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HSSB571: With my heavenly altar, who amongst Martial Grandmasters can stand against me


On the East Sea, Yan Zhaoge raised his head and looked up at the sky, “Based on the time that elapsed in the Vast Ocean World, two months should have gone by here in the Eight Extremities World.”

“Still, the timeflow in the dragon tomb was fast at times whilst slow at others, chaotic as it was hard to determine.

It would be hard to say when it is currently in the Eight Extremities World.”

Feeling the familiar spiritual qi flow of the heavens and earth here, Fu Enshu too felt emotional.

She said, “This should be the Outer North Sea.

Let’s hurry back to the clan first.

We can pass through the East Sea, where there should be people of Jade Sea City present.

Our clan may have specifically left people there to watch over the seal as well.

From them, we can get familiar with the current situation of the Eight Extremities World and find out whether Yunsheng and Liuhua are safe.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, ‘That’s right.

We should do that.”

The two set off, arriving at the Outer East Sea.

Gazing far into the distance, a mountain peak that flickered with white light could be seen as it rose straight up from the sea, being connected straight to the seabed as its peak rose up above the sea’s surface.

In the air above the mountain peak was a vast, boundless seal that flickered with a gentle radiance.

The current Outer East Sea was already no longer filled with blazing fire and rampaging Flame Devils as it had been back then as all was calm and peaceful within.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu both felt joyful.

All their efforts had not been in vain.

“Father and the others should still need some time before they can emerge from the seal.”

Yan Zhaoge came to this realisation as he visually appraised the seal.

In the vicinity of the seal, they indeed found martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain standing guard.

Along with them were people of Jade Sea City, Turbid Wave Pavilion and the Heavenly Thunder Hall as well.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu who were rumoured to be dead appearing before their eyes, everyone was naturally greatly surprised.

After their initial astonishment, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners were all overjoyed.

Being able to see others of their clan, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu were happy as well.

After the exchanging of greetings, they immediately inquired about the current situation.

After knowing that Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua had made it through safe and sound on the day that the seal had been established and had long since returned safely to their clan, Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu first sighed in relief.

After learning that the Heaven Cleaving Axe had still ended up in the hands of the Sacred Sun Clan at the end of the day, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly before smiling coldly, “It’s fine.

I’ll have them spit it out however they ingested it in.”

He scanned the surroundings, “I don’t see anyone of the Sacred Sun Clan.

What, aren’t they concerned about the safety of their Old Unreasonable Huang”

The Broad Creed Mountain Elder in charge of watching over the area said, “They were still here before this.

They only just left two days ago.”

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows, “Something abnormal like this having happened, there’s definitely more to it than it would seem.

After we’ve returned to the Mountain and settled down, I’ll be making a trip directly to the World Illuminating Peak.”

“Maybe we should wait for Chief to leave the seal first,” Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s big words, that Broad Creed Mountain Elder was left secretly feeling rather speechless.

His face suddenly turned gloomy as he gazed towards those Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners who were currently in the process of gradually retreating, “Zhaoge, after you exited the Earth Domain, before you left for the East Sea, you once said that the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall Shen Li fled in the face of danger, causing control over the situation to be lost as the old Chief was forced to sacrifice himself such that the Nine Underworlds could be sealed.”

“After you had disappeared in the East Sea, your fate unknown, Green Thunder Shen instead refuted this, claiming that it was you who activated the rare treasure in the Earth Domain, thus causing the Nine Underworlds to nearly descend, leading to tragic casualties for the various clans who entered.”

Hearing his words, an infuriated Yan Zhaoge instead laughed, “Oh you’re good, Skinhead Shen.”

This Broad Creed Mountain Elder said in a heavy tone, “Now that you’re back, you can confront him face to face, allowing truth to reign beneath the heavens.”

Yan Zhaoge bared his teeth in a smile, “Confront him Heh, no need for it to be so troublesome.”

His smile caused everyone who saw it to feel a chill within their hearts.

“Senior apprentice-aunt Fu, return to the Mountain first.

I’ll make a trip to the Thunder Domain,” Yan Zhaoge turned and said to Fu Enshu.

The Broad Creed Mountain Elder suddenly thought of something, “Right, Elder Fu, you should return to the Mountain quickly.

There seem to be many contentions within the clan regarding what happened that day when you were assaulted by the Sacred Sun Clan.”

“I heard that the Disciplinary Hall is investigating the matter, and your disciples Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua who were with you back then have also been implicated in this.”

