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HSSB57: What the public loves to hear

Lin Yuque leaving her seclusion, was something that Yan Zhaoge had already known about.

That Lin Yuque was coming to the Eastern Tang; this was also something that Yan Zhaoge knew about.

Even though this leftover remnant of his body’s previous owner had caused some trickiness for him in the past, Yan Zhaoge had never thought too much of it.

As for the reason she had come—regardless of whether it was to find out the truth of Ye Jing’s disappearance or to see Yan Zhaoge—it was not that important.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge had never expected that Lin Yuque would actually perish.

And what’s more, it wasn’t some accidental mishap that caused her death.

Some people had specifically set out to kill her.

Yan Zhaoge was stunned for a long time before regaining his wits: “It wasn’t Xiao Shen or Chao Yuanlong, was it”

This was his first reaction after hearing the news of Lin Yuque’s death, but the black clothed men that had reported back didn’t make any mention of the Sacred Sun Clan, so it couldn’t be the case.

“…she met up with some fleeing expelled disciples”

Even though this seemed a bit absurd, other than Xiao Shen, it was the only plausible culprit that Yan Zhaoge could think of.

Because, as far as Yan Zhaoge was aware, Lin Yuque didn’t have any blood enemies, or at least no one that had such irreconcilable life and death enmity.

Even if it was an enemy of Yan Zhaoge that was trying to vent their hatred on Lin Yuque, there weren’t too many suspects other than the Sacred Sun Clan.

On the other hand, in the area around the Sealing Dragon Abyss, many adventurers passed through.

Out of all these adventurers, there were naturally some who were less than savory characters and were quite bloodthirsty.

Even though Lin Yuque was a Broad Creed Mountain disciple, it was possible that she might have met up with that sort of violent and carefree person that dared to kill a Sacred Ground disciple.

In this type of situation, one could only rely on their own cultivation and abilities.

That black-clothed messenger shook his head and quietly said: “From our reports, it seemed like Lady Lin’s clothes were made orderly after she was killed, and it didn’t look like she was violated in any way.”

Yan Zhaoge slowly knotted his eyebrows together, as he began to form an idea of what could have happened.

Even though she had a deep relationship with his body’s previous owner, the present Yan Zhaoge had actually never laid eyes on this Lady Lin.

He didn’t feel any deep sorrow over her death, but did feel a strong sense of pity.

After all, such a young person had perished so prematurely.

There was a long pause, then Yan Zhaoge sighed.

“Let’s deal with it once we get back.”

The group slowly progressed forwards, until they finally emerged on the outside of the Luliao Mountains.

After passing out of the last canyon and heading out on the road towards Overlooking Abyss City, they came face to face with another group of cultivators from Broad Creed Mountain.

Upon seeing Yan Zhaoge, their leader couldn’t help but have a strange expression.

“Martial nephew Yan.”

Yan Zhaoge recognized him as one of Xu Chaun’s subordinates, nodding: “Is there some issue ”

The man lowered his voice: “Elder Xu requested that you don’t enter the city yet, and to meet him in a pavilion ten kilometers outside the city borders.”

Yan Zhaoge stayed calm: “There is no need.

I’ll trouble you to ask Elder Xu to come her directly and meet me.

We can discuss matters as we walk—I have an urgent matter I need to attend  to in the Eastern Tang capital.”

The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment, before nodding his head and departing.

Yan Zhaoge looked off into the distance, only to see someone observing him departing the Luliao Mountain range from far away.

Immediately, the far away observer fled.

It was obvious that this observer was reporting news of his whereabouts back to some other party.

Yan Zhaoge did nothing to obstruct him, and continued to make his way towards his destination.

People like Zhao Shilie, and Zhao Yuan were members of the Eastern Tang royal family.

That status made it so that it would be difficult to hid any matters in the Eastern Tang from them if they wanted to know.

After sending out some people to do recon, they quickly came back to report.

After a while, there was a group of people assembled, all of whom bore a unique expression.

On the other hand, Zhao Hao stood unconcernedly to the side, seemingly unfazed by anything.

Very quickly, an extremely worried Xu Chuan personally came from Overlooking Abyss City to meet Yan Zhaoge’s group.

“Martial nephew Yan has returned, along with Prince Jin, First Prince, Third Prince, Sixteenth Prince.”

Xu Chuan immediately started off with the formal pleasantries, but quickly followed up with a sound transmission to Yan Zhaoge: “Junior Yan, martial niece Lin Yuque has come to great harm.

