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HSSB573: Skinhead Shen, run again for me to see


Shen Li opened his mouth, wanting to say something but not uttering a sound.

He did not recognise the Northern Ocean Clone, thinking that he was some expert that Yan Zhaoge had come to know and invited to help him.

Thus, Shen Li had disregarded and belittled Yan Zhaoge in his words in an attempt to first get the Northern Ocean Clone to reconsider things.

Who knew that the Northern Ocean Clone would totally ignore him, his fist arriving before him right after Yan Zhaoge called for battle.

Shen Li felt greatly stifled by this.

Carefully looking at the expressions on their faces which were exactly the same, looking as if they were smiling whilst also not, with the same runes flickering within their pupils as well, only then did Shen Li realise that something was wrong.

“Martial Saint clone!” Shen Li nearly vomited blood.

He gazed stupefied at Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone, “How could a Martial Grandmaster like you actually have refined the body of a Martial Saint into a clone!”

Yan Zhaoge had achieved many shocking feats before and could not be underestimated.

The entire Eight Extremities World had long since accepted this.

Even a Martial Saint like Shen Li who was the head of a Sacred Ground agreed with this as well.

Still, he had great power and authority at the end of the day.

With his strength as well as knowledge, things which would truly shock him to the point of speechlessness were few and far between.

Today, however, Shen Li felt like his senses had been destroyed as the world was collapsing all around him.

As the fist arrived before him, the threat of death caused Shen Li to be drenched in sweat.

His entire body seemed to transform into a streak of electricity as he swiftly retreated before advancing forth once again!

In his retreat and advance, he tried to bypass the Northern Ocean Clone to attack Yan Zhaoge himself.

“Even if you have refined a Martial Saint as your clone, you yourself are still a Martial Grandmaster at the end of the day.

If I slay you, your clone will automatically fall, and might even fall into my possession!”

Thinking thus, Shen Li’s speed increased to the maximum.

The essence of swiftness like rushing thunder and speed like flashing lightning of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s martial arts was executed by the Martial Saint Shen Li to the point of perfection.

Victory would be decided in an instant, life and death ascertained in just a couple of blows.

This was precisely the style that Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners were most proficient in.

However, the world before Shen Li’s eyes suddenly changed as he clearly saw the Northern Ocean Clone still obstructing his way, that tough fist which resembled a spear still directed at him, having grown a little closer as well!

Shen Li was shocked once more as yet another inconceivable reality unfolded before his very eyes.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was even faster than him!

Of the terrifying hand that was clenched into a fist, the second joint of the middle finger protruded slightly outwards as it resembled a sharp spear, striking straight towards Shen Li’s brows!

If this spear made contact, a great hole would be opened in Shen Li’s forehead!

Shen Li inhaled deeply, his expression grave and his gaze focused.

He abruptly came to a halt, the light of thunder flickering within his hands.

A sabre appeared within his right hand and a sword in his left.

The sabre rotated nine consecutive times, numerous streams of green thunder condensing within the air as the extremely violent thunderbolts actually appeared still, an immense terror being contained within this quietness.

As the sword-light flashed, it was swift beyond compare as even other Martial Saint experts might not be able to easily catch its trajectory, its speed seemingly able to pierce through space and time.

The space in the area that Shen Li was in seemed to be split into two portions, with condensed green thunder in one and swift purple lightning in the other.

Within the green world appeared the mighty and authoritative figure of the Thunder King, while within the purple world appeared the indiscernible figure of the Lightning Queen.

A high-grade spirit artifact in each hand, Shen Li then combined the powers of sabre and sword as they attacked towards the Northern Ocean Clone together!

The two worlds of green and purple broke apart together, an endless stream of thunderbolts and traceless, flickering lightning converging, resembling a massive flash flood that surged to the heavens as it all poured down torrentially!

Nine Rotating Thunder King’s Sabre!

Divine Sky Lightning Queen’s Sword!

Thunder-Lightning Union!

The violent power consumed the entire surrounding region of space, the instantaneous explosive force being even more ferocious and unstoppable than the Divine Sky Heavenly Thunder Formation!

Shen Li roared, his Heavenly Thunder Hall martial arts also possessing tremendous power apart from extreme speed!

