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HSSB564: There’s no need to wait for next time


Standing opposite Geng Hui was precisely the Chief of Soul Shocking Island of the Six Evil Sects, Liu Shuo.

Looking at Geng Hui, Liu Shuo said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “Whatever you want to say, say it clearly.

If you want to join hands to wrest treasures in this dragon tomb, it is not like that is not an option.

However, we would first have to discuss how to split up the treasures that we obtain.”

“If you want to join hands to deal with other people, who is your target That Traceless Cloud Yan”

He glanced at Geng Hui, “The few of you together with the Nine Dragon Fingers-wielding Nian Chen were still unable to take him down, instead having suffered a terrible defeat at his hands.”

“This old man does not like to boost the morale of others whilst extinguishing my own, but if there were only the two of us, we would lack the strength if we wanted to kill that Traceless Cloud Yan.”

Geng Hui said, “Myriad Sword Pool’s Yan Gang is the weakest.

If we encounter Yan Gang, joining hands to get rid of him would naturally be good.”

“As for that Yan Zhaoge, while he possesses domineering power, if we join hands with Dragon Slayer Zhao, we would then have a chance.”

Liu Shuo stroked his beard, looking at Geng Hui like he was smiling whilst also not, “Ho, it seems like you have it all planned out.”

“What, Lin Qiancheng’s death still cannot wipe away your fury and resentment towards the destruction of your Brilliant Thunder Sect It’s extended over to Traceless Cloud Yan as well”

“It is just that if you want this old man and Dragon Slayer Zhao to move for you due to the enmity between you and Traceless Cloud Yan, that really is quite a bit of wishful thinking.

Going against a ferocious opponent like him-what would there be in it for us”

Liu Shuo’s gaze swept across Geng Hui, “If you want to take revenge, go take care of it yourself.”

Hearing these words, Geng Hui was infuriated as he glared at Liu Shuo.

Geng Hui was ranked first amongst the top ten Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters of the Vast Ocean World, being publicly acclaimed as the figure most likely to reach the Martial Saint realm.

Meanwhile, Liu Shuo was at the very bottom of the top ten Transcending Mortality experts list.

He had previously also been the weakest in terms of personal strength as the head of one of the thirteen great sects that included the Seven Pillars of Good and the Six Evil Sects.

Geng Hui had actually always rather looked down on him before.

Liu Shuo completely ignored the changes in Geng Hui’s emotional state.

The Sacred Artifact, the Soul Shocking Box, was where his confidence stemmed from.

With the Soul Shocking Box in hand, he could instead suppress Geng Hui in strength.

However dissatisfied Geng Hui was, he could only forcibly hold it in.

Geng Hui calmed himself, saying in a heavy tone, “If we don’t take care of him now, do you want to wait till he teams up with Lin Shi of Water Crystal Palace and Yang Gang of Myriad Sword Pool”

“If we are to kill this surnamed Yan, this Geng is willing to act as bait, bearing the greatest risk.”

Liu Shuo chuckled, “Do you think that Changli Mountain or Water Crystal Palace and Myriad Sword Pool can give orders to this person”

Geng Hui knit his brows slightly.

“I have basically come to understand it.

For this person, if we do not go and aggravate him, he won’t actually interfere in our matters on his own accord.

His mind is really not set on helping Changli Mountain to expand its territory at all.

Changli Mountain indeed cannot order him around.”

“Only if someone took the initiative and launched an attack on Changli Mountain might he move to assist them due to the ties between them.”

“My Soul Shocking Island has never provoked him before, and also does not share the irreconcilable tensions that the Evil Shifting Sect and the Blood Dragon Sect have with Changli Mountain.”

“Does this person truly mind the fight between Good and Evil I think not.

At the very least, even if he wants to act, he only ever does so with those whom he has had conflicts with before, such as the Evil Shifting Sect or your Brilliant Thunder Sect.

If Dragon Slayer Zhao does not bother him, he should not be interested in the Dragon Slayer Sect at all.”

Liu Shuo looked at Geng Hui, “Since that is so, why do we have to go provoke him”

“Of course, these treasures within the dragon tomb should still be fought for.

The heaven’s fortunes go to the fated.

However, if you want to try to surround and kill him, you should just forget about it.”

He paused slightly for a moment before continuing, “You can try asking Dragon Slayer Zhao, and he might be successfully persuaded by you.

Still, this wouldn’t be because of the interdependence between your sects or whatnot.

