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HSSB586: Yan Zhaoge returns!


After killing Huang Jie, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was without sorrow or joy as he gazed upwards towards the heavens.

The pillar of spiritual light was in the midst of completely disappearing, that emitted intent of rage seemingly still lingering amidst the sky.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “We will definitely meet in the future.

Even if you don’t look for me, I will be coming to find you.”

The Northern Ocean Clone appeared beside Yan Zhaoge.

Standing at the top of the World Illuminating Peak, he stomped downwards with both feet.

The entire World Illuminating Peak instantly collapsed completely, fragmented rock plummeting downwards.

Following in the footsteps of the Heavenly Thunder Hall of the Thunder Domain, the long-existing Sacred Sun Clan which had once held the position of the number one Sacred Ground of the Eight Extremities World, at its World Illuminating Peak, was today completely destroyed by Yan Zhaoge!

It was as though the levelling of Black Nightmare Mountain by the Exalted Heaven Shaker Zhan Dongge in the past was replaying itself once more.

Having escaped from such a fate that year, the Sacred Sun Clan was still exterminated today.

Yan Zhaoge’s figure seemed to envelop the entire Eight Extremities World, concealing the high heavens.

The remaining higher echelon experts of the Sacred Sun Clan apart from the World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie were all slain by Yan Zhaoge on the spot.

With the collapse of the World Illuminating Peak, many Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were unable to flee in time as they were directly buried alive.

Amidst the collapse of mountain and earth, other than feeling panicked and desolate, those of the Sacred Sun Clan felt shocked and dazed as well.

With Deng Sen’s current mutilated state, it was already difficult to distinguish his features.

However, from the radiance that his body had emanated earlier, those of them who were in the know would be aware that that was precisely a characteristic of the Radiant Light Sect’s direct lineage martial art.

While they could not identify which of the otherworldly experts Deng Sen had been, they could still identify him as being one of them.

Like this, however, their minds were in even greater disarray.

Where were the otherworldly experts that they had agreed upon

Where was the sweeping through the Eight Extremities World that they had agreed upon

Where were the descended divinities that graced the mortal dust that they had agreed upon

While there was only a single Deng Sen here, unable to see the other descended experts of the Radiant Light Sect whilst only seeing Yan Zhaoge directly arriving and slaying Deng Sen here, they knew that if the other Radiant Light Sect experts were still alive, they would naturally not have sat by and watched such a thing happening.

With this really having happened, there was only one explanation for it.

The other Radiant Light Sect experts had likely been slain as well.

“But…those were three experts comparable to the third level of the Martial Saint realm, and two at the second!”

“Those two who were at the second level of the Martial Saint realm aside, just those three alone would be equivalent to three Great Flame Devil Kings!”

“What sort of power could defeat them How exactly did that Yan Zhaoge do it”

No one could answer their question.

What awaited them was only eternal darkness.

The World Illuminating Peak that flickered with radiance all year round like a sun that never set was thereon completely extinguished, never again to shine.


After Yan Zhaoge had gone off in pursuit of Deng Sen, in the Central Heaven Region of the Heaven Domain, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners began clearing up the remaining Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners present.

Some of them had still been feeling worried about Yan Zhaoge killing those of the Radiant Light Sect earlier.

However, things already have come to this point, there was already no use worrying as they might as well just go about with the extermination heartily.

Led by the Grand Elder Zhang Kun, they began pursuing and slaying the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners who had come to Broad Creed Mountain this time.

Their enemies seemed to have lost their souls as they had no intentions at all of fighting.

They could only flee in all directions in panic, being killed by those of Broad Creed Mountain.

Having witnessed the entire process of Yan Zhaoge’s great battle against the experts of the Radiant Light Sect, they were even more deeply affected than it than everyone else.

Currently, they felt shocked to the point of numbness, fearful to the point of numbness, such that only a single feeling remained, which was deep desolation that seeped right into the bone.

These Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners found it hard to imagine how Yan Zhaoge had been able to defeat so many experts of the Radiant Light Sect, feeling even less able to imagine how they might be able to stand against such a Yan Zhaoge.

Thus, they could only flee, hurriedly flee before Yan Zhaoge returned.

Yan Zhaoge having chased Deng Sen all the way back south to the World Illuminating Peak, things would likely end up badly for them.