Yan Zhaoge looked expressionlessly at Shen Li before him.

The Northern Ocean Clone was similarly expressionless, not halting in the least as he continued advancing in the face of Shen Li’s violent attacks!

Between the heavens and the earth, amidst the ocean that was formed of thunderbolts, there seemed to be a great roc flying over from the horizon before it plunged into the ocean, transforming into a massive fish.

As it bobbed, an incomparably vast, vigorous power rippled outwards.

The massive fish swept its tail, the ocean of thunderbolts mightily breaking apart!

Beneath Shen Li’s disbelieving gaze, the Northern Ocean Clone’s domineering fist broke through the thunderbolts and lightning, continuing to come straight for him!

Shen Li roared, brandishing the high-grade spirit artifact sword and sabre as he unleashed all his might.

However, around the body of the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly manifested an ice ocean.

Within the ice ocean, numerous ice dragons broke out of the sea, locking down Shen Li’s sword and sabre as they were rendered unable to move, the rumbling of thunder and the light of lightning diminishing along with this.

Surrounded by the ice ocean, Shen Li felt that it was hard to move as his speed dropped, with even evading having become hard.

The Northern Ocean Clone seemed as though he had inexplicably shifted the extreme cold waters of the Outer North Sea over to this Thunder Domain at the mainland!

His fist whistled mercilessly through the air, directly striking Shen Li’s forehead!

Shen Li emitted a tragic scream, raising his head as fresh blood spurted madly out of his bald head!

Martial Saints possessing extremely great life force, Shen Li was merely heavily wounded upon receiving the spear of the Northern Ocean Clone as he still remained alive.

However, the Northern Ocean Clone was relentless in his attacks as substituting spear with fist, he struck out once more right at Shen Li’s chest!

An all-encompassing rain of blood erupted as Shen Li was run right through by that attacking fist!

Blood and flesh scattered about within the horizon, being sealed by the icy waters before even having descended.

With his final vestiges of energy, Shen Li grit his teeth and opened his Shadow Shrinking Pouch, a streak of thunder rising up from within.

The thunder light contained an extremely unstable yet violent and majestic force.

Apart from Jade Sea City, how had the Heavenly Thunder Hall and Turbid Wave Pavilion not been trying to forge Sacred Artifacts of their own as well

This thunder light had originally been in preparation for the forging of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Sacred Artifact.

While it was not a Sacred Artifact, its power still could not be underestimated.

Shen Li could care less about that now as he directly erupted that thunder light!

Violent thunderbolts swept the area once more, winning a sliver of a chance for Shen Li.

He dared not contend with Yan Zhaoge any more as he fled back in the direction of his clan with all his might.

The Divine Sky Heavenly Thunder Formation had used up most of its energy in a previous strike.

Now, having recovered its strength following this period of recuperation, Shen Li controlled it to obstruct Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone.

Shen Li spewed out a mouthful of blood, the blood condensing in mid-air to form a sigil that flickered with radiance.

A certain object within the Heavenly Thunder Hall resonated along with Shen Li, emitting radiance as well.

Amongst the palaces, one of them was enveloped by light which gradually turned dark at its centre, resembling a black hole.

Finally, it actually turned into a dimensional passageway entrance!

Shen Li wanted to flee within, yet was hindered by the light that suddenly lit up before his eyes, the roars of myriad dragons deafening as they overshadowed even the rumbling of thunder in the area.

A massive palace directly blocked that dimensional passageway entrance, sealing it away.

Shen Li was rendered dumbstruck.

“So that was it.

I was feeling strange why you would choose to flee in the face of danger back in the Earth Domain.

With the descent of the Nine Underworlds, the entire Eight Extremities World would be destroyed as it would be hard to resist them.

There can be no intact egg beneath a fallen nest-where could you have fled to”

Appearing above the Myriad Dragon Palace, Yan Zhaoge looked coldly at Shen Li, “So you obtained a piece of fortune which would allow you to open a dimensional passageway leading to another world.

No wonder you wanted to run.

Good, Skinhead Shen, you are indeed very good at running.”

“Still, can you run again for me to see now”


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