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HSSB585: World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie, dies!


In the Sacred Sun Clan, there were still Transcending Mortality longtime Elders who had remained behind to guard the clan.

However, even with their guardian grand formation, they were still helpless to resist Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone now.

His hands behind his back, Yan Zhaoge walked towards the gradually collapsing World Illuminating Peak neither quickly nor slowly.

The World Illuminating Peak had descended into unprecedented chaos, all the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners panicked before growing stunned.

“How have things become like this”

This was the question within all their minds.

Hadn’t their Sacred Sun Clan established contact with the legendary World beyond Worlds which was an existence like the Heavenly Court of the Divine Realm

With such an advantage, wasn’t their Sacred Sun Clan equivalent to having been chosen by Heaven as it was destined to become the overlord of the Eight Extremities World

Hadn’t incomparable experts of the legendary World beyond Worlds descended into this Eight Extremities World, resembling descended divinities as they had come to assist their Sacred Sun Clan

Wasn’t it planned that they would directly extinguish Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage whilst also taking care of Yan Di, Song Wuliang and the others in the Seal of the East Sea and welcoming back their old Chief Huang Guanglie

Weren’t they going to intimidate all the other clans with that, thereby ascending the peak of the Eight Extremities World for good and ruling the four seas

…This rhythm wasn’t right!

The Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners all had dazed looks on their faces now.

With every step that Yan Zhaoge took, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners who emerged in opposition along the way were all casually slain by him.

The pillar of spiritual light at the peak of the mountain that seemed to break through the nine heavens as it shot straight up into the horizon seemed to shake slightly at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand, the Myriad Dragon Palace appearing and cutting off that pillar of light.

While the Myriad Dragon Palace was currently in a weakened state, streams of light emanated from it, interfering with the spiritual light and preventing it from continuing.

When Yan Zhaoge arrived at the place from which the spiritual light originated, he saw light piercing through the roof of the great hall, penetrating through all materials as it continued rising upwards.

As the great hall broke apart, a pale-faced youth could be seen sitting within.

It was precisely the son of Huang Xu and the grandson of Huang Guanglie, the World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie.

Huang Jie appeared extremely weak as his face seemed completely devoid of blood.

However, the gaze with which he looked at Yan Zhaoge was exceptionally bright.

Looking at Huang Jie, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slowly, “When Huang Guanglie took out a golden lamp during the formation of the Seal of the East Sea and connected to the World beyond Worlds, I knew then that there was someone of your Sacred Sun Clan who had the unique situation of being able to produce that golden lamp that connected to the World beyond Worlds.”

“Those of the Radiant Light Sect having been able to accurately descend into the Eight Extremities World, especially that person at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm in his having been able to descend and remain here, there must have been someone arranging for it over on this side.”

“Their target was the Extreme Yang Seal, and maybe also the Extreme Yin Crown, which they had to obtain before quickly returning to the World beyond Worlds with.

Thus, this passageway would have to be sustained for some time.”

“At the very least, by their original plans, before having gone to the East Sea and achieved something substantive, this passageway would still have to be sustained.”

While speaking casually, Yan Zhaoge came before Huang Jie, “Still, I had not thought earlier than the one of the Sacred Sun Clan bearing this responsibility was you.”

Raising his head and looking at the Myriad Dragon Palace which concealed the sky overhead, Huang Jie sighed, “I had also not previously thought that all of these would actually be wrecked by you.”

He looked straight at Yan Zhaoge, “You are very strong, extraordinarily strong to a point that exceeds comprehension.

This I have always known.”

“Still, I am still unable to understand.

How were you able to deal with the three Elders and two guest Elders of the Radiant Light Sect”

“Elders Yang and Jin aside, the other three…”

Huang Jie’s brows were knit tightly, “I had originally thought that the only way things might go wrong was your father having ascended to the second level of the Martial Saint realm upon leaving the Seal of the East Sea.

However, the possibility of that is small indeed.

Meanwhile, while you have truly given us too many surprises and I believe you will definitely pose a huge threat in the future, your strength logically shouldn’t have skyrocketed to such an extent this time.”