Instead, it would be because his position as the number one expert of the Vast Ocean World has already been shaken by Yan Zhaoge.”

“Dragon Slayer Zhao has always been an arrogant person.

Thus, he’s definitely feeling unresigned.”

Geng Hui shook his head, “If you’re speaking like this, there’s indeed no further need for discussion between us anymore.

You’d better not regret this in the future.”

Before his words had landed, a voice resounded from someplace that seemed incomparably distant whilst also right by their ears, “There’s no need to wait for next time.

Let’s just get this settled now.”

Liu Shuo’s and Geng Hui’s expressions both changed slightly.

They had actually not detected his presence earlier even though he had been so close to them.

Amidst the illusory scenes within space, a yellow dragon broke through the air, appearing before Geng Hui and Liu Shuo.

On the back of the yellow dragon stood a group of people, the youth at their head garbed in white clothes with a black-bordered blue robe as he looked smilingly at Geng Hui.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge first smiled towards Liu Shuo before turning to look at Geng Hui.

Geng Hui’s expression was livid.

The Chief of Changli Mountain, Gao Tianzhong, leapt off the back of the yellow dragon, facing off against Geng Hui.

Of the top ten Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters of the Vast Ocean World, Geng Hui was ranked first, while Gao Tianzhong was the one ranked second.

As the two had not directly clashed before, Gao Tianzhong naturally had his own thoughts regarding this ranking.

Moreover, having entered the dragon tomb this time, while he was travelling alongside Yan Zhaoge, he couldn’t just rely on Yan Zhaoge for everything.

On one hand, Yan Zhaoge wouldn’t let others take advantage of him so easily.

On the other, he also didn’t want it to seem as though Changli Mountain was subordinate to Yan Zhaoge.

He had originally intended to deal with Geng Hui while Yan Zhaoge dealt with the Sacred Artifact-wielding Liu Shuo.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge waved his hands towards Gao Tianzhong, “Island Chief Liu doesn’t want to fight Well then, let us meet again.

Still, this ‘Crimson Thunder King’ should remain here.”

As Liu Shuo hesitated slightly, Yan Zhaoge had already made his move.

The Northern Ocean Clone moved, transforming into an acute wind as he was before Geng Hui in an instant!

Geng Hui roared in rage, the Nine Heavens Blazing Thunder Avatar manifesting which blocked before him, meeting the Northern Ocean Clone.

Meanwhile, he himself fled without even taking a single look back!

While he had already been resolute enough, the speed of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was such that as his figure bobbed and rose, it was like the great roc leaving the sea, soaring through the nine heavens.

He instantly passed by Geng Hui’s Nine Heavens Blazing Thunder Avatar, arriving beside Geng Hui himself.

Geng Hui grit his teeth and interlocked his fists, releasing crimson thunderbolts which blazed like flames, fiery and tough to the extreme as they seemed even more violent than normal thunderbolts.

The Northern Ocean Clone punched outwards, dissipating the crimson thunderbolts.

His movements were obstructed as he halted slightly.

However, he instantly advanced once more, drawing the final distance between him and Geng Hui before elbowing straight towards Geng Hui’s chest!

Geng Hui’s Nine Heavens Blazing Thunder Avatar now tried to assault the Northern Ocean Clone from behind.

However, a green dragon roared as it shot out from Yan Zhaoge’s sleeve, locking down the Nine Heavens Blazing Thunder Avatar.


The Northern Ocean Clone’s elbow pierced straight where Geng Hui’s heart was like a great spear.

Geng Hui was indeed extraordinary as despite having received a blow from a Martial Saint to his vitals, he still did not die and even possessed the strength to counterattack.

His eyeballs seemingly on the verge of imploding, he punched towards the Northern Ocean Clone’s temple from both sides!

“Even if I die, I want to heavily injure your Martial Saint clone.

Without this clone, you will thereon have to live like a scurrying rat!”

Amidst his roars, the purple light of thunder lit up above Geng Hui’s head as an orb flickered, emitting infinite thunderbolts.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instead rejoiced, “Ha, it’s indeed here.”

Facing Geng Hui’s final desperate struggle, Yan Zhaoge was not flustered or panicked in the least.

Thunder light flickered within his right eye as well before a purple orb also flew out of it, being much greater than Geng Hui’s thunder orb in size!

Geng Hui’s thunder orb shook before directly shooting towards Yan Zhaoge’s orb like a bird returning to its nest, next merging together with it!


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