly in league with our clan.”

Meng Wan swivelled her head to look at Huang Jie who did not look back at her, “If I were you, I would continue cultivating diligently.

The stronger you are, the more people there are who will listen to you.

For example, I only need to explain just a few additional sentences to you now.”

“If you become the number one expert of our Sacred Sun Clan, when we trample Broad Creed Mountain in the future, it will only be the matter of a single word if you want to protect Feng Yunsheng.”

“If you want to take care of me and exact vengeance for Feng Yunsheng, that would also only be the matter of a single word.”

Meng Wan said slowly, “I will remember that.”

Huang Jie turned slightly back, looking at Meng Wan from the corner of his eye, “Let me give you a piece of advice.

The more concerned you appear for Feng Yunsheng now, the more clearly you are revealing a weakness in yourself.

This is so for me and true for any others who are looking as well.”

Meng Wan’s expression did not change in the least as she gazed at Huang Jie, “Senior apprentice-brother Huang, you are an intelligent person, and I have always known that.

Still, you are currently doing a very foolish thing.

The more you flaunt your wits in front of me, the more guarded I will stay of you and the more I will hate you as well.

This is disadvantageous to your usual style of prioritising practical effectiveness.”

Huang Jie swivelled his head and glanced back at Meng Wan before nodding slightly, “That is true.

I have been a little overwhelmed by pride.

Thank you for the reminder, junior apprentice-sister Meng.”

After saying thus, Huang Jie turned and left.

Meng Wan watched his figure vanish before turning to gaze into the distance beyond the mountains, “Senior apprentice-sister Feng…”

She still didn’t understand what Feng Yunsheng was currently experiencing, but she could vaguely experience that chill which seemed piercing to the bone like the harshest winter.

Having once experienced all those ups and downs, having just been standing where her hand could already just but touch the peak, she had fallen to the depths of the deepest ravine once more.

Having regained what she had lost and then having lost it again, such tribulations would be sufficient to cause anyone who had experienced them to go crazy.

Feng Yunsheng did not go crazy.

Looking at Sikong Qing who had come to visit her, she smiled, “I would very much like to go and see the scenery on top of that mountain.

Sadly, it just seems like it is not destined for me.

Every time, when I am just a step away from it, I just tumble down to the foot of the mountain again.”

Having always been rather aloof, Sikong Qing’s heart twinged in pain upon hearing those words as she reached out and grabbed Feng Yunsheng’s hand.

Feng Yunsheng raised her brows, smiling, “Relax, I won’t give up.

Even if the clan has no intentions of letting me participate in this time’s Extreme Yin Bout, I will still persist in cultivating and raising my strength.”

“Making preparations and waiting for a chance, however long the wait, would always be better than the chance having come yet not being able to grasp it due to not being sufficiently prepared.”

Hearing her words, Sikong Qing nodded gently.

Feng Yunsheng raised her head and gazed at the moonlight up above, murmuring softly to herself, “I wonder if the moonlight he is seeing is the same as mine”


Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but despite the different timeflow, a bright moon was currently hanging high in the sky of the Vast Ocean World as well.

It was also a full moon.

Yan Zhaoge gazed at the bright moon over the vast ocean, not speaking for a long time.

Standing behind him, Xu Fei asked, “What is it, Zhaoge”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Nothing.

It’s just that I remembered a line of a poem that I heard a very long time ago.”

“Bright moon above the sea, distant horizons sharing the moment.”

Xu Fei thought about it, “I’ve never heard it before…”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I also can’t remember where I heard it.”

Xu Fei mused on the intent of the poem, his mind involuntarily drifting away for a time.

The two apprentice-brothers stood by the ocean together, gazing far into the distant horizon.

After who knows how long, someone approached.

Turning, Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei saw that it was Bai Jingkang of Changli Mountain who had come.

Seeing Bai Jingkang, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up slightly, “Elder Bai comes with good news”

Bai Jingkang nodded solemnly, “That’s right.

In the area which once contained the Jiamao Mountain Range, currently the Jiamao Basin, the dragon gate at its depths has seen the dragon qi existing within gradually stabilise.

We can enter it now.”


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