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HSSB580: It’s your direct lineage I am beating


The Northern Ocean Clone brought down his spear-wielding right hand, the terrifying spear directly cleaving through Jin Jie’s chest amidst boundless power.

Streams of black and golden radiance shattered Jin Jie’s internal organs, bones and blood vessels.

Rumbling noises resounded between the heavens and the earth, resembling the shattering of countless rocks.

The fleshly body of a Martial Saint that was even tougher than metal and mountains was unable to resist the terrifying power of the Northern Ocean Clone as it was wrecked unceasingly.

Fresh blood erupted that was even more blazing hot than lava as it scattered down on the great earth, a great fire blazing throughout the lands below.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he waved his hand, the great fire on the plains down below being extinguished.

Jin Jie stared wide-eyed, the glow within his eyes gradually vanishing as his embers of life were extinguished.

Be it the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners in mid-air or the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners on the Heaven Rising Peak, all of them stared dazedly at this scene.

The impact from watching this was even greater than having seen Yan Zhaoge slay Huang Xu with a single palm earlier.

While Huang Xu had been the current Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan, he was still someone of the Eight Extremities World at the end of the day, both sides being extremely familiar with his abilities.

Having fought for so many years both openly and covertly, while Huang Xu’s death at Yan Zhaoge’s hands had indeed been shocking, it had still come to be accepted very quickly.

However, Jin Jie was not someone of the Eight Extremities World, instead hailing from that legendary World beyond Worlds.

Even now, many people had no means of knowing about or imagining such a place.

It was as if it presided above the nine heavens, being completely not on the same plane of existence as their Eight Extremities World at all as it felt like an existence resembling the Heavenly Court in their eyes.

Even the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners did not know how powerful the Radiant Light Sect actually was.

All they knew was that after having received the news, they had immediately dispatched experts in descending into the Eight Extremities World.

From their limited conversation, in the eyes of Yang Zhanhua, Jin Jie and the others, ‘descending’ to the Eight Extremities World was not a good task that had been assigned to them.

If not for treasures like the Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Ying Crown and the promise of being able to accrue great merit, none of them would having been willing to ‘descend’ like this.

Even so, the descended experts of the Radiant Light Sect were sufficient to sweep through the entire Eight Extremities World.

Even while there was Yan Di here who was comparable to an expert at the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the other side had made preparations for this as well, wanting to encircle and kill him relying on numbers.

Jin Jie was not of the Radiant Light Sect’s direct lineage, but as a Martial Saint, his position within the Radiant Light Sect was naturally something different.

Yan Zhaoge actually having tyrannically killed Jin Jie now, how could everyone not feel helplessly stunned by that

The Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners all stared blankly at Yan Zhaoge, “Is he mad”

“Doesn’t he know that this way, there will be no room for reconciliation at all with the Radiant Light Sect”

“It is not just these two second level Martial Saints of the Radiant Light Sect who have descended.

There are even powerful experts at the third, even fourth level of the Martial Saint realm!”

While they could not wait to see the Radiant Light Sect exterminate Broad Creed Mountain, seeing Yan Zhaoge actually tyrannically slay Jin Jie, those of the Sacred Sun Clan felt panicked as well.

“Will the Radiant Light Sect bring down their fury upon the entire Eight Extremities World and on us”

“I don’t know, but this fella having committed such a disastrous crime, there is only death that awaits him.”

On Broad Creed Mountain, the faces of Zhang Kun and the others were rather pale as well.

In a situation of certain death, having been bullied right at their doorstep, none of them lacked the will to resist to the end, the courage to put their lives on the line.

However, when the situation had become less dangerous for them, Yan Zhaoge had simply slain his opponent just like that, sowing the seeds of great enmity.

The hearts of Zhang Kun, He Ning and the others instantly felt pained at this.

Zhang Kun could not help but raise his voice in reminder, “Zhaoge! The Radiant Light Sect experts from the World beyond Worlds are not merely this two! There are still at least one at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm and two at the third level of the Martial Saint realm who have descended!”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head and glanced at the Heaven Rising Peak before nodding nonchalantly, “While I don’t know exactly how many of them there are, they would not be just these few experts.”

