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HSSB581: All stay behind, don’t even think about running


Following Jin Jie, Yang Zhanhua was rendered dazed by Yan Zhaoge’s bamboo cane as well.

After discovering that Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone actually had a cultivation base of the second level of the Martial Saint realm, Yang Zhanhua finally got serious.

The other party’s strength was also extremely outstanding amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level, making for a powerful enemy.

However, when Yang Zhanhua was preparing to properly fight it out with the Northern Ocean Clone, the latter raised the dark green bamboo cane, smashing it forcefully downwards towards his head.

The Dawn Sun Crown, a Sacred Artifact, seemed like a small boat bobbing amidst shocking, roiling waves as it shook and wobbled.

The Dawn Sun Crown received the first blow.

The Dawn Sun Crown also received the second blow.

However, the blows rained down like a tempestuous storm in a seemingly never-ending manner, causing the radiance of the Dawn Sun Crown to grow dim as that glow resembled the dying flame of a candle beneath a storm which seemed like it might be extinguished at any time.

Yang Zhanhua felt greatly pained over this yet could do nothing about it.

What caused him to feel even more agonised and angered was the fact that as the radiance of the Dawn Sun Crown grew dim and its spirituality gradually faded, he was no longer able to receive an increment in strength from its power.

Thus, facing the Northern Ocean Clone who was garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, he was instantly one-sidedly suppressed.

The powerful stances of the Northern Ocean Clone regained their fierceness and sharpness, each one faster and fiercer than the last as they pushed Yang Zhanhua to the point of near death.

Fury arose within Yang Zhanhua’s heart.

He extended his hands forward before abruptly bringing them together, actually accurately catching the Northern Ocean Clone’s Dragon Scales Spear between his two palms.

“I’ll first destroy this dirty-looking, unwieldy trash spear of yours!” Yang Zhanhua roared in rage, infinite light surging madly which mightily struck the Dragon Scales Spear within the hands of the Northern Ocean Clone.

A majestic, tyrannical force seemed to surge to forcibly snap apart this spear which was still not yet a Sacred Artifact.

Holding the spear with one hand, the Northern Ocean Clone did not weaken in the slightest as the immense power of the roc broke through the heavens and split the ocean, bolstering the spear with a power that was even more fearsome than that unleashed by Yang Zhanhua.

An unmatchable immense force resembled a roc shooting out of the ocean as it collided mightily with a heavenly pillar, wanting to smash the heavenly pillar into collapse.

Yang Zhanhua’s expression was grave to the extreme as his palms were pushed slowly back.

Based on pure strength alone, while his Radiant Light Illuminating Art was tyrannical, it still couldn’t compare to the vastness of the power of the great roc.

However, Yang Zhanhua did not panic as he slowly retreated, unceasingly whittling away at the pressure brought upon him by the Northern Ocean Clone as he seemed to be trying to drag things out into a protracted battle.

His true intent of his Radiant Light Illuminating Art stemmed from the eternal nature of light which illuminated the great thousand worlds.

His palm arts, the Infinite Light Palm, had the speciality of limitless radiance which was emitted in an endless stream, seemingly without end.

In terms of endurance, in terms of patience, in terms of a drawn out battle, Yang Zhanhua had the confidence of standing against any single person of the same cultivation level.

As long as he was not swiftly defeated by his opponent, Yang Zhanhua would have the confidence of beating him even if all his did was simply drag things out to the end.

However, icy oceanic waters surged around the Northern Ocean Clone, numerous ice dragons shooting out from within which entangled about the Dragon Scales Spear, going straight for Yang Zhanhua.

Yang Zhanhua stared wide-eyed as he saw the cold, icy qi unceasingly extinguishing the light of his palms.

It was as though the universe was coming to an end, everything returning to darkness and icy coldness as no light or warmth remained.

The power of Yang Zhanhua’s Infinite Light Palm instantly weakened as it was no longer able to stand against the Northern Ocean Clone’s Northern Ocean Divine Spear.

The roar of a dragon resounded as the spear stabbed into Yang Zhanhua’s body!

Yang Zhanhua emitted a muffled groan, only able to devote all of his energies to defence.

He again executed the most powerful defensive martial art of the Radiant Light Sect, the Inextinguishable Light Body.

Bright light shot out from his entire body, seemingly located amidst boundless darkness yet being eternal and inextinguishable.

The light condensed throughout his body, causing him to appear completely transparent.

The glow turned tangible, tough and indestructible.

The spear of the Northern Ocean Clone was already stabbing into his body at a lower momentum.

However, the Northern Ocean Clone minded it not as he raised the dark green bamboo cane, continuously bringing it down once more.

