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HSSB570: I’m back!


Eight Extremities World, Sacred Sun Clan, World Illuminating Peak.

The current Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, Huang Xu, sat on the main seat of the great hall with several people lined up in two rows on either side of him, all being the Sacred Sun Clan’s current coremost higher echelon experts.

It was just that following the previous consecutive great battles, the Sacred Sun Clan had suffered tragic losses as the Seven Reigning Suns had all had to be replaced.

Of the four Transcending Mortality Grand Elders of the clan, Pan Botai and Meng Feng had both perished.

Only two of them still remained.

Currently seated here now, their expressions were all grave.

The current global situation of the Eight Extremities World was more beneficial to the Sacred Sun Clan as compared to before the great battles of the East Sea and the Earth Domain had simultaneously erupted.

Broad Creed Mountain, Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain who were in opposition to them had suffered even more tragic losses.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan did not have it easy.

No one could forget that within the Seal of the East Sea was a terrifying person who, just having entered the Martial Saint realm, could already suppress Huang Guanglie and Old Man Mo who were at the second level of the Martial Saint realm as he was invincible within the current Eight Extremities World.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Yuan Zhengfeng, be he dead or merely missing, should not be appearing again in the near future.

However, as long as that person who was dubbed Yan Wudi returned from the East Sea, things would immediately be terrible for the Sacred Sun Clan.

If he advanced further and stepped into the second level of the Martial Saint realm, the Sacred Sun Clan would immediately face a life-threatening crisis as their number one expert, Huang Guanglie, would not be able to stand against him even if he himself stepped into the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

Moreover, apart from Yan Di and Huang Guanglie, there were still others within the Seal of the East Sea.

Even if the Painting Saint Old Man Mo stood aside and did nothing, the City Lord of Jade Sea City Song Wuliang and his Sacred Artifact, the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword, would not let the Sacred Sun Clan have it easy as well.

As long as this problem was not resolved, it was destined that they of the Sacred Sun Clan would not be able to rest in peace.

A Grand Elder said in a heavy tone, “Is there still no plan for the seal over at the East Sea”

Huang Xu shook his head, “The seal was jointly established by the current four strongest people of the Eight Extremities World, and the formation is abstruse and indiscernible as well.

It is difficult to think of a way to deal with it.”

Everyone here fell silent.

While Huang Xu had not spoken especially clearly, everyone here understood the situation.

The so-called deal with it was devising a way to bury Yan Di, Song Wuliang and the others completely within the East Sea forever.

If they could get Huang Guanglie to emerge solitarily, it would naturally be the best case scenario.

If they could not, however…

Everyone looked downwards at their feet.

Be it from an emotional perspective or in terms of the strength of the Sacred Sun Clan itself, Huang Guanglie was extremely important.

However, if they could sacrifice Huang Guanglie to take down both Yan Di and Song Wuliang with him, looking purely at benefit and detriment, that would not be so much of an unacceptable result.

Otherwise, however they might resist Yan Di would already be an unsalvageable dead knot.

It would matter not even if Huang Guanglie lived.

If Huang Guanglie could solitarily emerge and return, the Sacred Sun Clan would immediately be able to rampantly sweep through the current Eight Extremities World.

It was just that they also had to plan for the worst case scenario.

Wresting the Heaven Cleaving Axe and fighting hard for the Extreme Yin Crown had also been in preparation for this.

Now, however, just being unable to find a way to deal with the Seal of the East Sea, the problem had descended into a stalemate.

The glorious ending that the Sacred Sun Clan had envisioned was merely drawing castles in the air.

“It seems like we can only use that final method,” Huang Xu swivelled his head to look at Huang Jie, “Contact the expert from the Radiant Light Sect then.”

The words having left his mouth, everyone’s faces turned a little gloomy.

While having managed to establish a relationship with a great power of the World beyond Worlds had been beneficial to them, the other side was testing them as well.

This being equivalent to admitting their incompetence, would they still make a move Even if they did, their impression of them should then be extremely terrible.

