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HSSB575: Where is Yan Zhaoge


After parting ways with Yan Zhaoge, Fu Enshu headed east back to Broad Creed Mountain.

However, as she passed through the Earth Domain, arriving at the easternmost East Heaven Region and coming into contact with the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners stationed there, she learnt a piece of shocking news.

The Sacred Sun Clan had gone north, launching an assault on Broad Creed Mountain.

An inauspicious premonition arose within Fu Enshu’s heart.

Infinite Boundless Mountain and Jade Sea City currently lacked both Martial Saints and Sacred Artifacts.

It would be hard for them to rush all the way over to the Heaven Domain in assistance.

Turbid Wave Pavilion was usually neutral, but would most likely intervene in such a situation.

Even if Shen Li was not found by Yan Zhaoge, he might also be hindered by Turbid Wave Pavilion.

Thus, the Sacred Sun Clan could only attack Broad Creed Mountain with its own power.

While they grasped the Extreme Yin Crown and the Heaven Cleaving Axe, wanting to trample down Broad Creed Mountain, they should still lack the strength for such.

The Clear Qi Robe was guarding over Fang Zhun.

Unless it was utterly necessary, they would not use it to battle with the enemy.

However, this matter should, logically speaking, only be known by Broad Creed Mountain’s higher echelon experts.

The Sacred Sun Clan shouldn’t know of it.

Broad Creed Mountain still had the two Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters Zhang Kun and He Ning sitting over it.

Possessing the Clear Qi Robe and the geographical advantage provided for by their guardian grand formation as well, the Sacred Sun Clan should not be able to gain much of an advantage in their sudden invasion.

“Could someone have Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, or might their Maiden of Extreme Yin have stepped into the Martial Grandmaster realm”

Fu Enshu pondered, yet felt somewhat uneasy somehow.

She thought of her previous conversation with Yan Zhaoge over in the Vast Ocean World.

Not daring to delay things, Fu Enshu hurriedly continued westward to the Central Heaven Region.

Not even having returned to Broad Creed Mountain, just having entered the Central Heaven Region, Fu Enshu could already feel that something was wrong.

Just having approached Broad Creed Mountain, she saw glowing runes densely filling the entire sky as it was clearly the appearance of their guardian grand formation being circulated to the maximum.

Meanwhile, other than their guardian grand formation, Fu Enshu could still vaguely feel not just a single extremely powerful aura emanating over from the direction of Broad Creed Mountain.

These powerful auras caused Fu Enshu to feel as if over there was someone like Huang Guanglie or Old Man Mo.

They seemed even more powerful than the both of them.

At the very least, there was not just a single expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm!

Fu Enshu’s heart sank.

She knew that it was impossible for so many peak experts to have suddenly appeared within the Sacred Sun Clan in such a short period of time.

There was only one explanation for this.

The worst possible scenario that they had thought of had currently become reality.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s backer from the World beyond Worlds had made a move.

Whether the Sacred Sun Clan had pleaded or beguiled, that massive entity of the World beyond Worlds had finally personally made a move, interfering in matters here for the first time.

The Sacred Sun Clan had drawn in a power external to the Eight Extremities World.

From a certain perspective, she should be happy.

It meant that the Sacred Sun Clan had run out of options.

However, the problem before them still had to be dealt with.

Forces from the World beyond Worlds having finally entered the Eight Extremities World, what should Broad Creed Mountain do about it

Everything else aside, with not just a single expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm pressuring down upon them, whatever should be done about it

What caused Fu Enshu’s heart to feel even heavier was the fact that it was impossible for the other side not to know about Yan Di.

However confident and proud they were, it was also impossible for the massive entity of the World beyond Worlds to avoid Yan Di’s problem.

Still making a move under such circumstances, this meant that they were sufficiently confident of getting rid of Yan Di as well in one fell swoop!

The people here at Broad Creed Mountain might not even be the main force.

The other side had definitely dispatched experts of the third level of the Martial Saint realm or higher to the Eight Extremities World.