Yang Zhanhua could only watch helplessly on, being unable to do anything at all.

He currently dared not even move the little fingers of his hands, for fear that the Northern Ocean Divine Spear would instantly pierce through his chest!

Finally, a ‘bang’ sound resounded as the golden crown on Yang Zhanhua’s head was directly sent flying by a single cane of the Northern Ocean Clone’s.

It landed in a corner of the Myriad Dragon Palace, metallic sounds of impact audible as it rolled along.

Having completely lost the assistance of the Dawn Sun Crown, facing the Northern Ocean Clone who was garbed in the Imperious Cold Martial Armour, Yang Zhanhua appeared to be in an even more precarious position.

Currently, all he could do was execute the Inextinguishable Light Body to the maximum.

The Inextinguishable Light Body was indeed worthy of being a direct lineage martial art of the Radiant Light Sect as focused fully on defence, it forcibly resisted the Northern Ocean Clone’s spear.

Looking at Yang Zhanhua before him, the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly laughed.

He kept the dark green bamboo cane neither hurriedly nor slowly, still holding on to his spear with one hand.

Yang Zhanhua looked rather surprisedly at the Northern Ocean Clone, yet suddenly heard him say, “Don’t be in a rush.

It’s temporarily still not time to claim your life yet.”

While the voice was different, the tone and manner of speaking was the same as that of Yan Zhaoge himself.

Carefully observing the Northern Ocean Clone, Yang Zhanhua also discovered to his great astonishment that this expert of the second level of the Martial Saint realm before him was actually a clone that had been refined by Yan Zhaoge.

At this critical moment of life and death, after his initial shock, Yang Zhanhua recovered and looked coldly at Yan Zhaoge.

“Kill me and you will be asking for your doom,” Yang Zhanhua’s expression was calm to the point of scariness, “You, your father, your clan behind you, even this world that you were born in will only have the path of destruction left to it.”

His tone was mild, as if he was saying something that could not be any more self-evident.

Yan Zhaoge was not angered, “I have already killed the person that you came with.

Thus, you don’t really matter now.

Even if I let you go, there won’t be much of a difference, yes”

Yang Zhanhua glared at the Northern Ocean Clone, “Jin Jie was really killed by you!”

The Northern Ocean Clone laughed nonchalantly.

Yang Zhanhua slowly shook his head, “You are done for.

Your father and this Broad Creed Mountain are also done for.”

“If you think you can do it, just kill me as well.

This world you were born in and its countless lifeforms will all have to accompany you, me and Jin Jie in death.”

The Northern Ocean Clone had just been about to speak when his gaze suddenly flickered, and he turned to look outside of the Myriad Dragon Palace.

The heavens and earth in the vicinity of Broad Creed Mountain were shaking as were that of the entire Central Heaven Region.

Not just Yan Zhaoge, everyone present turned their gazes towards the east.

There, incomparably powerful existences were currently approaching Broad Creed Mountain.

Those were existences at the peak level of power possible for the Eight Extremities World that caused even the heavens and the earth to shake!

Also, it was not just a single one of them!

With them yet to truly arrive near Broad Creed Mountain, the Clear Qi Grand Formation was already rippling and distorting like water!

When the three figures appeared in the distant horizon, the Clear Qi Grand Formation which had guarded Broad Creed Mountain for so many years began to shatter unceasingly!

Looking at those three figures through the gate of the palace, Yang Zhanhua said coldly to Yan Zhaoge, “You had better immediately commit suicide now.

You can die a little more comfortably, and if my senior apprentice-uncles are in a good mood, they might even spare your clan as well.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “What was it that gave you the impression that I wouldn’t kill you”

Yang Zhanhua stared incredulously as he saw the Northern Ocean Clone place his other hand on the spear as well before forcefully stabbing outwards with both hands.

The power of the Imperious Cold Martial Armour was unleashed to the maximum, numerous dragons of light also descending from the Myriad Dragon Palace to bolster this Northern Ocean Divine Spear!

A violent force mightily broke through Yang Zhanhua’s Inextinguishable Light Body which had already been on the brink of collapse!

Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly, “With you having met a setback here, those of the Sacred Sun Clan would definitely have notified those of your sect.

With your main goal in having descended to the Eight Extremities World this time being me and the Extreme Yang Seal, knowing that I am here, they would definitely have temporarily set the Seal of the East Sea aside and rushed over here.”

“In not having killed you just now, it was merely to leave all of you behind now.”

The violent spear of the Northern Ocean Clone pierced through Yang Zhanhua’s chest!


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