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HSSB577: Battling a Sacred Artifact with a bamboo cane


Yang Zhanhua appraised Yan Zhaoge.

While no changes could really be seen in his expression, the people in the surroundings of Broad Creed Mountain were all able to feel the area turning cold and gloomy.

He tilted his head to the side, asking Huang Xu, “He must be that Yan Zhaoge, right”

Huang Xu nodded, “That’s right, he is Yan Zhaoge.

Logically speaking, not having entered the Martial Saint realm, having been swept within the Seal of the East Sea, he shouldn’t have been able to survive.

I’d not thought that he would actually appear here today.”

“It’s good that he is alive.

It is him we are looking for,” Yan Zhanhua said mildly, “Kid who doesn’t know the height of the heavens and the boundlessness of the earth.

I won’t kill you, but I’ll first break that mouth of yours.”

Saying thus, Yang Zhanhua ignored those of Broad Creed Mountain as he directly struck out with a palm towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge could only feel as though all between the heavens and the earth had instantly turned white and indistinct as he was unable to see anything at all.

Accompanied by his unceasing increase in cultivation base and strength, such a situation of nearly losing all his senses was something he had not faced for a very long time.

Just this move alone was sufficient to display Yang Zhanhua’s great strength which was definitely no insignificant thing.

“The Dim Radiant Sect’s past methods! Could the Sacred Sun Clan’s backer in the World beyond Worlds be the Radiant Light Sect which originates from the same source as the Dim Radiant Sect yet is their irrevocable enemy” Yan Zhaoge pondered, his expression not changing even in the face of something akin to Mount Tai’s collapse.

The Northern Ocean Clone beside him strode forward, ice-blue radiance arising on his body that transformed into a light armour, manifesting in the original form of the Imperious Cold Light Armour.

A vast icy ocean expanded, ice dragons exiting the sea along with the surging tides.

A fearsome great roc surfaced from within the ice ocean, sweeping along boundless power and numerous ice dragons which surged towards the immeasurable radiance of Yang Zhanhua’s palm together!

As they clashed, the great roc was broken and the radiance extinguished.

Yang Zhanhua raised his brows slightly, “This is where your confidence comes from Being able to survive the Seal of the East Sea, you were saved by this person”

Jin Jie looked rather surprisedly at the Northern Ocean Clone, “You are not weak at all.

It is rare to find a figure such as you in the lower realms.”

With a Sacred Artifact in hand, an expert of the first level of the Martial Saint realm could contend with an expert at the second level of the Martial Saint realm.

However, Yang Zhanhua was of the direct lineage of the Radiant Light Sect.

Having Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, his strength was outstanding amongst all those at the same cultivation level.

Even bare-handed, there were still not many experts at the first level of the Martial Saint realm who could resist him even with a low-grade Sacred Artifact in hand.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Xu as well as Broad Creed Mountain’s Zhang Kun, He Ning and the rest were all shaken as well.

When Yang Zhanhua had been attacking the Mountain earlier, while it had merely been a simple blow, it had caused the hearts of all the Eight Extremities World martial practitioners to grow heavy.

As they saw it, even Jade Sea City’s City Lord Song Wuliang, with the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword in hand, might not be able to stand against this Yang Zhanhua who hailed from the World beyond Worlds.

“Sadly, this is as far as you go,” After some initial surprise, Yang Zhanhua’s expression regained his calmness.

All-illuminating golden light rose above his head, a golden crown surfacing.

Infinite light enveloped the surrounding area, resembling a great fiery sun.

Feeling the majestic, vigorous power fluctuations from within, the hearts of those of Broad Creed Mountain all fell to the very bottom, “Sacred Artifact!”

Bolstered by the golden crown, Yang Zhanhua’s aura instantly surged madly, suppressing the Imperious Cold Martial Armour and the Northern Ocean Clone.

Standing behind Yan Zhaoge, Fu Enshu’s brows were knit tight, “It is not just his cultivation base that is powerful.”

Yan Zhaoge did not appear surprised in the least, “Just like how those at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm and above are unable to easily descend from the World beyond Worlds, their cultivation bases being supressed to the third level of the Martial Saint realm even if they do so, mid-grade Sacred Artifacts cannot descend as well.

However, low-grade Sacred Artifacts can.”

Looking at Yang Zhanhua, he suddenly laughed, “A pity, but it is still useless.

Saying that you aren’t qualified, you still cannot accept it.

Then, let me properly have you know why you aren’t qualified.”

Before his words had landed, the roars of myriad dragons resounded as a majestic palace suddenly appeared in front of the Northern Ocean Clone, blocking the path of Yang Zhanhua and his accompanying Sacred Artifact, the Dawn Sun Crown.

The great door of the palace opened, Yang Zhanhua feeling rather taken aback by the overflowing qi of true dragons that surged out like an ocean from within, “How are there so many dragons here”

The Myriad Dragon Palace released a great amount of radiance, enveloping Yang Zhanhua and temporarily sealing him along with the Dawn Sun Crown.

Yang Zhanhua roared in rage, emitting light from his entire body as he wanted to shoot out of the area encompassed by the radiance of the Myriad Dragon Palace.

