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HSSB59: The Most Important Thing


The East Elder’s cultivation base as well as the formless pressure that it carried was naturally not something Yan Xu could compare with.

Yan Zhaoge greeted the East Elder, then turned to Feng Yunsheng behind him, “Elder, this is the person whom I mentioned to you before–original name Feng Muge, current name Feng Yunsheng.”

On hearing the words ‘Feng Muge’, the East Elder nodded his head slightly.

Someone of his calibre naturally knew of many things.

Yan Zhaoge then introduced, “Junior Sister Feng, this is our clan’s leading figure in the East Heaven Region, Elder Qin.”

Feng Yunsheng greeted him solemnly, her formalities not lacking in any way.

“Feng Yunsheng of the younger generation greets exalted Elder.”

The sort of manners and presentation that were required in various situations, the fine difference between acting unrestrained and acting rude–Feng Yunsheng clearly understood all this.

With her background and knowledge, she naturally knew that this burly Elder before her was the very First Seat Elder that Broad Creed Mountain had tasked to oversee the entire East Heaven Region.

Within Broad Creed Mountain, the internal order of power followed thus: First Seat Elder, Principal Elder, Acting Elder.

Perhaps his cultivation as well as the power he wielded could not match up to Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yan Di.

However, in terms of rank and position, this Elder Qin was on the same level.

It was just that their jurisdictions in regards to the main clan were different: one internal, one external.

In theory, as long as something happened within the lands of the East Heaven Region, Elder Qin had the right to deal with it.

However, as the matter with Feng Yunsheng this time involved too many things, Elder Qin felt that it was not so good for him to decide on it on his own.

Broad Creed Mountain already planned to send some people over.

Elder Qin only made a special trip to the Eastern Tang this time just to get a feel of the matter before they arrived.

However, if the matter would not be passed by this Elder Qin, there would be no further hope of it passing through whatsoever.

Yan Zhaoge looked towards Elder Qin.

This old man was one of the long-serving Elders of the clan, of the same generation as the old Clan Chief himself.

He had never leaned towards either his father Yan Di’s or his second apprentice-uncle’s side before.

He could not depend on getting special treatment from this man, but similarly, he also didn’t have to worry about him causing trouble like Yan Xu.

All of the things he did were based on the cold, hard truth, with Broad Creed Mountain’s best interests at heart.

“Elder Qin, as I reported to you earlier, this Junior Sister Feng was once a disciple of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Now, she has abandoned it, and she wishes to join our Broad Creed Mountain,” Yan Zhaoge said neither quickly nor slowly.

Elder Qin listened quietly, not saying a word.

Yan Xu did not interrupt–it was impossible that Yan Zhaoge did not know what repercussions Broad Creed Mountain taking in a disciple who had betrayed the Sacred Sun Clan might bring about.

Even so, he had still brought Feng Yunsheng back.

Moreover, Elder Qin, rather than opposing the idea immediately, had even alerted the clan about this matter.

This implied that the situation was a rather unique one.

Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “Elder should know that while investigating the Sacred Sun Clan’s Maiden of Extreme Yin in the past, there was a report in which a name, the name of Feng Muge, was mentioned.”

“Eventually, because of Meng Wan suddenly charging into the world, this piece of news was instead believed to be a hoax.

However, it was not actually so.”

“Feng Muge actually exists—she is precisely the Junior Sister Feng behind me.”

Everyone present besides Elder Qin and Yan Xu were also Broad Creed Mountain heavyweights stationed in the East Heaven Region.

Apart from Elder Qin who had already been in the know, the moment Yan Xu and the other heard the four words ‘Maiden of Extreme Yin’, their eyes instantly lit up.

Within the five Regions of the vast Heavenly Domain, they had always been unable to find even a single Maiden of Extreme Yin.

Broad Creed Mountain had even secretly sent people to search in the other Domains, hoping that they would be able to pick up some scraps, but they had all come back empty-handed.

In the Extreme Yin Bouts of the past two years, Broad Creed Mountain had been relegated to sit by the corner and watch both times, watching other Sacred Grounds contest for the Extreme Yin Crown just like that.

Naturally, they had been filled with a sense of helplessness and frustration.

If Feng Yunsheng was really a Maiden of Extreme Yin, even if they had to withstand a lot of pressure from the Sacred Sun Clan head-on, Broad Creed Mountain would still definitely insist on keeping her.

Elder Qin nodded his head before asking calmly, “In your earlier message, you only said that this little friend Feng’s Extreme Yin Physique was damaged, but you didn’t mention the extent of the damage itself.”

“Grooming a Maiden of Extreme Yin requires investing many resources.

