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HSSB578: My clone is not at the first level of the Martial Saint realm


Yan Zhaoge had been missing for a long time.

Now, he had suddenly appeared again, accompanied by a Martial Saint and guarded by the supreme treasure, the Myriad Dragon Palace.

This truly exceeded the expectations of all those of the Sacred Sun Clan.

However, Huang Xu still decided to make a move.

In daring to do so, he naturally possessed full confidence.

While he had lost the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, the Heaven Cleaving Axe was a Sacred Artifact as well.

Even though it had yet to fully recuperate from its previous injury, its vitality had already been recovered.

Huang Xu had also been gradually getting familiar with this Sacred Artifact.

Whether it was that unfamiliar Martial Saint or the strange palace, both of them were currently engaged in combat with the two Martial Saints of the Radiant Light Sect.

Those within Broad Creed Mountain were blocked and unable to leave.

If that unfamiliar Martial Saint dared to give the Imperious Cold Martial Armour to Yan Zhaoge, he himself would then be unable to stand against Jin Jie.

Like this, with the Heaven Cleaving Axe in hand, Huang Xu was naturally confident of taking down Yan Zhaoge, a Martial Grandmaster.

Thus, he had easily decided to make a move.

While it might lead to the dissatisfaction of Yang Zhanhua and Jin Jie, the Sacred Sun Clan had to put up a proper performance lest they be looked down upon.

Thus, Huang Xu had made a move.

After that…

After that, he had been stunned.

The Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners by the side were all stunned as well.

Even Jin Jie who was currently locked in combat with the Northern Ocean Clone was momentarily dazed.

A Sacred Artifact had been beat into retreat by a single bamboo cane

Was that still a bamboo cane

Could that be some unique treasure

Through the self-concealment of divine objects, no exceptional areas could be seen from its exterior

However, no matter how they looked at it, apart from some glowing faint purple light, it just seemed like an ordinary dark green bamboo branch.

No spiritual qi emanated from it at all, no unique power manifesting in the least.

Even when it had clashed with the Heaven Cleaving Axe, sending it into retreat, nothing extraordinary had been felt.

However, just this one inconspicuous bamboo cane had sent a Sacred Artifact, the Heaven Cleaving Axe, into retreat, even having shattered Yan Xu’s accompanying high-grade spirit artifact, the Nine Sun Robes, in a single blow.

The Nine Sun Robes was the accompanying high-grade spirit artifact of the Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan.

The Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler would usually be grasped by the strongest expert of the clan, not necessarily being wielded by its Chief.

Thus, this Nine Sun Robes was a symbol of the Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Yet, just this ordinary-looking bamboo cane had extinguished it in an instant!

Huang Xu was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied, only feeling the world before his eyes grow dark as he very nearly plummeted down from mid-air.

“This guy’s really strange!” Looking at the dark green bamboo branch in Yan Zhaoge’s hands and then at the Northern Ocean Clone before him, Jin Jie felt a revelation descend upon him, “This Martial Saint has no thoughts of his own, instead being a clone that was refined by that person!”

“A Martial Grandmaster refined a Martial Saint as a clone!”

Jin Jie inhaled deeply, appraising Yan Zhaoge in earnest for the first time as what he saw left him even more shocked, “His actual age is not much greater than his external appearance.

At such a young age, an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster!”

He composed himself, expanding his sword-light which illuminated the surrounding area all around before attacking over towards Yan Zhaoge himself.

“Kid, let’s see whether that bamboo branch of yours can break this sword in my hand!”

The Northern Ocean Clone laughed coldly, a bright golden spear suddenly appearing within his hands that was filled completely with dragon scales.

As the spear pierced outwards, countless dragons roared!

With all those dragon corpses obtained in the dragon tomb and his Martial Saint clone, Yan Zhaoge had been able to show off his artifact forging skills for real.

While Sacred Artifacts were hard to forge, forging a high-grade spirit artifact within a short period of time was no big deal at all.

This spear in the Northern Ocean Clone’s hands was still not a high-grade spirit artifact but the mold for a Sacred Artifact.

While it had yet to enter Sainthood, it was still filled with boundless power.

Garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour and with a spear in hand, the Northern Ocean Clone was far more powerful than when he had been bare-handed.

He unleashed a Roc-Fish Suspending Wings, directly extinguishing the vast galaxy of stars of that jade-green sword light as his spear pointed straight towards Jin Jie’s brows.

Shocked, Jin Jie moved his sword back to defend, barely blocking the spear by the narrowest of margins.

At the same time, after having beaten the Heaven Cleaving Axe into retreat once more, Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane drew a half-circle in mid-air before striking down towards the sword in Jin Jie’s hand!