Fu Enshu felt worried.

She could not approach lightly now as she had no way of breaking through their lockdown of the area and returning to the Mountain at all.

While her personality was tough and fearless, also rather not caring about anything, the gap between the two sides was too great that she wouldn’t foolishly send herself directly to die, benefiting no one at all.

Now, Fu Enshu heard a voice resound in the distant horizon, shaking the surrounding space as it seemed to reverberate throughout the entire Central Heaven Region.

“Has the one named Yan Zhaoge returned”

On Broad Creed Mountain, all the remaining higher echelon experts were congregated on the Heaven Rising Peak with the Grand Elders Zhang Kun and He Ning at their head.

The once flourishing clan now appeared rather devoid of numbers as apart from the two Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmasters, there only remained a mere few Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.

The First Seat of the Disciplinary Hall Chang Zheng, the First Seat of the Heaven Sealing Gorge Elder Gong, the First Seat of the Martial Repository Elder Meng and the First Seat of the Martial Inheritance Hall Elder Qin all had grave expressions on their faces as they stood beside Zhang Kun and He Ning.

In the air above them stood a group of people.

The current Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan Huang Xu was standing somewhat deferentially beside the two people at the front.

The Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners who had accompanied them here were respectfully standing behind them.

The two people standing at the front appeared to be in their thirties or forties from their external appearances, their true ages behind hard to determine.

However, their auras suppressed the entire Broad Creed Mountain to the point of being unable to make any rash movements.

Of these two people, one was garbed in white with an emblem of crimson flames embroidered on his back, conspicous as well as dazzling.

He did not say anything, just standing quietly there as his expression seemed rather casual.

Meanwhile, the other person was garbed in green with a sword hanging by his waist.

The one who had spoken was precisely this green-clothed man, looking down from up high on Broad Creed Mountain.

On the Heaven Rising Peak, Zhang Kun inhaled deeply, saying, “Our clan’s Yan Zhaoge participated in the great battle that culminated in the sealing of the Flame Devils on the East Sea.

After the seal was accomplished, he has no longer been seen, his fate currently unknown.”

The green-clothed man did not linger on this problem as he instead said, “Since that is so, give me everything that he has left on this mountain.”

Zhang Kun and the others exchanged looks, their expressions all sinking.

However good their tempers were, they would also inwardly fume at such a request.

It was just that with the other party’s strength and background, they could only fume within their hearts, not speaking the words out loud.

The green-clothed man’s expression was calm as he said matter-of-factly, “I am Jin Jie, a guest Elder of the Radiant Light Sect.

You are all aware of where I come from.”

“We of a higher realm were originally not intending to interfere with matters of this world.

However, there is a treasure of our Radiant Light Sect that has fallen within your world, currently being in the position of your disciple named Yan Zhaoge.”

“If he is not here, we will search for clues from his possessions.”

Jin Jie said slowly, “We must retrieve that treasure.

If you cooperate with us, we will not make things difficult for you.”

Zhang Kun inhaled deeply, saying in a heavy tone, “His belongings were all within his accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch and with he himself.”

Jin Jie said nonchalantly, “That is fine.

I will take his lodgings away before anything else.”

While his tone was casual, his meaning was digging out the mountain and excavating its rocks as he dug away the entire surrounding area where Yan Zhaoge had resided.

Zhang Kun was still wrangling with the other party when Huang Xu suddenly said, “There was someone else of Broad Creed Mountain who left the Earth Domain alive.

Apart from Yan Zhaoge, there was also someone by the name of Fang Zhun as well as a Sacred Artifact, the Clear Qi Robe, which accompanied him back here.”

“Also, it should have been Yan Zhaoge who sent them out of the Earth Domain at the time.”

Jin Jie raised his brows lightly, “Oh”

The white-clothed man who had always been standing quietly beside him thus far said nonchalantly upon hearing those words, “Then, that Fang Zhun and that Sacred Artifact-hand them over to us as well.”


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