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HSSB590:  A single glance to render you dead


From the four limbs to the entire body, Chang Zheng resembled a broken rag as he was wrung out ragged, his blood and flesh mangled and his bones all showing.

Within the barrier, Yin Liuhua nearly fainted as she saw this.

She had rebutted Chang Zheng earlier.

However, hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words now, she could not help but shiver in her entirety.

Yan Zhaoge now swivelled his head to look at Yin Liuhua.

Yin Liuhua shook her head panickedly, “Se…senior apprentice-brother Yan, I know that I’m wrong! I was only momentarily blinded; I didn’t mean it, Master! Master, this disciple knows her wrongs.

Save me, please! This disciple won’t dare to do it again!”

Fu Enshu’s expression was complex as she looked at Yin Liuhua, “While Chang Zheng was at fault, his earlier words were correct.

You deserve the penalty of death for your crimes this time.”

Yin Liuhua felt a chill run down her body as she called unresignedly, “Master, I definitely didn’t mean to harm you back then.

I really didn’t mean to leak our movements to that person.

I didn’t know that he was from the Sacred Sun Clan!”

Fu Enshu gazed at her, “I believe that.

But what about afterwards”

Yin Liuhua stuttered, “I was threatened by them.

With your fate unknown and you missing, I was really scared silly at the time.”

Looking at Yin Liuhua, Fu Enshu’s gaze contained extreme disappointment, “You were scared silly at the time, but after having returned here from the East Sea, did you spend all this time silly as well”

“Senior apprentice-brother Chang said that I don’t understand you.

That is right, whilst also wrong.

I understand many things about you, but I have discovered today that there are some things about you which I am really not clear on.”

“Even now, I still cannot understand-why have you come to this stage” Fu Enshu shook her head as she said this.

Yin Liuhua’s expression turned dazed, but her gaze then gradually became a little maniacal, wild and without focus.

She chuckled, pointing at Fu Enshu and questioning loudly, “Why have I come to this stage You are asking me why I have come to this stage Hahahaha, do you really not understand”

“From day to night, it is always the Extreme Yin Crown, the Extreme Yin Bout.

Ever since the day I entered the clan, all of you have been judgmental of me.

You always like to compare me with this woman!”

Pointing at Feng Yunsheng, Yin Liuhua asked in rage, “Why do I have to be like her”

Fu Enshu’s gaze was focused on Yin Liuhua, “If you were really unwilling, if you really wanted to give up, while I would have felt it to be a pity, I still wouldn’t have forced you to go on.”

Yin Liuhua snorted, “You were already this dissatisfied with me.

If I had said that I wanted to give up, wouldn’t all of you treat me even more lightly How would I have been able to continue standing securely in the clan following that”

Looking at Yin Liuhua, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “Oh, I think I understand a little now.”

As soon as he spoke, Yin Liuhua’s body immediately trembled.

Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “So it was not just a matter of laziness and an undetermined will.

It was not wanting to put in the effort while at the same time also not being able to bear giving up the position and treatment of a Maiden of Extreme Yin in the clan.”

“Wanting to drink water, yet not wanting to carry the load.”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, “It is not simply jealousy and desolation due to a disadvantageous position.

It is not a competitive mindset.

Instead, it is wanting to have it all for yourself.”

“Might you have gained inspiration from the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Lei and Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui”

“If Yunsheng wasn’t here, our clan would only have you as our Maiden of Extreme Yin.

However useless and lazy you are, before the hope of winning the Extreme Yin Crown had completely faded away, the clan would still have to tolerate you, and you would be able to leisurely relax and not do anything at all in peace.”

Yin Liuhua gazed at Yan Zhaoge in fear and rage.

She seemed to have completely lost it as her gaze shifted between Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “There has been something going on between the two of you since long ago! That’s why you have taken special care of her! Whatever good things there are, you provide them all to her first!”

