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HSSB574: Slaying Shen Li


Yan Zhaoge stared coldly at Shen Li as from the Myriad Dragon Palace resounded the endless roars of dragons, a great amount of dragon qi spilling out from within.

As numerous light dragons coiled around the great palace, the dimensional passageway entrance sealed beneath it began to grow unstable.

The people of the Heavenly Thunder Hall were currently all still in a state of extreme shock.

Their clan was one of the six great Sacred Grounds of the Eight Extremities World, having stood domineeringly and tall for many long years.

Today, however, it was as if its doomsday had come.

Their number one expert Shen Li who was known as the Green Thunder Martial Saint, one of the few Martial Saint experts of the Eight Extremities World, appeared flimsy and helpless before the enemy.

With the precedent of Black Nightmare Mountain, no one could say for sure that they were assured for certain never to fall.

However, never would the Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners have thought that the one to bring them extermination might actually be a young man who was not yet even thirty years old.

When the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge had exterminated Black Nightmare Mountain in the past, he had already been far from this age…

The martial practitioners of the Heavenly Thunder Hall who was of a similar age to Yan Zhaoge were all rendered completely dazed.

They had already gradually come to realise before this that Yan Zhaoge was completely not on the same level as them at all.

Now, however, this gulf was really so great that it just didn’t seem real.

And when that dimensional passageway entrance had appeared, everyone had again been shocked.

No one had known that Shen Li had actually had such a move hidden up his sleeve.

Originally, they of the Heavenly Thunder Hall had still completely trusted in Shen Li, believing that it was due to Yan Zhaoge that the human race had suffered tragic losses over in the Earth Domain.

No one had believed that as an exalted Martial Saint, Shen Li might actually flee in the face of danger.

Now, however, having seen this dimensional passageway entrance and Shen Li’s earlier actions which matched with Yan Zhaoge’s words, a warning bell began to toll in all of their hearts.

In the millennia or so after the founding of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the clan had gradually formed its pride as well as unity over many long years.

Facing a great enemy, the descendants of the Heavenly Thunder Hall would mostly still be united as one as they resisted to the end.

Now, however, these martial practitioners who usually presided over the Thunder Domain were low in morale as they hung their arrogant heads in shame, feeling the pride and persistence within their hearts all shattering.

It was precisely their Hall Lord, Shen Li, who had shattered all of this in his earlier attempt to flee.

The gazes of the Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners all grew lost and bewildered.

Having eaten two spears from the Northern Ocean Clone, Shen Li had already been heavily injured and nearing the point of death.

His final bid for life had then been stopped by Yan Zhaoge with the Myriad Dragon Palace.

This Green Thunder Martial Saint had to vent his pent-up anger now.

His face that was covered in fresh blood as well as a despairing layer of death qi glared at Yan Zhaoge, appearing exceptionally savage.

The Northern Ocean Clone took the blow from the Divine Sky Heavenly Thunder Formation with his Imperious Cold Martial Armour before chasing after Shen Li and punching out once more.

His iron fist that resembled a spear pierced through Shen Li’s body from the back, exiting from his chest.

The Northern Ocean Clone did not retract his fist, raising his entire arm and the impaled Shen Li along with it.

Shen Li spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression completely defeated and ashen as the qi and blood within his body deteriorated quickly.

Looking calmly at Shen Li, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Skinhead Shen, when my Broad Creed Mountain faced a great tribulation and was in a bloodied battle with the Decimating Abyss that year, your Heavenly Thunder Hall came over looking for easy pickings.

Do you think that that would have ended with merely the deaths of Lin Tianfeng and those others”

“Today, I will settle the debts, new and old, all in one.”

Shen Li looked at Yan Zhaoge with great difficulty, “Child of the Yan Family, you…don’t be arrogant.

While this old man has fallen at your hands today, you and Broad Creed Mountain won’t be able to stay happy for long!”

