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HSSB568: Obtaining the Sacred Artifact!


As Yan Zhaoge descended elsewhere, everyone was taken aback for a moment.

Everyone instinctively felt that there must be something wrong for him to be acting so abnormally.

Zhao Zhong wanted to come over, but was obstructed by the Northern Ocean Clone.

The Chief of Water Crystal Palace Lin Shi and the Chief of Soul Shocking Island Liu Shuo hesitated slightly, finally deciding not to act.

Whoever made a move this time might have to face the Nine Dragon Fingers, thus benefiting others.

They hesitated slightly before ignoring Yan Zhaoge completely, instead beginning to grab one dragon corpse after another from the deep abyss.

Yan Zhaoge descended into the bottom of the abyss, moving unceasingly.

Finally, he arrived at a corner of the abyss and searched for a while before actually rising upwards once more, as if wanting to leave the place.

The Northern Ocean Clone remained locked in combat with Zhao Zhong, but his body was gradually rising upwards unceasingly.

Everyone felt greatly bemused by this.

Yan Zhaoge ignored them all, continuing upwards.

“…It’s here!”

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up.

He pushed his left hand into a region of space, as if feeling for something up above.

His right hand continuously drew numerous spirit patterns in mid-air, finally condensing into several strange spirit diagrams which were profound and graceful.

These spirit diagrams had all been viewed by Yan Zhaoge in the old residence of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint back in the Eight Extremities World that year.

While he had not analysed them deeply before, he had remembered most of them.

This true essence transformed into bits of frost which merged within space before beginning to glow with radiance.

The next moment, a powerful will appeared within the ancient, cold abyss, as though awakening from a deep slumber.

The faces of Zhao Zhong, Lin Shi, Liu Shuo and the others all changed.

They raised their heads together, watching as the space before Yan Zhaoge broke apart, a great door seemingly opening that led from some unknown land.

A figure surfaced from within.

It was a dry corpse, wearing light armour that flickered with an ice-blue lustre.

That powerful aura was emanating precisely from that light armour!

It was clearly also a Sacred Artifact!

Zhao Zhong and the others nearly vomited blood, “Where did this Sacred Artifact come from It was completely undetectable earlier.

How did that Yan Zhaoge know that it was there”

Looking at the dry corpse, Yan Zhaoge sighed emotionally, “After so many years, it is still dust to dust and ashes to ashes at the end of the day.

This Yan will be benefiting from senior’s grace this very day.

Please do not blame me for it.”

The Vast Ocean World martial practitioners were all unable to recognise this dry corpse and the Sacred Artifact on him.

Still, Fu Enshu recognised, “Glacial Dragon Martial Saint Imperious Cold Martial Armour”

The dry corpse was shockingly the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint who had come over from the Eight Extremities World yet perished here in his attempt to gain the treasures of the dragon tomb.

While he had been at the second level of the Martial Saint realm in the past, his cultivation base surpassing that of the Northern Ocean Martial Saint Zhuang Kun, with so much time having passed and him also not cultivating in the unique kind of martial art that Zhuang Kun cultivated in, his mortal shell had already completely deteriorated to the point of decay by now.

Even despite the powerful qi and blood of Martial Saint experts, beneath the gradual weathering of time, it would still be dust to dust and ashes to ashes at the end of the day.

Still, it was precisely also because the qi and blood of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint had dispersed that the Imperious Cold Martial Armour that he had been wearing had been nourished as a result.

At the current moment, its glory still shone bright!

Yan Zhaoge laughed.

With a wave of his hand, the Northern Ocean Clone directly shattered the dragon corpse in his hands, shaking off Zhao Zhong as he returned over by his side.

Zhao Zhong was greatly panicked as he wanted to give chase.

Even Lin Shi and Liu Shuo were frowning down below, ceasing in their collection of the dragon corpses as they exhibited the intention of coming up.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Everyone, I won’t be polite.”

He opened his Shadow Shrinking Pouch, an illusory palace flying out from within.

The core of the palace consisted only of a pillar and a beam.

However, nine dragons of light coiled as they seemed to have taken the form of pillars, supporting this palace together.

