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HSSB576: You’re not qualified to fight with me


Hearing that the other side wanted to take away Fang Zhun along with the Clear Qi Robe, the expressions on the faces of Zhang Kun and He Ning both changed.

However conservative and moderate their styles were, it would also be rather impossible for them to accede to such a request.

It would be equivalent to unconditionally laying down their arms in surrender.

Zhang Kun said in a heavy tone, “You are making things rather hard for us…”

That white-clothed man interjected, “There will be no discussion.

You simply have to do as we say.”

Streaks of light shot out of the acupoints of his entire body, dazzlingly illuminating the surrounding area as the Clear Qi Grand Formation was shaken to the point of trembling slightly.

That green-clothed swordsman Jin Jie did not draw his sword, just saying nonchalantly, “Earlier, I said that we are of no mind to interfere in matters of your world.

We have never intended to participate in the conflict between those clans here.”

“On the flip side, however, extinguishing your legacy and dao tradition would only be a simple and casual thing for us.

It wouldn’t be anything great.”

“Everything depends on your performance, or whether we feel like it or not.”

While they were facing a great enemy, the two experts at the second level of the Martial Saint realm causing the Clear Qi Grand Formation to tremble just standing there alone as it seemed like it might collapse at any time, no one of Broad Creed Mountain showed any signs of submitting as they silently faced the two people up above.

A Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner laughed coldly, “Are you still depositing your hopes on Yan Di over at the East Sea You’d better give up on that thought.”

“The place where that Yan Zhaoge was last seen was in the Seal of the East Sea.

While the possibility of him having died is greatest, the power of the seal would have been unable to destroy the treasure that he took away.”

“Otherworldly experts having specifically come here, how could they forget about the East Sea”

“An expert at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm and two at the third level have descended into the Eight Extremities World together.

If Yan Di dares to be arrogant, there is only death waiting for him.”

Hearing his words, the faces of Zhang Kun and the others all turned pale.

This was the worst case scenario already, the truth causing them to feel despair.

The other party had no need to lie to them.

With the Sacred Sun Clan having clearly explained about the situation in the Eight Extremities World, having descended from the World beyond Worlds, the people of the Radiant Light Sect would definitely have made sufficient preparations.

While the cultivation base of that expert of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm would be suppressed to the peak of the third level of the Martial Saint realm, he would definitely be even stronger than usual third level Martial Saints.

With three such experts descending within the Eight Extremities World together, there would truly be no one who could prevent them from sweeping across the entire world.

Huang Xu shot a glance at that Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner.

The other party jolted with a start as he realised that he shouldn’t have told this to Broad Creed Mountain.

If Broad Creed Mountain were still not in the know, still possessing hope, they would struggle and resist the two otherworldly experts here, thereon directly being trampled for good.

With the final hope of Zhang Kun and the others now having been extinguished, they might bend their knees right at this spot.

In that case, the otherworldly experts instead wouldn’t have a chance to act.

“In a world like this, there is someone who can stand against the third level of the Martial Saint realm upon just having entered Sainthood I don’t believe it,” The white-clothed man said mildly, “Sadly, senior apprentice-uncle ordered me to come here, or I would really have wanted to go to the East Sea for a look.”

Jin Jie said, “I heard that the person we are looking for, the youth called Yan Zhaoge, is his son, his strength far surpassing those at the same cultivation level as well.

Perhaps it really is true I just don’t know if this is because that father and son have unique physiques and have encountered deep fortune or if there are some exceptional profundities within the legacies of Broad Creed Mountain”

The white-clothed man Yang Zhanhua said, “Since that is so, bring all the scriptures in the Martial Repository of this place back as well.

I want to see what exactly is so unique about them.”

Hearing his words, Zhang Kun, He Ning and the others all inhaled deeply, staring at them in fury.

Yang Zhanhua glanced casually at the people of Broad Creed Mountain, “It looks like they aren’t going to listen.

Since that is so, exterminate them directly, lest we waste so much time on words.”