He was indeed powerful.

As he charged, even the Myriad Dragon Palace up above was shaking non-stop as it seemed like it might be flipped over at any time.

Yan Zhaoge looked gravely yet calmly at all this, comprehending the concept behind the other party’s martial arts.

Jin Jie’s expression sunk.

While Yang Zhanhua looked like he would be able to break free very soon, the scene before him still caused him to feel extremely awkward.

While those of the Sacred Sun Clan and Broad Creed Mountain were all watching on, Jin Jie shook his head, striding forward, his entire person instantly becoming incomparably sharp and exposed as a blade.

While not as majestic and tyrannical as Yang Zhanhua, the feeling given off by Jin Jie was even more tough and piercing.

The sword by his waist shot out of its sheath, transforming into a jade light which shot straight towards Yan Zhaoge.

Jin Jie did not go forth to assist Yang Zhanhua as the latter might instead be unhappy about that.

However, he did not hesitate in moving to take down Yan Zhaoge in the least.

However, while his sword was fast, the Northern Ocean Clone was even faster, garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour as he blocked before Jin Jie.

“A pity that my accompanying sword was damaged earlier and remained in the World beyond Worlds to be nourished,” Jin Jie frowned.

However, he was still extremely powerful, completely not inferior to Yang Zhanhua at all as a high-grade spirit artifact in hand, he too unleashed extremely great power, his sword-light expanding and enveloping the Northern Ocean Clone.

As soon as he calmly faced his opponent, Jin Jie gradually came to realise that something was wrong.

The Northern Ocean Clone before him was silent and without words, not uttering any sound at all.

While his cultivation base was shocking and his martial arts executed to the point of perfection, he just seemed to give off a dazed feeling somehow.

Carefully observing him, a notion suddenly arose in Jin Jie’s mind, “It couldn’t be”

At this moment, the spectators, be they from the Sacred Sun Clan or Broad Creed Mountain, were all feeling shocked.

The two experts of the second level of the Martial Saint realm who had descended from the World beyond Worlds had actually been unable to swiftly take down Yan Zhaoge.

This inevitably exceeded their expectations.

“What treasure is that palace Why is that Martial Saint helping Yan Zhaoge That Sacred Artifact seems to be the rumoured Imperious Cold Martial Armour of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint of the past.

However, this person is not the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint.

What exactly…”

Amidst everyone’s uncertainty, the Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, Huang Xu, now strode through the air, headed straight towards Yan Zhaoge.

Glancing at him, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “You are indeed good at choosing an opportunity.”

Huang Xu said, “You, however, aren’t.

If I were you, I wouldn’t have appeared.”

Jin Jie had not fallen to a disadvantage.

While Yang Zhanhua had been trapped, he would soon be able to break free.

Victory looked to be firmly grasped within their hands.

Broad Creed Mountain had no way of truly turning the tables at all.

Making use of this opportunity to capture Yan Zhaoge and attain merit, the Radiant Light Sect of the World beyond Worlds wouldn’t be able to treat their Sacred Sun Clan too lightly.

Huang Xu indeed had it well planned out.

The only question was whether he had the ability to take down Yan Zhaoge.

A clump of dense black light appeared within Huang Xu’s hands.

As he raised it up high, the surrounding space was instantly shaken greatly.

Having used to belong to Infinite Boundless Mountain, the Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe!

As Huang Xu’s axe chopped downwards, tears instantly appeared within space as it descended towards Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Seeing this, rather than evading it, Yan Zhaoge instead laughed lightly.

Purple light flickered within his hand as a dark green bamboo cane suddenly appeared within.

The bamboo cane had five segments, being five feet long in total.

No spiritual qi emanated from it at all, no abnormalities being visible with it in the least as it just seemed like any ordinary bamboo cane.

However, Yan Zhaoge raised the bamboo cane, smashing it down towards Huang Xu’s head!

The dark green bamboo cane clashed with the Heaven Cleaving Axe.

In the end, it was actually the Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe, which trembled!

Huang Xu was stunned.

A Sacred Artifact had trembled upon clashing with a five feet long bamboo cane

The Heaven Cleaving Axe halted in mid-air, yet Yan Zhaoge didn’t pause in his movements in the least as he immediately struck down a second time towards Huang Xu.

Huang Xu was greatly shocked, radiance flickering about his body as the long robe he was wearing lit up, nine brightly glowing suns slowly rising together from it into the air.


A muffled noise resounded as the nine great suns plummeted downwards all at once!

A high-grade spirit artifact had been extinguished with a single cane on Yan Zhaoge’s part!

Huang Xu stared wide-eyed, rendered utterly speechless!

“However much there is conflict between Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, it is also a matter of the Eight Extremities World,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Now that you’ve called in outsiders to flip over the table, don’t tell me that you want to continue playing by the same rules”

“That’s also fine.

Being able to find them to help you is also a skill of yours.

Let us all rely on our skills then.

Since you flipped the table over, I’ll burn down the house.

You and those people you found-don’t any of you be thinking of leaving.”


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