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HSSB567: Superior to in the past!


Having obtained a complete true dragon’s corpse in the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint in the past, its value had already led to countless sighs of admiration.

The dragons that had appeared before Yan Zhaoge now possessed a value that was immense to an inestimable extent.

Just thinking about it, one’s head would grow numb.

However, as soon as they thought about how so many dragons had met their ends here, after their initial surprise, the enthusiasm in everyone’s hearts began to cool as a chill began running down their backs.

Even someone like Fu Enshu who usually appeared fearless had an incomparably solemn expression appear on her face.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept over, “After the previous few times, a significant amount of the spiritual qi contained here has actually already been depleted.

However, if all of it erupts, the Vast Ocean World would probably immediately face another world-exterminating tribulation.”

The Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze flickered as he looked towards the centre of the coiling dragons.

There, an authoritative-looking old man was standing in mid-air.

Having arrived in the ancient, cold abyss, the yellow dragon was already unable to remain concealed.

That old man discovered Yan Zhaoge and the others as well.

After seeing the Northern Ocean Clone, the originally stern expression of the old man grew even colder.

It was ‘Slaying Seven Seas’ Zhao Zhong, the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect of the Six Evil Sects, he who had been acclaimed as the number one expert of the Vast Ocean World before Yan Zhaoge had appeared in this world.

Solemnly appraising Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone, Zhao Zhong then slowly nodded, “You are deserving of your reputation.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm, “You sure arrived quickly.”

“It is not for no reason that our sect is named the Dragon Slayer Sect,” Zhao Zhong’s voice resembled a sharp sabre as it broke through the numerous cold layers of air at the bottom of the deep abyss, “Whereas you-is it because you were already prepared originally or because you obtained something from killing Lin Qiancheng”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “None of this is any important now.”

Zhao Zhong nodded, “It is indeed not important.”

Saying thus, he formed a sabre with his palm before chopping downwards.

No sabre-blade, no sabre-qi, no sabre-light could be seen as it was completely undetectable, but a long crimson dragon down below had already been decapitated!

Just before it happened, the already dead red dragon had seemed to sense danger as its body had moved as if it had come alive once more.

However, after Zhao Zhong’s sabre had descended, the red dragon completely lost all signs of life.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows as Zhao Zhong said mildly, “This old man is different from all of you.

This old man came here to slay dragons.

While they are all corpses, their bodies are preserved extremely well.

Through the accumulation of many, it can still serve a great effect.”

Of course it would still serve a great effect.

There being so many dragons here, even though they were all dead, if he slew all of them, it would be more than enough for him to immediately ascend to the World beyond Worlds.

Moreover, it could be accomplished with relative ease as well.

If all of these dragons were still alive, not even having to use their claws, just a bit of saliva from each of them alone would be sufficient to drown him dead.

This was really the blessed land amongst blessed lands for Zhao Zhong.

While others would still have to think of a way to bring the treasures out of here, he could accomplish his aims merely by remaining where he was.

“Ha, dragon slayer entering the dragon tomb.

How interesting,” Yan Zhaoge laughed, the Northern Ocean Clone having already shot out from beside him.

His fist resembled a spear as it was instantly before Zhao Zhong.

Zhao Zhong remained where he was as he simply chopped out with a sabre.

The clash between the Northern Ocean Divine Spear and the Seven Seas Dragon Slaying Sabre directly dispersed all the surrounding cold qi of the deep abyss.

The two Martial Saint experts instantly exchanged more than ten blows, each of them extremely perilous!

Fresh blood spurted within the air as a sabre-wound had appeared around the waist of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone following the exchange, fresh blood unceasingly flowing out of it.

Wanting to stem the bleeding with the powerful fleshly body of a Martial Saint, he was actually unable to do so at once as a terrifying sabre-intent continued rampaging about the wound.

Meanwhile, Zhao Zhong’s shoulder had been directly pierced through, a vast bloody patchwork of flesh and blood being visible within.

If he had not evaded in time, it would have been his heart that had been pierced through by the spear.

Their martial arts were both extremely tough and ferocious with their styles violent and tyrannical such that life and death could be decided in a matter of blows, just a mere few blows already being greatly remarkable and awe-inspiring.