Seeing those nine dragons of light, Zhao Zhong’s pupils dilated slightly, “They’re transformed of the Nine Dragon Fingers”

This palace obstructed Zhao Zhong’s path while the Northern Ocean Clone shot beside the corpse of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, bowing once before slicing his skin with his finger like a sharp blade.

Guided by the true essence of the Northern Ocean Clone, a few ice-blue droplets which were crystalline in appearance actually flowed out from the dry corpse.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand, refining one of these droplets.

The Northern Ocean Clone also spread his palm wide, collecting the remaining droplets within his palm and refining it with his true essence.

The next moment, countless ice-blue spirit patterns continuously flickered within the pupils of Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone.

“Imperious Ocean Cold Dragon Art, what a supreme martial art,” Yan Zhaoge emitted a long roar, ice-blue dragon silhouettes flickering above his head.

The Northern Ocean Clone extended his arms, drawing that Imperious Cold Martial Armour over onto his body.

He unleashed his true martial intent to the utmost, a scene of light flickering above his head.

Other than the sinking and rising of the great roc, the soaring of an ice dragon could vaguely be seen as well.

“It is only an initial refinement, and its strength might not be able to be unleashed completely.

Still, it is sufficient for now.”

The Northern Ocean Clone roared before turning back, shooting towards the Chief of the Dragon Slayer Sect Zhao Zhong at lightning speed!

Zhao Zhong parried the incoming Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

Before he had the time to exert strength and counterattack, the roar of a dragon suddenly resounded from opposite him as a roaring ice dragon suddenly shot out.

Facing the sabre-intent of the Seven Seas Dragon Slaying Sabre, this ice dragon was exceptionally violent as if its reverse scale had been touched.

The majestic force assaulted towards Zhao Zhong along with the Northern Ocean Divine Spear, pressuring Zhao Zhong into continuous retreat.

While the strength of the Northern Ocean Clone and the Imperious Cold Martial Armour had not been fully integrated and combined, both of them were already sufficiently powerful!

Zhao Zhong’s expression was livid, his viciousness surging as he wanted to fight with the Northern Ocean Clone to the death.

However, that illusory palace had already descended, enveloping Zhao Zhong whose movements instantly came to a temporal halt.

The Northern Ocean Clone exerted strength once more, this time directly shattering the sabre that Zhao Zhong was holding!

The roaring ice dragon lunged towards the old wound on Zhao Zhong’s shoulder.

Zhao Zhong gave a muffled groan as his entire arm was forcibly twisted apart!

Zhao Zhong dared not linger any further as he roared madly, shooting upwards as he wanted to flee from the deep abyss.

After having defeated Zhao Zhong, the Northern Ocean Clone did not pursue him as wearing the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, he descended from the sky along with that palace, coming amidst the numerous dragons.

Gao Tianzhong and the others all stared, never having thought that things might actually end up like this!

In their eyes, Yan Zhaoge’s figure was already no longer profound and indiscernible but inexplicable and terrifying!

Lin Shi and Liu Shuo both felt a bitter taste in their mouths.

The two of them had not discussed it beforehand, but the two experts of Good and Evil instinctively made a move at the same time, joining hands for the first and perhaps only time in their lives.

Lin Shi’s palms interlocked as the Heaven Shocking Change of the Six Dragon Changes was executed, a dragon roaring amidst the nine heavens as some of the dragons present were vaguely brought into raising their heads together with this as well.

A massive black box suddenly appeared behind Liu Shuo.

As the mechanism activated, numerous black sabre-lights shot out from within, the power of the Soul Shocking Box shocking one’s soul along with the unleashing of Soul Shocking Island’s supreme martial art, the Soul Shocking Fourteen Strikes.

The Northern Ocean Clone remained fearless as garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, he spread his arms apart, blocking Lin Shi and Liu Shuo together.

Meanwhile, that illusory palace did not halt in the least as after having descended amongst the numerous dragons, the entire ancient, cold abyss seemed to be shaking together with it as well.

In an instant, an incalculable amount of dragon corpses launched themselves towards that palace like a hundred rivers flowing into the sea.

This rate of acquisition was far higher than that of Liu Shuo and the others combined!

Everyone’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as they stared incredulously at this scene.


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