“I am inferior to her, yet you are always biased towards her, causing the gap between us to grow greater and greater.

You’re just intentionally leaving me subordinate to her!”

“The worse I am, the better she appears!”

Feng Yunsheng frowned, “Biased in what way Apart from the clan really no longer having Qilin Stones, you having the Heavenly Spring Baptism while I had the Qilin Spring Baptism, you had all of what I had as well.

You are so worked up just over a single Qilin Stone”

Yin Liuhua yelled, “Nonsense! That Cold Marrow Needle Technique obviously isn’t something that humans can bear at all! That’s one of the Seven Great Tortures! If not for him taking special care of you, how would you have been able to bear it”

Hearing her words, Feng Yunsheng was angered to the point of a forced smile appearing on her face.

Yin Liuhua felt even more hateful, “You still have the gall to smile! From small things come big things.

Since there is this, there must be others too.

Other than that, who knows how many additional benefits he has given to you in secret Don’t sit here and act nice like this!”

She was currently no longer able to conceal her emotions as she glared at Feng Yunsheng in hatred, “Bitch, do you know that every time you hypocritically pretend to be concerned about me, it only makes me feel like I want to vomit!”

Feng Yunsheng took a long look at Yin Liuhua, as if coming to know her for the first time.

After staring at her for a while, she slowly shook her head, her gaze gradually becoming sharp and intimidating.

Yin Liuhua felt a chill just by seeing that gaze.

Feng Yunsheng had never directed such a gaze at her before.

Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say that Feng Yunsheng had almost never shown such a domineering aura in front of her fellow disciples before.

As she exceptionally treasured her current life, Feng Yunsheng was usually nice in Broad Creed Mountain.

It was to the point that Yin Liuhua had easily forgotten that the woman before her was actually an extremely tough and proud woman.

She now remembered that she had also seen such a Feng Yunsheng before.

Feng Yunsheng was this way when she was battling with enemies and participating in the Extreme Yin Bout, tyrannical and sharp, arrogant and domineering, valiant and mighty.

Feng Yunsheng said like hammering a nail into iron, “I have always believed that without Zhaoge, without Master, without Broad Creed Mountain, there would not have been me today.”

“However, everything that I have done have been upright and aboveboard, with no underhanded schemes at all that can be called into question.”

Feng Yunsheng looked at Yin Liuhua, “In your eyes, I being able to do something that you are unable to means that I am cheating”

“Let me tell you now then.

In this world, there are some things that I can do, but you can’t.”

“Therefore, I am me, and you are you.”

“You don’t like others to compare you to me.

Well, I also want to tell you not to compare me to you.

In some aspects, you are indeed inferior.”

Feng Yunsheng’s tone was mild and composed.

However, the more this was so, the more Yin Liuhua felt stifled.

This was the first time she was facing such a sharp, tyrannical Feng Yunsheng.

Looking at her, she could only feel herself growing increasingly smaller.

This sort of feeling left her feeling like tearing her hair out in rage.

Yin Liuhua cared not even about the barrier before her as she hissed, making as if to dash towards Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge looked at Fu Enshu who had a rare downcast look on her face.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, yet could not utter a sound as she could only turn it into a sigh in the end.

Nodding slowly, Yan Zhaoge glanced mildly at Yin Liuhua who was wildly lunging over.

He did not do anything else, just glancing at her.

Yin Liuhua’s movements gradually grew slower and slower, till finally she halted entirely.

Her skin was dyed bloodred as if she was a giant lobster that had just been cooked.

This was because all the blood vessels of her entire body had already shattered.

Yin Liuhua wanted to say something, yet could not get the words out of her mouth.

There hadn’t even been a single wound on her body, yet as she opened her mouth as if to speak, all the pores of her entire body simultaneously began spurting out blood.

Her entire person, from the inside to the outside, was all covered in blood.

Yan Zhaoge having glanced at her, she had then become a dead person.


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