Have you heard”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze rippled momentarily, before putting on a sad expression and slowly nodding his head: “I’ve already heard, but don’t know who did this heinous deed”

Xu Chuan’s expression seemed slightly bitter: “There were some rumors that spread, that it was actually Junior Yan yourself…”

Yan Zhaoge’s eyebrows immediately knotted together: “How could that possibly be the case Who’s spreading this nonsense”

“There’s a rumor that your affection for her had dulled because of her long period of seclusion.” Xu Chuan was a craft old fox.

This rumor was even more intolerable, since it suggested that Yan Zhaoge was just playing with Lin Yuque.

Naturally, Xu Chaun didn’t dare to directly say this to Yan Zhaoge.

“The rumor also says that you became enamored with fellow disciple Sikong Qing.”

Yan Zhaoge was incredulous: “I somehow left this type of impression on people”

Xu Chuan shot a glance behind Yan Zhaoge, examining Feng Yunsheng, who was currently teasing the black puppy.

Yan Zhaoge immediately put his hand to his forehead.

Xu Chuan didn’t dare to keep provoking him, and drily continued: “The rumor says that martial niece Lin heard about your relationship with martial niece Sikong, and that was the entire reason that she set out for the Eastern Tang in the first place.”

“After meeting, the two of you got into a dispute.

Feeling vexed with martial niece Lin, you decided to…”

Xu Chuan couldn’t bear to continue, because Yan Zhaoge’s expression had already become as black as a pot’s bottom.

Yan Zhaoge humorlessly spoke: “This sort of baseless and ridiculous rumor, people believe it”

Xu Chuan let out a bitter laugh: “It’s only that according to the rumor, Martial Niece Lin died under a strike from the Doulu Palm.”

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils suddenly shrank: “The Doulu Palm”

Xu Chuan nodded heavily: “The corpse was first discovered by subordinates of Yan Xu, and is still in their possession at this time.

For the time being, it will be difficult to get close to inspect the body.”

“However, according to the rumors, her stomach was split open by an enormous wound, and her flesh and blood were entirely scorched.

This had to have been from a martial artist with a flame attribute.”

“But at this time, there’s been news disseminated that Lin Yuque died by the Doulu Palm.”

Xu Chuan observed Yan Zhaoge with some concern.

Of the martial artists that could use the Doulu Palm, Yan Zhaoge was obviously not the only one.

Even in the Eastern Tang, he was not the only one.

However, among them, Yan Zhaoge was the only one was a possible motive.

Even though that motive was seemingly nonsense, it was a disappointing truth that this kind of juicy gossip about a lover’s feud was exactly the type of rumor that was most likely to be spread.

Under the scrutiny of the masses, it was inevitable that Yan Zhaoge’s image would seriously suffer.

If it was just gossip about Yan Zhaoge’s affections, that would be alright.

After all, everyone loves stories about the hero seeking the heart of a beautiful maiden.

However, this matter of illicit love and murder was a totally different beast altogether.

Especially this kind of rumor, even if it was cleared up later, people might not believe it.

Yan Zhaoge squinted his eyes.

The people purposely spreading this rumor might not just want to destroy his reputation, and might be planning something even bigger.

Yan Zhaoge had the vague feeling that was some kind of trap…

After considering for a moment, Yan Zhaoge shook his head: “The death of martial sister Lin really had nothing to with me.

Naturally, we will have to closely investigate the identity of the true killer.”

“However, I have some urgent matters that I need to attend to in the Eastern Tang capital which are relevant to the very foundation of our Broad Creed Mountain.

I too am sorely saddened by the death of martial sister Lin, but I can only put this matter first for the moment and mourn later.”

“The Heavenly Eastern Region Elder is also hurrying to the capital, and I have to meet him there.”

Xu Chuan stared blankly.

Originally, he had thought that Yan Zhaoge was just trying to avoid the issue, but seeing as the Heavenly Eastern Region Elder was also coming, it seemed that there was actually an important issue at hand.

Xu Chuan wavered, then said: “Elder Yan is at Overlooking Abyss City and gave the order that as soon as we saw you, we should bring you back to meet him.

Martial niece Lin’s body is also within the city.”

Yan Zhaoge twitched his mouth: “As people get older, they tend to become forgetful.

It looks like he’s forgotten that right now, I don’t have to follow his orders.”

“If he has some business with me, then he can accompany me on my way to the Eastern Tang capital.”


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