This was still the first time the Northern Ocean Clone had received such a grave injury ever since Yan Zhaoge had refined this Martial Saint clone.

Zhao Zhong felt even more shocked.

While he had never actually clashed with the Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun before, consolidating the various rumours of his performance and achievements in battle, he was confident that he had already surpassed that predecessor, possessing a greater strength than him.

Who knew that after having been refined as Yan Zhaoge’s clone, the strength of this Martial Saint mortal shell had actually surpassed how it had been in life.

Also, consolidating the previous performances of the Northern Ocean Clone in the Deep Sea Pavilion and the Star Shifting Sea, having been away from worldly eyes for a time, his strength had actually increased yet further.

Zhao Zhong looked solemnly at Yan Zhaoge in the distance.

If anyone were to dare to say now that Yan Zhaoge was merely relying on his Martial Saint clone to be arrogant, he, Zhao Zhong, would immediately give them a few tight slaps on the face!

What caused Zhao Zhong to feel even more dispirited was the fact that he knew that Yan Zhaoge’s strength was not merely limited to the Northern Ocean Clone.

These might not threaten his life under normal circumstances.

However, when he was clashing with the Northern Ocean Clone, all of these might anytime be fatal.

Moreover, who knew if Yan Zhaoge had successfully refined the Sacred Artifact, the Nine Dragon Fingers, for his own use

At this point, Zhao Zhong’s gaze grew focused as a black light flickered within his palm, a sabre appearing which overflowed with spiritual light.

It was clearly an extremely elite high-grade spirit artifact.

While it was not a Sacred Artifact, being in the hands of the Martial Saint Zhao Zhong, his strength instantly surged madly as the Northern Ocean Clone could not help but avoid its sharpness as well.

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips.

He did not have any high-grade spirit artifact spears.

However, it was not like he had no way around it.

After evading Zhao Zhong’s sabre, the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly descended, lunging towards the numerous dragons down below.

Zhao Zhong did not believe that this was merely Yan Zhaoge avoiding him.

Indeed, he saw the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly reach out with both hands to grab and capture a long white dragon.

That dragon’s spirituality had yet to fade as its authority still remained.

While it wanted to move, it was caught by the Northern Ocean Clone who infused the true intent of his spear within.

The dragon’s body instantly grew stiff and ramrod straight.

The Northern Ocean Clone roared, using this dragon body as a spear as he sent an incomparably mighty stab over towards Zhao Zhong’s chest!

Facing this, Zhao Zhong did not retreat.

Even Martial Saints could not instantly forge a high-grade spirit artifact.

While dragon bodies were strong, and this one was also completely controlled by the Northern Ocean Clone’s martial true intent, it still wasn’t comparable to a true high-grade spirit artifact at the end of the day.

If the opponent was a Martial Grandmaster who was wielding a high-grade spirit artifact, it might have been different.

Still, Zhao Zhong being a Martial Saint, he naturally did not fear it.

The two resumed their battle of spear and sabre.

Zhao Zhong possessed a slight advantage, but was still unable to swiftly slay the Northern Ocean Clone no matter what.

After all, he feared the Nine Dragon Fingers that was yet to appear, not wanting to be dragged down into death together with his opponent.

Just like this, Zhao Zhong was unable to approach the numerous dragons of the deep abyss.

Just as the two were clashing, yet more people arrived within the ancient, cold abyss.

They were the Chief of Water Crystal Palace Lin Shi and the Chief of Soul Shocking Island, Liu Shuo.

The two scanned the battle situation and exchanged glances.

They hesitated in silence for a moment before, as if by tacit agreement, both not interfering as they just shot towards the numerous dragons down below.

Amidst their movements, they paid close attention to what Yan Zhaoge was doing.

After all, they had yet to see the Nine Dragon Fingers make an appearance.

However, even if Yan Zhaoge could wield the Nine Dragon Fingers, it would be impossible if he wanted to obstruct the two of them at once.

Gao Tianzhong and the others descended towards the numerous dragons as well.

The situation before their eyes was clearly the splitting up of the pie.

How much everyone could obtain would depend on their own capabilities.

Looking at all this, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was distant.

He ignored the battle between the Northern Ocean Clone and Zhao Zhong as well as Lin Shi and Liu Shuo who were shooting towards the numerous dragons, instead descending towards another direction all on his own.


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