“Being here at the East Sea, this old man does not understand the specifics of this.

Still, since you are alright, everything should be easily resolvable with this.”

Yan Zhaoge and Fu Enshu exchanged glances, the latter nodding, “Alright, I’ll return to the Mountain first then.

Zhaoge, you make a quick trip over to the Thunder Domain and return quickly.”

Hearing Fu Enshu’s words, all the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners present were simultaneously stunned.

Not only had Yan Zhaoge himself spouted such big words, even Fu Enshu held such great confidence in him.

They all felt awestruck as only now did they know that Yan Zhaoge had not been speaking big words.

Carefully appraising him now, they felt him to be increasingly indiscernible the more they looked at him.

He was definitely already no longer a late Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster as he had been back during the great battle of the East Sea in which the seal had been established.

What cultivation level had he attained now then

Early Essence Talisman stage But how could an early Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster be so confident of trespassing onto the World Illuminating Peak, intruding into the Thunder Domain

That wouldn’t be possible even for Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters…

These Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners all felt that they were increasingly unable to see through this youth before them.

Yan Zhaoge took his leave of Fu Enshu, heading alone towards the Thunder Domain.

He ignored the Heavenly Thunder Hall disciples who had just escaped from the Outer East Sea.

After all, while monks could run, their temple couldn’t.

He wasn’t afraid of them sending the news back as well as led by the Northern Ocean Clone, as the various powers on the East Sea were all still busily transmitting the news that he was back, he had already sped past the vast seas and arrived on the mainland, reaching the Thunder Domain.

Arriving near the You Region where the Heavenly Thunder Hall was located, the Northern Ocean Clone’s figure flickered as he then vanished from sight.

Yan Zhaoge himself was calm and composed as his hands behind his back, he walked atop the air, headed leisurely towards the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

While he seemed to be walking at a leisurely pace, he quickly arrived where the thunder clouds were dense in the sky.

Amidst the numerous mountains beneath the thunderclouds was a massive palace that was constructed of a purplish-green metal.

Resembling the palace of a sovereign of thunder, it shocked and intimidated the hearts of those who saw it.

Streaks of dazzling thunder light filled the air, causing this place to resemble a world of thunderbolts as all who dared to trespass within would immediately be reduced to a pile of ash.

However, Yan Zhaoge completely ignored these thunderbolts as he simply said mildly, “Shen Li, will you come out yourself or will I have to drag you out”

His tone was calm and indifferent, but it resembled the tolling of a great bell as it shook the heavens and the earth, directly drowning out the sound of thunder as it reverberated throughout the entire Heavenly Thunder Hall.

A streak of lightning shot out of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, halting beside Yan Zhaoge.

A purple-haired old man materialised, gazing furiously at Yan Zhaoge, “Good, kid, you’re not dead”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “That’s right, I’m fine.

But Shen Li and you people will soon not be.”

The purple-haired old man laughed furiously, “What big words.

Do you think that you are Yan Di”

Before his words had landed, purple light flashed!

One of the two most supreme martial arts of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the fastest sword of the Eight Extremities World, the Divine Sky Lightning Queen’s Sword!

It was a supreme martial art of the sword that was so fast that others would simply not be able to react in time at all!

However, just as the sword-light lit up, Yan Zhaoge had already punched outwards, his fist arriving at an even greater speed before the eyes of the purple-haired old man!

Northern Ocean Divine Spear, Roc Soaring the Nine Heavens!

The old man’s heart trembled and his hairs stood on end as if conducting electricity.

His true essence surged madly as a figure cloaked in electricity manifested behind him.

As soon as the Divine Sky Lightning Queen Avatar appeared, the sword-light of the purple-haired old man increased in speed.

The acupoints of Yan Zhaoge’s entire body pulsed as countless essence talismans flew out from within.

A heavenly altar that resembled a pagoda whilst also an altar enveloped Yan Zhaoge’s entire body.

The purple-haired old man was unable to react in time to the sudden occurrence as his sword-light was immediately extinguished!

The tall, authoritative Divine Sky Lightning Queen Avatar had its chest broken, directly penetrated by Yan Zhaoge’s spear!

Yan Zhaoge’s voice reverberated between the heavens and the earth, “In the current Eight Extremities World, with my heavenly altar, who amongst Martial Grandmasters can stand against me”

“Shen Li, scram out yourself!”


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