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HSSB584: Levelling the World Illuminating Peak


The strike from the violent Extreme Yang Seal nearly ripped apart the entire Eight Extremities World.

The great crimson seal became extraordinarily huge beyond compare, covering the sky and smashing downwards as it pressured Sun Hao, an expert of the third level of the Martial Saint realm, completely underfoot.

Sun Hao drew on all his strength, yet was helpless to do anything.

Attacking, could not surpass.

Defending, could not withstand.

Evading, could not avoid.

Escaping, could not flee!

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Remaining self-aware all the time-it applies for the both of us.”

“Let’s first not mention me.

Think about it carefully.

Do you think you can resist this blow of mine”

Sun Hao opened his mouth, yet was unable to utter a sound.

He swivelled his head to look at the neighbouring Myriad Dragon Palace.

Deng Sen and Liu Feng were his only hope now.

As if having heard his pleas, the great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace now mightily opened.

A figure fled from within, closely pursued by a little remnant qi of destruction.

That person was precisely Deng Sen, the strongest expert of the Radiant Light Sect who had descended into the Eight Extremities World this time.

At this moment, however, this expert who had originally been at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm was in a state that was tragic beyond compare, gravely wounded to the point of near death and with the flesh and blood of his entire body all maimed as there was no bit of good skin on him.

With his current injuries, let alone ascending to the World beyond Worlds, even while he had escaped from the Myriad Dragon Palace, how long he could live thereafter was still a problem.

It was due to his great strength as well as his execution of the strongest defensive martial art of the Radiant Light Sect, the Inextinguishable Light Body, that he was even still barely alive right now.

The other third level Martial Saint, Liu Feng, had directly been destroyed beneath the destructive tides of the Myriad Dragon Palace, with not even his bones remaining!

Deng Sen hissed, “Junior apprentice-brother Sun, quickly…”

His voice stopped right at this point, the final word he had uttered reverberating in mid-air as if he was being choked by someone.

Right before his eyes, Sun Hao was directly obliterated into nothingness by that terrifying Extreme Yang Seal!

The shaking of the heavens and the earth persisted for a long time.

After having slain Sun Hao in a single strike, the Extreme Ying Seal whose ferocity surged to the heavens hovered unmoving in mid-air.

The golden light on its surface gradually disappeared, its powerful aura being retracted as it hovered silently within in the air, resuming the appearance of an ordinary red copper seal.

While the violent nature of the Extreme Yang Seal which had just been demonstrated could no longer be seen from its current state at all, everyone here still felt a chill as they looked at it.

His expression calm, Yan Zhaoge kept the Extreme Yang Seal before swivelling his head to look at Deng Sen, “It looks like your junior apprentice-nephew still wasn’t able to come back from the dead in the end.”

“The dead cannot come back to life.

My condolences, anyway…” Yan Zhaoge smiled coldly, “You’re going to accompany him in the netherworld right about now.”

The current aura of the Myriad Dragon Palace had become much weaker as it had almost fallen apart from that strong internal eruption of qi earlier.

However, all thanks to Deng Sen and Liu Feng, the Myriad Dragon Palace had been successfully preserved.

By the open gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace flashed a streak of light as the Northern Ocean Clone shot out in pursuit!

Deng Sen looked first at Yan Zhaoge as he kept the Extreme Yang Seal, next at the Myriad Dragon Palace and then at Broad Creed Mountain.

His gaze was incomparably focused, as if he wanted to imprint everything that he was currently seeing on his very soul.

Then, this expert of the Radiant Light Sect speedily turned and fled.

Deng Sen had not previously thought that their group which had descended into this Eight Extremities World might actually end up in such a state.

Everyone else had perished while he was gravely wounded and on the brink of death.

Deng Sen’s current injuries were such that even if he didn’t enter a battle, how long he would be able to remain alive would still be a problem to him.

The Northern Ocean Clone whom he would usually be able to completely ignore and simply casually clap dead whenever he wanted would instead be able to immediately claim his life now.

Thus, he could only flee.

If he could successfully return to the World beyond Worlds and to the Radiant Light Sect, he might still be able to preserve his life, also asking the sect to dispatch more experts over as they might be able to kill Yan Zhaoge and obtain the Extreme Yang Seal.

