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HSSB591: The decisions of the old


With a single glance by Yan Zhaoge, Yin Liuhua turned directly into a person of blood.

Accompanied by the shattering of the blood vessels of her entire body, her life force left her.

Looking at Yin Liuhua, Fu Enshu’s expression was complex.

With her tough, impatient personality, she was exceptionally disappointed with Yin Liuhua, virtually unable to resist the urge to take care of her herself.

Yet, Yin Liuhua having been her disciple before, while she had performed crimes that were punishable by death, Fu Enshu’s heart still inevitably remained a little soft, leaving her despondent.

Having been able to tell this, Yan Zhaoge had been happy to perform the deed on her behalf.

He could not be happier getting rid of these traitors who would stab them in the back.

These people truly deserved to die, being much more damnable than external enemies.

A figure flickered in the distant horizon, a Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioner arriving.

It was the Grand Elder Zhang Kun.

He was also Chang Zheng’s Master.

At the same time, the other Grand Elder He Ning who had originally been recuperating was alerted as well as she hurried over.

Arriving on scene, all they saw were two crimson pools of blood.

Zhang Kun and He Ning looked at all this, somewhat stunned.

Elder Qin was silent for a moment before he went over and explained everything to them.

After having learnt of what had happened, the two Grand Elders both felt shocked and disbelieving.

Being greatly experienced people, after having learned the truth regarding Yin Liuhua having maligned Feng Yunsheng, they were really not all that taken aback.

They gradually came to realise that Yin Liuhua and Hong Jiaqi having managed to stir up a storm, Chang Zheng who had been in charge of the investigation must have been accomplice to it as well.

However, never would they have thought that Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Grand Elder, Li Jingtu, had actually been killed by Chang Zheng.

It was precisely thus that Chang Zheng had fallen into Huang Jie’s scheme, all his movements being predicted and manipulated by Huang Jie as he had unwittingly become a puppet and accomplice.

Looking dazedly at the crushed lump of flesh and blood which was all that was left of Chang Zheng, Zhang Kun’s face was pale.

He Ning’s expression was similarly complex as she looked at Zhaoge, “Zhaoge, might there be a misunderstanding here”

There was insufficient evidence to prove that Chang Zheng had intentionally framed Feng Yunsheng in order to find the Heaven Spying Orb for his own selfish desires.

While much supporting evidence aligned in that direction, properly piecing together the rationale for things, He Ning and Zhang Kun still harboured the slightest of hopes.

Yan Zhaoge calmly glanced at the two old people.

How could he not understand what He Ning had not voiced out directly

Even if Chang Zheng had framed a Broad Creed Mountain disciple out of his own selfish desires, even if he had killed someone of Infinite Boundless Mountain in an attempt to obtain the Heaven Cleaving Axe, as long as he had not been in collusion with the Sacred Sun Clan, only having committed an error on his own, he might not have to be condemned to death.

Even if he was given the death penalty, it should also be decided following the clan’s official trials.

Having been directly slain by Yan Zhaoge here, even if he fully deserved it, those conservative old people like He Ning would still be dissatisfied with it.

It was just that the one who had done this was Yan Zhaoge.

It was Yan Zhaoge who held up the heavens with one hand, battling and repelling the frenzied tides, achieving impossible miracles.

Thus, He Ning could only feel stifled about it, not being able to directly voice out her complaints.

To old people like her, what was most important to a clan were order and rules.

In the eyes of those like He Ning and Zhang Kun, order and rules were what allowed a clan to flourish for millennia long, because as long as order and rules existed, however low a clan had fallen to, it still wouldn’t actually collapse as the hope of surging back into prominence would still exist for it.

It might not be visible when they were flourishing, but it was quintessential.

He Ning did not have any negative opinions about Yan Zhaoge.

This youth was too outstanding, far surpassing them old people.

Yan Zhaoge’s current accomplishments might already be heights that they would never be able to reach in their entire lifetimes.

However, the more this was so, the more she was afraid that Yan Zhaoge might commit a mistake.

This youth liked taking risks too much, yet a single step wrong and he might never be able to redeem himself.

Meeting He Ning’s gaze, Yan Zhaoge felt what she was thinking.

Without saying anything further, Yan Zhaoge turned to look at the Northern Ocean Clone, who opened his palm.

Light flickered, a person landing on the ground.

Zhang Kun, He Ning, Fu Enshu and Elder Qin looked over together.

They all basically recognised this person to be a longtime Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan.

It was just that this old man was currently looking defeated beyond compare as he lacked all of his former arrogance and spirit.

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Tell me again what I asked you about earlier.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Meng Wan-what is her current situation”

That longtime Elder raised his head, his gaze sweeping across Zhang Kun, He Ning, Fu Enshu and Elder Qin as he drew back the corners of his mouth, “There is already no further meaning in saying this.

Someone from the World beyond Worlds directly brought Meng Wan away along with the Extreme Yin Crown.

There can no longer be a Seventh Extreme Yin Bout.”

“However, even if there was the Seventh Extreme Yin Bout, Meng Wan had already been sufficiently prepared for it.

She has already recovered from her previous injuries sustained at the East Sea, being confident of suppressing the other Maidens of Extreme Yin once more, the sole exception…”

This Sacred Sun Clan longtime Elder glanced at Feng Yunsheng, his gaze rather complex as well, “The sole person she might not be able to defeat would be Feng Muge.”

The gazes of Zhang Kun and He Ning grew serious as they looked at the other party.

Elder Qin knit his brows slightly, “So quickly She was injured even more gravely at the East Sea this time than she was before the Second Extreme Yin Bout.”

Those of Broad Creed Mountain exchanged looks, their faces all sinking.

Actually, just thinking a little would lead to the deduction that before having decided to guide the people of the Radiant Light Sect in descending to the Eight Extremities World, since the Sacred Sun Clan had schemed against Feng Yunsheng to secure the Extreme Yin Crown, there must be the precondition that aside from Feng Yunsheng, they saw no other candidate who might possibly be able to stand against Meng Wan in the Seventh Extreme Yin Bout.

This included Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Fan Qiu and Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting.

Yan Zhaoge said nothing at all, but Zhang Kun felt a fiery feeling of embarrassment flare on his face.

He suddenly realised that it was not just Chang Zheng’s reactions and actions that had been within the calculations of the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Jie.

The thinking of the moderate, conservative elderly faction that he and He Ning belonged to had similarly been in line with Huang Jie’s scheme.

In order to seek stability, being uncertain on whether Feng Yunsheng was a spy of the Sacred Sun Clan, they had decided to simply give up on the upcoming Extreme Yin Bout, giving the chance to Fan Qiu of Turbid Wave Pavilion.

From a certain perspective, while there had not been any interaction or secret manipulation going on, just like Chang Zheng, Zhang Kun and the others had all been moving in accordance to Huang Jie’s schemes, assisting him in accomplishing his goal.

If the Sacred Sun Clan had come up with a way in their research over this period of time to deal with the Seal of the East Sea, they would not have led the Radiant Light Sect experts in descending into this world.

And in the upcoming Seventh Extreme Yin Bout, Feng Yunsheng being unable to participate due to their clan while Meng Wan had fully recovered, the result then would be another one-sided suppression.

The Extreme Yin Crown would still stably remain in the Sacred Sun Clan’s hands, all going as planned by the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Jie.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and gentle as he did not try to domineeringly blame them at all.

However, Zhang Kun and He Ning both fell silent, finding themselves unable to speak against Yan Zhaoge having directly slain Chang Zheng.

There seemed to be endless questioning voices drowning their ears.

Seeking stability, seeking stability.

Stable to the end, and this is the end you stably get


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