As they fled, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were also feeling dazed.

The heavens were vast and the earth was broad, but where could they hide, how could they tide through this tribulation

Fu Enshu followed Zhang Kun and the others along in pursuing and exterminating the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners.

After having killed numerous opponents and slain an Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan who wished not for battle beneath her sword, Fu Enshu turned, seeing Elder Qin on the other side reaping an enemy’s life as well.

The two exchanged glances, both able to see the emotions within the other’s eyes.

Elder Qin said, “I had really not thought that he would actually have such heaven-defying methods that surpass all belief.

This old man is currently still feeling like this is all within a dream.”

Fu Enshu naturally knew who this ‘he’ referred to.

“Let alone you, senior apprentice-uncle, even I feel it hard to imagine, surpassing my expectations,” Fu Enshu said, “While he has always performed miraculous feats, it was too difficult this time such that I really broke out in cold sweat before the matter, feeling like there could only be battling to the death against the enemy.”

Elder Qin looked a little surprised, “Seeing that you had returned with him, I had still thought that…”

“That is indeed so.

During the previous Seal of the East Sea, it was him who saved me, and I have been travelling alongside him ever since then as well, next returning to the Eight Extremities World together,” Fu Enshu nodded, a rare bitter smile appearing on her face, “Still, never would I have thought that he still has such miraculous methods that seem never to have an end to them.”

Elder Qin suddenly thought of something as his expression turned stern, “Right, when you were attacked earlier, what exactly happened”

Fu Enshu briefly explained the incident, next frowning as she saw Elder Qin’s expression, “What’s wrong”

Upon having heard back at the East Sea that Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua had been caught up in the investigations of the Disciplinary Hall, Fu Enshu had already vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Now, listening to Elder Qin’s narration of the incident, her brows directly knit to the utmost.

Fu Enshu stood in mid-air, her face green at times whilst red at others, grinding noises emitted from her teeth.

Without saying a single word, she turned back and returned towards the Mountain.

Seeing Fu Enshu this way, Elder Qin knew that something was wrong.

Seeing that the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners had basically been taken care of, he turned and followed Fu Enshu back.

Having been heavily injured, the Grand Elder He Ning had not participated in the pursuit as she had remained on the Mountain to recuperate.

After having returned, Fu Enshu and Elder Qin met He Ning, learning from her that Chang Zheng had already returned, only just having left.

A strange feeling suddenly arose within Fu Enshu’s heart.

Unconsciously, she did not go to the Disciplinary Hall or the Assignment Hall, instead heading to the lodgings where she, along with Feng Yunsheng and Yin Liuhua, resided.

Having neared them, Fu Enshu’s heart jolted as she saw a figure currently standing outside the door.

Detecting Fu Enshu’s arrival, that person turned.

It was precisely Chang Zheng.

Looking at Fu Enshu, Chang Zheng’s expression did not change.

“What has senior apprentice-brother Chang come here for I already know the matter regarding my disciples.

However, there are currently many matters that have to be handled in our clan.

While senior apprentice-brother Chang is the First Seat of the Disciplinary Hall, you still shouldn’t have to be overly concerned about just one or two people” Fu Enshu looked straight at Chang Zheng.

Chang Zheng said mildly, “Earlier, the Sacred Sun Clan and those of the Radiant Light Sect of the World beyond Worlds attacked the Mountain.

While they were blocked and taken care of in time, they also resulted in significant damage to the clan.

The Clear Qi Grand Formation was damaged, and just the aftershocks from the battle also caused destruction.

Having been surveilling the area, I just happened to arrive here.”

“In having survived great danger and returned in peace, junior apprentice-sister Fu, it is indeed a cause for celebration.

It can also help us to solve a great mystery here.”

Fu Enshu gazed focusedly at Chang Zheng, “Instead, I am doubtful on why the matter has yet to be resolved.”

Chang Zheng’s gaze sunk, Elder Qin looking like he was pondering on something.

Both sides were actually silent for the time, only gazing fixatedly at the other.

Just at this time, a massive roc rode the winds in the distant horizon, instantly drawing close to Broad Creed Mountain!

Everyone felt shocked, “Already back so quickly”

On the back of the great roc, Yan Zhaoge stood with his hands behind his back, gazing down upon Broad Creed Mountain down below.


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