“That treasure in the Earth Domain that suppressed the crevice to the Nine Underworlds-you should logically be unable to wield it.

Yet, even if you could, could you have dealt with those three Elders at the same time”

Yan Zhaoge calmly looked downwards at Huang Jie, “You can’t understand it”

Huang Jie shook his head, “I really can’t.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “When you reach the underworld, think slowly and properly about it with your father.

Your grandfather will also be going down to accompany the two of you very soon.”

Huang Jie raised his head, meeting Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

Both their gazes were cold and tranquil.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Meng Wan and the Extreme Yin Crown did not go to Broad Creed Mountain, and aren’t here either.

From the looks of it, they have already been sent to the World beyond Worlds”

Huang Jie said calmly, “This is only natural.”

“Since the Radiant Light Sect made the decision to interfere with the affairs of the Eight Extremities World, they would naturally engage it on a full scale.

The Extreme Yin Crown would definitely be moved away as soon as possible, with the Sacred Sun Clan also receiving full support.”

“Having been trapped between the heavens and the earth for so many years, Ancestor Purple Sun also finally succeeded in taking that last step, ascending to the World beyond Worlds.”

“Brought along by him along with the guarding of the treasure, three young disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan could accompany the Extreme Yin Crown to the World beyond Worlds, junior apprentice-sister Meng, senior apprentice-brother Tang and me.

Still, in order to assist Elder Deng and the others, I temporarily stayed behind.”

Glancing at the Myriad Dragon Palace which was obstructing the spiritual light, Huang Jie sighed, “Still, it looks like I won’t be going anywhere now.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The Extreme Yin Crown will eventually belong to Yunsheng.

She will have the chance to defeat Meng Wan in proper battle.

These words-I’ll say them now.”

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, Huang Jie said softly, “As far back as during the Heavenly Connection Meet at Clear Concealed Lake, I had already felt that you would be my lifelong enemy, but not in the area of martial arts.”

“Fighting in battle is only ever the final means, the final step.

Many a times, true victory and defeat have already been decided even before a battle occurs.”

“It is just that as I see it now, I still underestimated you at the end of the day.

You are stronger than me.

Even now, I still cannot understand how I lost.”

Huang Jie suddenly closed his eyes, “Still, while I’ve lost, you haven’t won as well.”

Before his words had landed, the sky shook mightily as an extremely terrifying aura descended, far more terrifying than even that of Deng Lin’s who was at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Flames blazed about Huang Jie’s entire body, the pillar of spiritual light above his head actually jolting the Myriad Dragon Palace to the side and guiding that aura towards descending into the Eight Extremities World.

In an instant, the strength of that aura had completely surpassed the tolerable limits of the Eight Extremities World!

“I will exchange my life for my Master of the Radiant Light Sect acting once, breaking through the restrictions of dimensional power that suppresses cultivation bases,” Huang Jie opened his eyes wide, “Yan Zhaoge, I will sacrifice my life to take you along with me.”

Already unable to wield the Extreme Yang Seal, it seemed like Yan Zhaoge could only be dragged along into death by Huang Jie.

However, he appeared relaxed as he instead laughed, “Blood Guidance Heavenly Light Golden Lamp-is this technique supposed to be rare”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge correctly call out the name of this technique of his, Huang Jie’s pupils dilated abruptly!

Yan Zhaoge raised his hand and sliced across his wrist as well.

Then, pointing outwards, a thread of blood shot into the air, merging within the pillar of spiritual light.

A mist of blood instantly flew within that spiritual light, its glow becoming chaotic and scattered as it was no longer able to easily persist.

That terrifying power which originated from the sky above seemed to have encountered an obstacle as it was no longer able to descend within the Eight Extremities World!

A cold snort that vaguely carried anger seemed to resound from above the nine heavens.

Yan Zhaoge seemed not to care about it at all as he gazed down upon Huang Jie, saying quietly, “You die, I live.

It is as simple as that.”

A stunned look surfaced on Huang Jie’s usually tranquil features.

His body shook as he tried to stand up.

Yan Zhaoge extended his finger, tapping out towards his forehead.


Huang Jie erupted entirely into a haze of blood, scattering within the surrounding air.


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