Saying thus, he raised his palm, all-illuminating light converging within before he struck down towards the peaks of Broad Creed Mountain.

Zhang Kun’s expression was bitter, “Is our ancestral legacy fated to die off in our hands today”

He Ning sighed, “At a time like this, there is already no other option.”

Saying thus, with a wave of her hand, the Clear Qi Robe of Broad Creed Mountain landed on the body of this old, white-haired woman.

Now, they naturally could not guard Fang Zhun with it any longer.

Handing over their Sacred Artifact, handing over their longtime Elder, handing over their scriptures, letting their clan be indiscriminately searched through.

If these requests were acceded to, it would be no different from extinction for any power.

The Clear Qi Robe on her, the short He Ning instantly expanded greatly.

However, facing the Martial Saint Yang Zhanhua who hailed from the Radiant Light Sect, she still appeared rather weak.

Fortunately, the radiance of the Clear Qi Grand Formation fell upon her, causing her strength to surge once more.

Yang Zhanhua seemed not to mind in the least as his palm just simply descended, all pitch black between the heavens and the earth as the light was all agglomerated within his hand.

The spirit patterns of the Clear Qi Grand Formation were still unceasingly breaking apart.

In just an instant, fresh blood spurted out from He Ning’s mouth as the bones of her entire body emitted crackling sounds.

All of Broad Creed Mountain was stunned.

A single palm by the enemy was already hard for them to withstand.

Looking first at Yang Zhanhua who had attacked and then at Jin Jie who stood by the side without any intentions of making a move at all, the faces of the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners were all pale as paper, no blood visible on them at all.

Watching the domineering Radiant Light Sect experts, those of the Sacred Sun Clan were feeling rather complex emotions as well.

However, seeing their longtime enemy now walking towards extinction, the lot of Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners all felt joyful and comforted to the extreme.

All of their stifledness as a result of Broad Creed Mountain in recent years would be vented now.

A hint of a smile surfaced on the corners of Huang Xu’s mouth, “Thereon, this world will no longer have a Broad Creed Mountain.”

Looking at the people of Broad Creed Mountain who seemed about to break down, Jin Jie smiled nonchalantly, “Not drinking the toasted wine and insisting on eating the forfeit-who can you blame”

Yang Zhanhua appeared rather disinterested, “The palm art was not bad, the circulatory art was not bad and the foundation is rather good as well.

Still, it is not worth you coming together with me.

If I had known this beforehand, I would have gone to the East Sea to meet with that Yan Di.”

While he was saying so, Yang Zhanhua’s expression suddenly changed slightly.

The smile on the face of Jin Jie beside him also retracted somewhat.

A voice suddenly resounded from the distant horizon, “You are still not qualified to fight with my father.”

The shaking Clear Qi Grand Formation seemed to have suddenly gained a mainstay at this moment as countless glowing spirit patterns condensed together, forming a path of radiance which extended straight into the northeast.

At the end of the light path appeared a few figures.

At their head was precisely Yan Zhaoge.

The Northern Ocean Clone and Fu Enshu both stood behind him.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm as he looked over at them.

“Even if three experts at the third level of the Martial Saint realm want to open the Seal of the East Sea, some time will still be needed for that.

I’ll take care of you people first then.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze scanned across those of the Sacred Sun Clan.

While they were clearly standing behind Yang Zhanhua and Jin Jie, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners, Huang Xu included, all felt a chill within their hearts.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze swept over them to finally land on Jin Jie and Yang Zhanhua.

“Kid who doesn’t know life and death,” Jin Jie raised his brows slightly before chuckling, “You are Yan Zhaoge”

Yang Zhanhua said calmly, “Who did you say was unqualified”

Yan Zhaoge appraised him all over before spreading his hands apart and smiling, “Oh, I’m sorry, I indeed said something wrong.

Let me correct myself.”

Not waiting for a change in the other party’s expression, Yan Zhaoge’s smile turned cold, “It should be-you aren’t even qualified to fight with me, let alone my father.”


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