Jin Jie’s majestic power as a Martial Saint was suppressed by the Northern Ocean Clone and the Imperious Cold Martial Armour as he was only able to watch helplessly on as Yan Zhaoge’s strike directly broke the high-grade spirit artifact treasured sword in his hand into two segments!

“It seems like I can break it,” Yan Zhaoge laughed, “This bamboo cane of mine is not that good at beating people up, but in beating treasures of all kinds, it can still serve some use somewhat.”

Not only did his words cause the world before Huang Xu’s eyes to grow dark once more, even Jin Jie felt stifled to the point of nearly vomiting blood.

It could still serve some use somewhat

Having sent a Sacred Artifact into retreat, directly exterminating high-grade spirit artifacts!

Jin Jie inhaled deeply, swivelling his head to look at Huang Xu as he ordered authoritatively, “Give me that axe.”

Huang Xu dared not hold anything back now as he hurriedly agreed.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone came over to face them once more, horizontally sweeping the Dragon Scales Spear in his hands as he stood between the two.

Jin Jie’s gaze turned cold, “You really think that someone at the first level of the Martial Saint realm can block us”

Jade-green light surged madly about his entire body, transforming into a sword-aura that resembled emerald which condensed to take tangible form, tough in its material and sharp in its offence as it seemed unbreakable and indestructible.

The sword-aura rampaged amidst the horizon.

Wherever the jade light passed, space would converge before next shattering!

However, he discovered that Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was not attacking, instead standing unmoving where he was as from within the acupoints of his entire body, streams of light were currently also being emitted.

An icy ocean of ten thousand li condensed above the Northern Ocean Clone’s head, numerous ice dragons rising and sinking within the icy waters.

A fish which was massive beyond compare soared out from the depths of the sea, transforming into a great roc.

However, as light flickered, this great creature actually split into two.

The massive fish returned to the waters, while the great roc soared amidst the nine heavens.

The entire aura of the Northern Ocean Clone was no longer the same.

Even without the Imperious Cold Martial Armour to bolster him, Jin Jie would still be unable to easily do anything to him.

“Let me correct an error in your understanding,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “This clone of mine, is not at the first level of the Martial Saint realm.”

Having obtained many top-tier supreme martial arts and gained some proficiency in them, the Northern Ocean Clone had taken great steps forward.

More importantly, he had refined a large amount of essence qi left behind in the great many true dragon corpses of the dragon tomb.

With this majestic, boundless force as well as the comprehensions and mastery in his martial arts, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had stepped into the second level of the Martial Saint realm!

The Dragon Scales Spear in his hands, the Northern Ocean Clone stabbed outwards, the roc and the fish combining forces accompanied by icy waters that surged to the heavens as the emerald sword-aura of Jin Jie’s was instantly blown into smithereens!

Roaring, the Northern Ocean Clone struck out with his spear once more, forcing Jin Jie into harried retreat.

Huang Xu was greatly shocked by this.

He currently felt regret, feeling that he had been too impatient.

However, seeing the Myriad Dragon Palace rocking as it seemed like it would soon be able to suppress Yang Zhanhua and the Dawn Sun Crown no more, Huang Xu felt slightly better.

He hurriedly retreated.

As soon as Yang Zhanhua and the Dawn Sun Crown broke free and joined hands with Jin Jie, the battle situation would immediately be reversed.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge immediately appeared in front of Huang Xu, the dark green bamboo cane in his hands descending as the Heaven Cleaving Axe was instantly nearly jolted out of Huang Xu’s hands.

Looking at Huang Xu, Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly, “Right, this thing does not belong to your Sacred Sun Clan.

Even if I break it, you still wouldn’t feel pained.”

He drew a circle in mid-air with the bamboo cane, his movements turning from tough to gentle.

The bamboo cane landed on the Heaven Cleaving Axe, suppressing it and leaving it temporarily unable to move.

Huang Xu’s expression changed greatly.

Yan Zhaoge lightly controlled his bamboo cane in diverting the Heaven Cleaving Axe to the side.

Then, his left hand raised high, he struck down towards Huang Xu with a single palm!

With a muffled groan, Huang Xu struck out with a palm of his own.

A heavenly altar that resembled a pagoda whilst also an altar arose, emitting infinite sunlight as eight huge golden suns slowly rose into the air.

However, his palm raised to the heavens, Yan Zhaoge mightily struck down with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal, directly shattering the huge golden suns along with that Talismanic Formation Heavenly Altar!

Yan Zhaoge said in an indifferent tone, “Today, Sunset.”

A terrifying palm force swept along the shattered fragments of golden light, resembling the plummeting of the sky as the great sun was extinguished.

Huang Xu stared disbelievingly with his protruding eyeballs nearly imploding as his brain fluids were then sent splattering all about by Yan Zhaoge’s heaven-overturning palm!


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