“The Sacred Sun Clan has definitely told father’s situation to those of the Radiant Light Sect.

Since they have come to make trouble for us, they must definitely have factored father inside.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his head, pondering for a bit, “Someone of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm having descended to the Eight Extremities World, he would have been suppressed to the peak of the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

That is just equivalent to three third level Martial Saints.”

Zhang Kun said, “That’s right.

There is still some time before your father can leave the Seal of the East Sea, but even if he leaves, he will also be hard pressed to stand against so many enemies…”

As he was speaking, Yan Zhaoge instead flicked his arm, that dark green bamboo cane landing in the hands of the Northern Ocean Clone.

Then, the Northern Ocean Clone directly turned and entered the Myriad Dragon Palace!

Everyone was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

Zhang Kun stared, “Zhaoge, that Jin Jie introduced himself as a guest Elder of the Radiant Light Sect, not being of their direct lineage.

However, this Yang Zhanhua should probably be part of their direct lineage!”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I know.

It’s precisely their direct lineage I am beating.”

Zhang Kun opened his mouth, yet could not speak.

Over the years, Yan Zhaoge had attained many great achievements as he had unceasingly accrued merit after merit.

As the number one Heaven’s chosen of the Eight Extremities World’s younger generation, he was already on equal terms with the longtime Elders of all the clans in terms of position.

His position and his abilities could not be measured simply by his age.

It was to the point that even they of Broad Creed Mountain would sometimes forget that the youth before them, whilst appearing refined and elegant on the outside, had an arrogant, domineering soul.

This number one Heaven’s chosen of the younger generation was as renowned for causing trouble as he was for achieving magnificent feats.

The only difference from him and others was that even if he tore a hole in the sky, he almost never needed others to clean up for him as he himself would be able to prevent the sky from toppling on his own.

That was how he had achieved his great renown today.

The Myriad Dragon Palace was currently shaking unceasingly as Yang Zhanhua tried to escape from it.

When he was just about to break free through the gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace, the great gate suddenly opened on its own.

Yang Zhanhua wanted to rush out of it, but the world before his eyes suddenly changed as a sharp spear whistled right before him in an instant.

Such a familiar feeling…

Yang Zhanhua was greatly enraged, yet could not do anything about it at all.

As if time was flowing in reverse, the same familiar method, the same familiar stance, all of it played out once more.

The Northern Ocean Clone sent out another spear, forcing Yang Zhanhua back into the Myriad Dragon Palace.

This time, the gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace did not close as the Northern Ocean Clone shot in as well, his spear descending towards Yang Zhanhua like a tempestuous storm!

Looking at the Northern Ocean Clone that was garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, Yang Zhanhua roared, “Fine, let’s have a look at your abilities!”

Bolstered by the Dawn Sun Crown, the force of his palm seemed endless as all-illuminating radiance shone without interruption, without day and without night as the heavens and earth were consumed by eternal daylight.

The Radiant Light Sect’s direct lineage martial art, the Infinite Light Palm!

This time, however, the Northern Ocean Clone did not clash forcibly against him as the spear in his hand turned from tough to gentle, dissipating Yang Zhanhua’s palm force.

With his other hand, he raised the dark green bamboo cane, smashing it down towards Yang Zhanhua’s Dawn Sun Crown!

Having been locked down by the Myriad Dragon Palace earlier, seeing the dark green bamboo cane to be completely ordinary as it wasn’t obtrusive in the least, Yang Zhanhua felt greatly bemused.

While he was feeling stifled to the extreme, facing this abnormal situation, he still chose the safer option as he first tried to evade it.

However, the spear of the Northern Ocean Clone subtly entrapped Yang Zhanhua who was slowed, the Dawn Sun Crown thereby being hit by the dark green bamboo cane.

The golden crown that emitted infinite radiance instantly shuddered, its light dimming!

“Huh!” Yang Zhanhua was completely unable to comprehend this, appearing somewhat dazed as he looked at the dark green bamboo cane from which no power fluctuations were emanating at all.


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