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HSSB572: Whoever has defamed or framed me, just drop dead already


That purple-haired old man was a Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, a Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster.

However, facing Yan Zhaoge now, he could only feel as though the sun had been concealed by dark clouds as he wasn’t able to see any light at all.

Yan Zhaoge strode forward within the air.

The purple-haired old man wielded his high-grade spirit artifact, wanting to go all out.

Yan Zhaoge ignored it as he directly raised his palm.

The Divine Sky Lightning Queen’s Sword which seemed faster than even lightning was enveloped by Yan Zhaoge’s palm that seemed able to overturn the heavens and the earth, instantly becoming as slow as a crawling turtle.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended slowly, but in the eyes of that Heavenly Thunder Hall Grand Elder, there was a despairing feeling of not being able to avoid it at all.

It was as though the heavens and earth that he was in were about to collapse completely.

As long as he was situated within, he would be hard pressed to avoid the fate of death!

With even the heavens and the earth not in existence, how could a human survive

Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, the massive power that seemed able to overturn the heavens and the earth directly shattering his opponent’s Divine Sky Lightning Queen Avatar!

A majestic power descended that unstoppably slammed down mightily on the crown of that purple-haired old man’s head!

Yet another streak of light flew out of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

It was their other remaining Grand Elder who had originally come to help out the purple-haired old man.

Upon seeing this scene, however, he was instantly rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

His entire body trembled as he shot back into the Heavenly Thunder Hall at a greater speed than when he had come without so much as a look back.

The next moment, in the air above the Heavenly Thunder Hall, countless spirit patterns condensed, manifesting into a large scale grand formation which enveloped the entire metallic palace.

The guardian grand formation of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Divine Sky Heavenly Thunder Formation, was activated.

Numerous dragons of electricity traversed the thunderclouds up above, extending into the distance as they enveloped the surrounding vast region of sky for ten thousand li.

An infinitely destructive aura of thunderbolts rampaged, wanting to scorch the earth below all black.

The Divine Sky Heavenly Thunder Formation was extremely violent.

While it was a guardian grand formation, it lacked defensive power as it was instead equipped with offensive and destructive power that was terrifying to the extreme.

Even the disciples of the Heavenly Thunder Hall themselves felt a chill in their hearts at this moment.

Enveloped by an ocean of electricity, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change in the least as he just quietly watched all of this.

His gaze was deep as an abyss whilst also greatly focused, seemingly having condensed into tangible form as it penetrated through that metallic palace and scanned all around.

Falling under Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, the Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners all shivered inwardly.

His gaze falling on a youth of about thirty, Yan Zhaoge let it rest there for a moment.

Receiving Yan Zhaoge’s gaze, that youth’s entire body turned cold.

His right arm that had been reattached with great difficulty after having been hacked off yet could no longer exert strength seemed to hurt again at this moment.

Yet, he still stood up straight, “Yan Zhaoge!”

It was precisely the most outstanding descendant of the Zhao Region Yans of the Thunder Domain who was at the same time also an elite of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s younger generation, Yan Shan.

He was indeed a genius.

Having been wounded by Yan Zhaoge that year, even though he had been unable to use his right arm again after it had been reattached to spar with others, relying on his perseverance, Yan Shan had cultivated in swordplay using his left hand, now still being a young hero of the Heavenly Thunder Hall amongst those of the same age.

However, it was indeed a tragedy.

His past competitor, the Thunder Rumbling Young Master Lin Zhou, had left him far behind in the dust.

Even if his arm had not been crippled, he would still not have been his match.

Even while Lin Zhou was already dead now, his strength was still incomparable to that of Lin Zhou before his death.

Yan Zhaoge who hailed from the Central Heaven Region Yans and had taken an arm of his, a person whom he hated right down to his very core, was already standing on heights which were ever so distant to him.

When the Seal of the East Sea had been completed and Yan Zhaoge had vanished within, his death should have been what logically and assuredly followed.

Yan Shan and the others had rejoiced in great joy, “That calamity is finally dead!”

Now, however, Yan Zhaoge was standing before them once more, also having become incomprehensibly strong.

The ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, the late Essence Talisman stage!

Also, he had easily slain a Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, a Transcending Mortality expert at the tenth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm!

Glancing at Yan Shan, Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “No need to be nervous, I have no interest in calculating things with you.

If I want to collect old debts, it would be with all your Zhao Region Yans.”

“My Central Heaven Region Yans were attacked on their way to the Heaven Domain that year, and a great many of us, including my grandparents, died or were injured in the process.

Everyone is clear on the truth of that matter.”

Yan Shan felt suffocated, “You…”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered, “Oh, he’s back.”

Without any prior indication, the Northern Ocean Clone reappeared by Yan Zhaoge’s side.

Light suddenly shot out from one of his pupils, forming an illusory scene of light in mid-air.

Within the illusory scene of light, the Northern Ocean Clone appeared above a great manor that resembled a city.

In the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Yan Shan stared wide-eyed in consternation.

That was precisely the ancestral manor of his Zhao Region Yans!

The Northern Ocean Clone stomped downwards, the bottom of his foot seemingly becoming infinitely large as it enveloped the entire great manor of the Zhao Region Yans.

Spirit patterns lit up in the air above the great manor.

However, like inconsequential little embers, these were instantly snuffed out.

The head of the Zhao Region Yans and their experts who were controlling the formation were all forcibly jolted dead!

Yan Shan appeared dazed as a wooden chicken.

The other Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners all felt fearful as well.

Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “This time, I am settling the overall debt.

Young or old, not a single one will be getting away.”

Beside him, the Northern Ocean Clone strode forward, stepping within the ocean of thunderbolts.

All-encompassing bolts of lightning descended, yet the Northern Ocean Clone completely ignored them.

Meanwhile, a large amount of frost suddenly surged into existence on his body, vast as the sea as it instantly transformed into a broad, limitless ice ocean which hovered above his head.

The thunder sea descended from up above, colliding and clashing unceasingly with the ice ocean.

Thunderbolts exploded and ice melted, oceanic waves continually surging.

Once in a while, thunderbolts would break through the obstruction of the ice ocean and descend.

Still, they already appeared scattered as they lacked the terrifying momentum that could destroy all.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s figure flashed quick as a fleeting shadow and scattered as lightning bolts as he evaded all the incoming strikes with great ease.

Arriving in the air above the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Northern Ocean Clone punched downwards, resembling a great roc descending from the heavens as it transformed into a massive fish and shot into the ocean.

The main palace hall of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, one of the six great Sacred Grounds of the Eight Extremities World, mightily collapsed!

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows upon seeing this, “Oh, Shen Li isn’t here”

A Heavenly Thunder Hall Elder spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, “If the Hall Lord was here, how would you still be standing there so arrogantly!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, next turning to look into the distance as his heart suddenly jolted, “Oh, he’s back.”

The sound of thunder rumbling resounded deafeningly in the distance as the entire heavens and earth seemed to be shaking alongside it as well.

The next moment, a bald, hairless old man with a purplish-green goatee appeared in the air above the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

It was precisely the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, Shen Li!

Shen Li looked at Yan Zhaoge and also the Northern Ocean Clone, his face livid.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Fleeing in the face of danger in the Earth Domain and entrapping my Grand Master, my second-apprentice-uncle and everyone else, Shen Li, aren’t you very good at running Why aren’t you running now, instead having returned”

Having had the greater part of his attention on the Northern Ocean Clone, Shen Li glanced coldly at Yan Zhaoge upon hearing his words, “This old man doesn’t know where you found this helper, but there will be no being arrogant for you here at my Heavenly Thunder Hall.”

“Why have you come Wanting to confront this old man face to face, just based on you”

Looking at Shen Li, Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, “Clans have their own systems of justice, being open and just in terms of punishment and reward.

I would still have a bit of patience to quibble with others of the same clan, but for those unrelated like you…”

“Whoever has defamed or framed me, just drop dead already.

Who’s got the patience to confront you face to face”

Amidst his words, the Northern Ocean World transformed into a streak of light, instantly appearing before Shen Li whereupon he punched outwards!


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