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HSSB563: Riding on a dragon


Yan Zhaoge had always had the fragments of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor on his mind.

He couldn’t be happier about being able to obtain more of them.

After all, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor in its peak state had been a high-grade Sacred Artifact, far surpassing low-grade Sacred Artifacts like the Clear Qi Robe, the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, the Nine Dragon Fingers and the Floating Sinking Sword.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge already knew as well that if it were the complete Eye of the Thunder Emperor, environments like the Eight Extremities World, the Vast Ocean World and the Floating Life World would not be able to contain it.

Unless the Eye of the Thunder Emperor remained like the Extreme Yang Seal or the Extreme Yin Crown, remaining in a self-induced slumber as its full potential was not drawn out.

In recent years, accompanied by the increase in Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base, he had been growing increasingly stronger as he had already long since gained the ability to wield the full power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment that he possessed.

As a result, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment had instead become of less use to him.

However, after having acquired a new Sacred Artifact fragment in the Floating Life World, the Eye of the Thunder Emperor that he possessed had increased in strength once more.

Currently able to gain yet another in this Vast Ocean World, it should be getting even more powerful.

Yan Zhaoge momentarily narrowed his right eye, the light of thunder unceasingly flickering within as the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment seemed like it might leap out at any moment.

“Let’s go,” Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he strode at the forefront, Fu Enshu, Gao Tianzhong and the others all following behind him.

In front of them, surging dragon qi manifested into massive dragon heads, opening their mouths wide as they emitted soundless roars.

Yan Zhaoge and the others seemed like they were entering the belly of a dragon as they walked along one of the paths.

The authoritative, tyrannical dragon qi intermingled with the corrupted, decaying death qi, forming a subtle equilibrium which filled the entire surrounding space.

Walking within, the death qi was damaging as everyone had to avoid it as much as possible.

However, with the dragon qi cleansing their bodies, their minds were clear and their spirits refreshed.

As long as they could stabilise their minds and not be intimidated by the dragon qi, refined by the dragon qi, everyone’s fleshly bodies were clearly refreshed as though baptised.

As they walked, Gao Tianzhong and the others all looked shockedly at Yan Zhaoge in front of them.

Black qi was vaguely rising from Yan Zhaoge’s entire body before being refined by the dragon qi.

That was not some demonic art that Yan Zhaoge cultivated in.

Instead, he was borrowing the dragon qi to refine his body, clearing the filth that was concealed within its acupoints.

A human body was extremely intricate such that as people lived, even if their cultivation bases were higher, their bodies would also unconsciously accumulate various small little defects.

If these defects were discovered in time, they would be able to be remedied.

However, if they were not discovered in a timely manner, they would gradually accumulate bit by bit.

While these would not usually show, when their longevities were nearing their end or they were rather heavily injured, they would discover that these usually minor problems had already congregated from sand into a tower, accumulated till the point that they were hard to get rid of.

When something went wrong, a minor problem would already have become a major problem.

One might age exceptionally quickly, or their rate of recovery from their wounds could be exceptionally slow, unable to be completely healed with their roots being left behind.

Currently, Yan Zhaoge was clearing up all these minor problems.

Everyone wanted to do this as well, but there was no one at all who could do it as thoroughly and efficiently as Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge himself was calm as he just quietly felt the changes within this dragon tomb.

“Due to the distortion in spacetime, the rate of time seems rather chaotic.

Some places seem to run faster than in the outside world while some places seem to run slower, being hard to clearly determine.”

Yan Zhaoge gradually came to an understanding, “Still, there are both fast and slow.

Making up for each other, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

While he was concerned about the situation in the Eight Extremities World, Yan Zhaoge was still able to stabilise his mind and keep his cool, not being flustered or panicked.

The scenes in the space before him seemed to be constantly changing.

There were the clear skies above the nine heavens whilst also a dense, boundless sea of clouds.

There was the slow trickling of water about frozen ponds whilst also the strong fluctuating ripples of rivers, lakes and seas.

Just having taken a few steps, everyone seemed to have walked through countless different places, witnessed various scenes of all kinds.

Trying to turn back, the scenes that they had experienced earlier were not repeating themselves.

Fu Enshu muttered to herself, “These are the scenes inscribed within the memories of the dead members of the dragon race of the places where they all once lived.”

“The number of dragons that died here seems to be incalculable.

It is no wonder that there are so many colourful, dazzling sights.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That is probably it.”

It was just that these scenes indicated the disturbance in spacetime here that one might easily lose themselves within.

The entire dragon tomb resembled a massive maze.

If one did not understand the technique for such, it would be extremely inefficient to try to traverse it.

As he walked, Yan Zhaoge’s heart suddenly jolted.

He took out some broken dragon scales from his Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

These dragon scales originated from the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint.

It did not originate from the ice dragon that had been sealed within the ice pillar.

Instead, it belonged to other dragons.

The dragon scales having been broken, Yan Zhaoge had always been trying to piece them back together.

However, the difficulty of this was immense as he had not been able to succeed thus far.

The disappearance of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint was likely connected to the burial ground of numerous dragons.

Taking out the dragon scales, there was no change to them.

Yan Zhaoge remained composed as he continued walking patiently within the dragon tomb.

Some time later, a change suddenly happened with the dragon scales that Yan Zhaoge was holding.

Gazing over, they were currently located by a long river.

The river waters abruptly surged all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, the dragon scales that Yan Zhaoge was holding seemed like they were being drawn by some formless force as they descended towards the river water.

It was just as if they were returning to from whence they had come.

Yan Zhaoge did not stop them, just quietly watching them falling into the water.

A moment later, even more rampant river waters surged as they directly formed a river hovering above the ground.

A dark yellow true dragon shot out from within the river waters.

It was condensed from the river water along with streams of light, appearing rather sluggish after it had manifested.

However, it did not attack Yan Zhaoge and the others in front of it as it instead nodded towards Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instantly laughed.

Fu Enshu, Gao Tianzhong and the others behind him all clicked their tongues in praise.

Having emerged from within the river, that yellow dragon swept Yan Zhaoge and the others along before shooting into the river once more.

As it smoothly traversed the river, Yan Zhaoge and the others found the scenes before their eyes having turned illusory.

The yellow dragon brought them along in traversing this dragon tomb.

The dragon qi and death qi within this dragon tomb no longer negatively influenced Yan Zhaoge’s group.

Riding the yellow dragon, Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment within his right eye acting up more and more intensely.

He guided the yellow dragon along in breaking through multiple layers of broken, chaotic spacetime before finally coming to a halt amidst a land of snow and ice.

Two figures appeared within, one shockingly being the Chief of the late Brilliant Thunder Sect, the ‘Crimson Thunder King’ Geng Hui.

Due to the yellow dragon, Geng Hui seemed not to have immediately detected the presence of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

He was currently focusing intently on the person in front of him, “Residing in Changli Mountain, that Yan Zhaoge belongs to the side of Good at the end of the day, even having obtained the Nine Dragon Fingers.”

“However much we didn’t like Lin Qiancheng, after his death, the power of the forces of Good already exceeds ours.

If we let things go on like this, it will only be death that awaits us.”

“Liu Shuo, how about it”


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