Still, with the Sacred Sun Clan’s background, raising another Maiden of Extreme Yin simultaneously would still definitely be possible even though they already have Meng Wan.”

“Allowing a Maiden of Extreme Yin to roam about as she likes would be no trivial matter–the Sacred Sun Clan wouldn’t be so negligent and careless.”

“Unless… Is Little Friend Feng’s Extreme Yin Physique already completely crippled”

Yan Zhaoge’s tone did not rise or fall as he answered honestly, “Presently, that is indeed true.”

Elder Qin’s brows knit slightly as he looked at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Xu now spoke up slowly.

“Even the Sacred Sun Clan wouldn’t be willing to send over a Maiden of Extreme Yin as a spy.”

“However, if it were instead an ordinary disciple whose Extreme Yin Physique had already been crippled, that might still be a possibility.”

On hearing Yan Xu’s words, everyone there frowned, regardless of faction, as they turned to appraise Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng with scrutinizing gazes.

Today’s matter was no trivial thing indeed.

If Feng Yunsheng’s Extreme Yin Physique was in perfect condition, there would be no further need for discussion.

Broad Creed Mountain would definitely take her in immediately, and Yan Zhaoge would be considered as having performed a merit rather than a demerit–a huge merit, in fact.

However, if Feng Yunsheng had lost her Extreme Yin Physique, whether or not Broad Creed Mountain would still be willing to take her in would then be something that they would have to deliberate on.

Accepting the disciples of other Sacred Grounds who had betrayed their clan was a rather contentious move in and of itself.

It was especially true when the two sides, such as Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, had a rather disharmonious relationship.

Doing this sort of thing would actually be extremely likely to cause their already hostile relationship to worsen a step further.

The one who had caused all of this, Yan Zhaoge, would then be labelled a frivolous and impetuous person, having brought in unnecessary trouble and causing problems for the clan.

Furthermore, if Broad Creed Mountain took Feng Yunsheng in and she was eventually revealed to be a spy sent over from the Sacred Sun Clan as she caused problems for Broad Creed Mountain, as the main culprit, Yan Zhaoge would then earn a huge demerit.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change.

“Feng Yunsheng suffered the bullying of her fellow Sacred Sun Clan disciples, and the Elders in the clan were unable to uphold justice for her, with some even trying to turn white to black and claim her life.”

“The only one who cared for her, her Master, fell to the Flame Devils not long ago during the conflict in the East Sea.

When she learned of this, she had already been fleeing for two whole years.

At that time, she finally decided to truly betray the Sacred Sun Clan, even killing three of her fellow disciples in the process.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at them.

“Two years ago, the very reason that she escaped from the main headquarters of the Sacred Sun Clan was that she had heavily injured Xiao Shen.

After that incident, she also faced the constant pursuit of Xiao Shen and his men.”

“Who’s not to say that the Sacred Sun Clan were willing to sacrifice the life of three of their young disciples in order to successfully plant her as a spy” Yan Xu said emotionlessly.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “There is the possibility, but do you think that the Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan would be willing to have that sole grandson of his, the one meant to help him carry on his family line, become a eunuch forever just to achieve that”

The huge hall instantly fell silent.

Yan Xu was a bit taken aback.

Elder Qin frowned, asking, “Are you saying that…”

“That year, Xiao Shen had his lower body harmed by Junior Sister Feng… En, in a sense, he is also a cripple now,” Yan Zhaoge said with a serious look on his face.

Feng Yunsheng similarly had on a serious look, and she bowed.

“Being desperate at the time, this junior accidentally made a wrong move.

Although Xiao Shen deserved it, this is a subject naturally unpleasant to the ear.

Please excuse this junior.”

Yan Zhaoge spoke up again.

“I can vouch for what she says–the second time I clashed with Xiao Shen, I confirmed this point myself.”

“Of course, it could also be that Xiao Shen was castrated because of something else… actually, ‘castrated’ is not completely accurate–he simply lost his ability to perform a function.

In any case, perhaps his condition was caused something else, and the Sacred Sun Clan made use of the circumstances to blow things out of proportion.”

Thus, if Junior Sister Feng does enter our clan in the future, some investigation would still be needed.

Still, on the whole, I feel that Junior Sister Feng’s words are trustworthy.”

Yan Xu’s mouth twitched, and he snorted, no longer contesting the earlier point.

Instead he said, “Say that again when her Extreme Yin Physique is no longer crippled, why don’t you.”

Elder Qin, however, fell into a deep silence as he pondered.

The most important thing for Broad Creed Mountain at this time was to make a decision.


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