“Dragon qi…that oceanic amount of the qi of true dragons assisted him in wielding that high-grade Sacred Artifact!”

“Even so, this shouldn’t be something that is possible for a mere Martial Grandmaster.

Could he have obtained the legacy of the Sacred Artifact’s original owner”

Deng Sen was also astonished by the fact that Yan Zhaoge had actually been able to wield the Extreme Yang Seal as a Martial Grandmaster.

However, with his discernment abilities, he could tell that Yan Zhaoge only had the power for that one strike, and should also be unable to make use of the Extreme Yang Seal for a very long period of time thereafter.

However, whether or not that was the case, he currently dared not linger before Yan Zhaoge at all.

There was only once choice available to him, and that was fleeing.

Yan Zhaoge saw that Deng Sen was fleeing south, in the direction of the Sacred Sun Clan.

He could not help but laugh as he brought along the Myriad Dragon Palace and the Northern Ocean Clone, setting off in hot pursuit of Deng Sen.

Everyone else still remained dazed, only able to recover after a long time.

While being because the three great experts of the Radiant Light Sect had all been dealt with, it was also because that majestic, unparalleled power of the Extreme Yang Seal had far surpassed all their imaginations, shaking their very souls.

This battle had virtually ended in an instant, having arrived at its conclusion even quicker than when Yan Zhaoge had been clashing with Yang Zhanhua and Jin Jie earlier.

Thus, everyone was completely unable to immediately come to terms with it.

The two great experts, Deng Sen and Li Feng, had entered the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Next, the gate of the palace had closed as it shook intensely.

When the gate reopened once more, Liu Feng was no longer visible as there was only Deng Sen who was riddled in wounds and panickedly fleeing for his life, looking like he was on the verge of death.

Sun Hao who had remained outside had still appeared authoritative and mighty a moment ago, wanting to wipe out Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain together in a single palm.

The next moment, however, he had been smashed into nothingness by the Extreme Yang Seal!

There were five great experts of the Radiant Light Sect of the World Beyond Worlds who had descended into the Eight Extremities World and come to attack Broad Creed Mountain.

One fourth level Martial Saint, two third level Martial Saints and two second level Martial Saints had swiftly met defeat at Broad Creed Mountain, four dead and one injured!

They had all been crushed underfoot by Yan Zhaoge!

Everyone could only vaguely feel like they were within a dream with the heavens and earth before their eyes having reversed, the entire world having become surreal as it was hard to comprehend.

When they finally recovered, the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan immediately fled panickedly in all directions, seeming as though they had lost their souls.

Meanwhile, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners discarded all their earlier despondence as they went from defence to offence, pursuing their fleeing enemies.

At this point, there was really nothing more to it.

Apart from the heavily injured He Ning, even Zhang Kun left the Mountain, leading those of Broad Creed Mountain in exterminating the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners present.

Yan Zhaoge passed from the Heaven Domain to the Fire Domain in hot pursuit of Deng Sen till finally he arrived at the Sacred Sun Clan’s World Illuminating Peak!

Covered completely in blood, Deng Sen seemed like he might plummet from the sky at any moment.

Looking at the World Illuminating Peak which was already within sight, looking at the spiritual light atop it that shot straight up to the heavens, the glow of hope finally appeared within his eyes.

Deng Sen struggled, reaching out towards that pillar of spiritual light.

At this moment, however, a streak of light flashed through the northern horizon.

The roar of a dragon resounded as a spear descended from the heavens, directly piercing through Deng Sen’s body and forcibly pinning him right on the mountain of the World Illuminating Peak!

Deng Sen’s eyes bulged as he looked back with much difficulty, “Kid, you…”

Before his words had landed, the Northern Ocean Clone’s hand had already struck down on his head, mightily slamming him entirely into the rocks of the mountain!

An almighty expert of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm thereby perished!

Many of the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners had still yet to react when they saw a violent power mightily descend, Deng Sen’s body erupting into a blood mist which dyed the entire World Illuminating Peak red.

The local guardian grand formation was unable to resist this immense force as it collapsed along with the mountain peak.

Yan Zhaoge did not look at Deng Sen as he was instead calmly gazing at the spiritual light at the top of the World Illuminating Peak.

His voice reverberated within the air.

“Today, this Yan is levelling this World Illuminating Peak.”


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