Rather than answering, Huang Xu asked, “Is it confirmed that we are unable to find that treasure which was originally used to seal the crevice to the Nine Underworlds in the Earth Domain If we had that treasure, there would be a method open to us.”

“These past few months, we have searched over virtually the entire Earth Domain yet found no traces of it at all,” Huang Xu shook his head, “Shen Li, Yan Zhaoge, and if Yuan Zhengfeng is not dead, then him as well.

One of them must have it.”

“It should not be Shen Li.

If it is that Yan Zhaoge, it was most likely brought into the Seal of the East Sea as well, and nothing more need be said about that.

Yuan Zhengfeng having gone missing, we similarly wouldn’t be able to find it from it.”

Hearing this, Huang Jie fell silent, saying after a while, “Then, there is only that final method which is available to us.”

An Elder said hesitantly from the side, “Will the other party be willing to accommodate us”

“As you say, Huang Jie, if people from the World beyond Worlds below the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm are to descend, if they are not protected by any unique treasures, they wouldn’t be able to ascend following that, having to cultivate to the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm in our Eight Extremities World before being able to ascend on their own.”

“For experts above the third level of the Martial Saint realm, after they have descended, their strength will be suppressed to that level as their foundations might possibly be affected as well.”

“Evil Devils wouldn’t care about this, but normal people might.”

Huang Jie shook his head in response, saying calmly, “The supreme treasure that went missing in the Earth Domain should interest them.

With this, they would come down on their own accord.

Still, in searching for the treasures, they would naturally have to take care of our problems for us as well.”

Hearing this, the people of the Sacred Sun Clan all looked to be deep in thought as Huang Jie continued, “It is just that like this, if that supreme treasure is found, it will definitely belong to them and not our Sacred Sun Clan.”

“As long as we are able to take care of our enemy, achieving our goals, I mind not what method we use or what strength we borrow.”

Huang Jie’s expression was calm, “The reason why I viewed this as the final method is because it would be too detrimental to us.

Previously, we did not report on the treasure that we found in the Eight Extremities World.

Now, we will be hard pressed to conceal that we withheld that fact.”

“However, since we currently have no other way with which to resolve the threat of Yan Di and the others, considering the lesser of the two detriments, reporting this to the Radiant Light Sect would be the best option available to us.”

“Having taken care of Yan Di and Song Wuliang, with Grandfather safely returning, our Sacred Sun Clan would rule over the Eight Extremities World as everything else could be slowly worked upon.”

Everyone nodded, with Huang Xu saying to Huang Jie, “Do it freely then.”

Huang Jie broke the skin on his wrist, fresh blood flowing as golden light flashed.

A pillar of light enveloped Huang Jie’s entire body.

The crimson blood on his wrist turned pure gold before condensing into a golden lamp.

Not halting in his movements, Huang Jie raised the lamp light which expanded as it transformed into a spiritual light that connected to the heavens, penetrating through the great hall and shooting straight above the nine heavens as it seemed to have reached some unknown land of a higher plane.

“Light is eternal, the heavens and earth are immeasurable.”

As Huang Jie lit up the golden lamp, it was different from Huang Guanglie and Huang Xu previously.

A will suddenly emanated from that unknown land, its power unprecedented in the eyes of they of the Sacred Sun Clan as be it Huang Guanglie or their past number one expert Zhang Chao, the Purple Sun Martial Saint, they were both vastly inferior to it.

Huang Jie said calmly, “This disciple is panicked at interrupting Master’s tranquil cultivation.”


Similarly in the Eight Extremities World, in the Outer North Sea, amidst the depths of the great, boundless ocean, there existed an oceanic gorge.

Within the oceanic gorge was the darkness of a deep abyss which was extremely cold as no lifeforms were active within.

One day, however, the waters in the depths of the oceanic gorge suddenly shook intensely.

A streak of light flickered into existence within the oceanic gorge, traversing past a great amount of water before shooting straight out of the sea’s surface.

The light dissipated as the figures of Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu were revealed.

Feeling the spiritual qi pulse of the surrounding heavens and earth, Yan Zhaoge exhaled slowly, “We did not go wrong.

Finally, I’m back!”


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