While saying this, light was emitted from Shen Li’s eyes as he began laughing strangely as if he was thinking back on something right before his death.

“This old man will be waiting for you down below!”

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “You are placing your hopes on the Sacred Sun Clan I know that the Sacred Sun Clan has wrested the Heaven Cleaving Axe from Infinite Boundless Mountain, but so what”

“I’ve said that this time, I will be settling all the debts.

Don’t think of running, every last one of you.”

Shen Li’s eyes were wide open as he glared unforgivingly at Yan Zhaoge, “Arrogant kid, not knowing life and death!”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he chuckled strangely, “You are still this confident now because you don’t know that in this world, there is an existence known as the World beyond Worlds!”

“That is a world that is much more powerful than the Eight Extremities World and the Flame Devil World.

No, not just powerful, it ‘exceeds’ these greatly.

Just like the human realm and the Heavenly Court of pre-Great Calamity times, one on the earth and one in the heavens.”

“Those in our world can only ascend to that World beyond Worlds if they attain the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

How many experts do you think there are in that World beyond Worlds, how far beyond one’s imagination are they”

Shen Li whispered, “The Sacred Sun Clan, haha.

In telling this old man, they have no good intentions.

They want this old man to see how powerful of a backer they have, how all these conflicts between our Sacred Grounds over the years have been nothing but a game of chess on their chessboard.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he just nodded in understanding, “Having no other options now, the Sacred Sun Clan is still inviting people of the World beyond Worlds down ‘below’ at the end of the day The way you say it, they must already have arrived in the Eight Extremities World”

“You know of the World beyond Worlds” A rather surprised Shen Li shook his head, “Although you know about it, it seems like you still don’t know at all how terrifying a place it is!”

“This old man is not afraid to tell you.

Even if you are cautious, there is no way that you will be able to do anything about it at all.”

Shen Li looked at Yan Zhaoge’s calm face, “This old man knows what you are thinking.

You think that those who have come from the World beyond Worlds will be just like the Nine Underworld True Devils, being restricted to the third level of the Martial Saint realm at most.”

“That’s right, that’s indeed not wrong at all.

Still, let this old man tell you.

Those who descended here have come with the intention of dealing with your father, Yan Di.”

“Yan Di is indeed a heaven-defying genius, being able to resist a Great Flame Devil King upon just having stepped into the Martial Saint realm.

Yet, he is still just a single person at the end of the day.”

“This old man knows Yan Di’s level, and the Sacred Sun Clan does as well.

Do you think that the people who descended would not know”

“How many experts do you think they would have dispatched”

“This old man admits that you are truly a prime figure in the Eight Extremities World.

Still, even Yan Di will soon be dying, much less you!”

Shen Li laughed, “What will you do, flee through the dimensional tunnel that this old man opened That would be your only chance at life.”

“Sadly, while you can run, Broad Creed Mountain and Yan Di over in the Seal of the East Sea cannot!”

“What do you think this old man had left the Heavenly Thunder Hall for I had precisely received the Sacred Sun Clan’s invitation to go trample over your Broad Creed Mountain together! It was having received news from the clan that I turned around and returned.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge did not say anything, his gaze just turning colder.

Shen Li could see no fear in his gaze at all.

“You…” Shen Li stared yet could not say anything at all as the Northern Ocean Clone behind him flung his arm before punching out once more, sending his head flying right off his body!

A bald, shiny head flew into the air, rolling as it displayed Shen Li’s unresigned face.

On this day, the Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Green Thunder Martial Saint Shen Li, was slain by Yan Zhaoge before the gates of the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was indifferent as he turned to leave.

Behind him, garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, the Northern Ocean Clone extended his arms before ripping forcefully to the sides.

The Divine Sky Heavenly Thunder Formation collapsed, the all-encompassing thunderclouds were ripped apart.

The great earth here that never saw the light of day all year round was finally bathed in sunlight once more.


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