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HSSB593: As long as I still breathe, to Broad Creed Mountain I must go


The descended Radiant Light Sect experts were sufficient to sweep through the entire Eight Extremities World.

Feeling that the war had been won, when the Sacred Sun Clan had been on its way to Broad Creed Mountain, it had already spread the news to all under the heavens, making it widely known and inviting everyone else to head to Broad Creed Mountain along with them.

In Jade Sea City, Elder Yu and the other Jade Sea City longtime Elders were all feeling despondent.

“Is that whatever World beyond Worlds thing really true”

“It should not be false.

Otherwise, the Sacred Sun Clan themselves would end up the greatest joke under the heavens.”

“Could it be a ploy by them, intentionally messing with everyone before suddenly launching a sneak attack on our Jade Sea City or Infinite Boundless Mountain”

“With the City Lord and the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword both not present, it is already very hard on us to protect ourselves with the Jade Sea Limitless Grand Formation.

We truly lack the strength to send troops to assist Broad Creed Mountain.”

“If the news is real, the Sacred Sun Clan means to intimidate all heroes under the heavens, completely setting their future hegemony in the Eight Extremities World in stone.”

If Broad Creed Mountain was destroyed and Yan Di, Song Wuliang and the others within the Seal of the East Sea were taken care of with Huang Guanglie successfully returning, even if the experts of the Radiant Light Sect left or no longer interfered thereafter, the Sacred Sun Clan would still have the confidence to rule the entire world with their overwhelming might.

In the previous great tribulations, Jade Sea City had sustained the greatest losses amongst the six great Sacred Grounds.

Already greatly lacking in experts and now hearing such news, they felt even greater despair sweeping over them.

Elder Yu, Jade Sea City’s sole remaining Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster, sighed, “Currently, there is nothing that we can do.

The news we received earlier indicated that the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Shen Li has left his clan.

It is unknown whether he is headed to Broad Creed Mountain or has gone to keep Turbid Wave Pavilion in check.”

The expressions of everyone of Jade Sea City were solemn to the extreme.

Now, a disciple of the clan suddenly requested to see them with an extremely strange expression on his face.

“Senior apprentice-granduncles, senior apprentice-uncles, we’ve just received news…the Heavenly Thunder Hall has been destroyed!”

Elder Yu and the others were all shocked, “What did you say”

The one who was speaking also seemed to find it inconceivable, “The Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, the Green Thunder Martial Saint Shen Li, was slain on the spot.”

Those of Jade Sea City found it hard to believe.

With Yan Di and the others trapped within the Seal of the East Sea and temporarily unable to extricate themselves, there should currently be no such existence in the Eight Extremities World that could completely decimate the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

“Who did it” A Jade Sea City Elder asked in panic, “Could it be that the Sacred Sun Clan led those of the Radiant Light Sect in first attacking the Heavenly Thunder Hall But that doesn’t make sense.”

The reporting Jade Sea City martial practitioner gulped before saying in an extremely strange tone, “It is said that it was…Yan Zhaoge.”


“Broad Creed Mountain’s ‘Great Rider of Dragons’, Yan Zhaoge!”

It was deathly silent within the great hall.


The current Turbid Wave Pavilion had not been peaceful as it usually was over this period of time.

At the highest floor of the pavilion, a tall, ordinary-looking woman with an extraordinary aura was currently leaning against the railing and gazing into the distance.

Behind her stood the higher echelon experts of Turbid Wave Pavilion, their expressions all rather complex.

Today, they had heard too much shocking news.

The appearance of the Radiant Light Sect of the World beyond Worlds had truly brought a feeling of suffocation down upon them.

With Broad Creed Mountain about to be attacked, they all had varying opinions on what Turbid Wave Pavilion should thereon be doing.

However, the news that had come thereafter was of Broad Creed Mountain’s disciple Yan Zhaoge having levelled the Heavenly Thunder Hall, slaying ‘Roiling Thunder All Round’ Shen Li on the spot.

After repeatedly confirming that the information had not been mistaken, everyone, Pavilion Lord An Qinglin included, had been stunned.

Broad Creed Mountain’s disciple Yan Zhaoge…the word ‘disciple’ should actually be removed.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge, that youth who was merely in his twenties-could he really have achieved all this

While they had always known that Yan Zhaoge was extraordinary and they had come to recognise the many miraculous feats performed by him over the years, they still truly felt the news this time to be inconceivable.

It was just that it seemed a little insufficient.

The crisis Broad Creed Mountain was facing this time was far from something the Heavenly Thunder Hall could compare to.

If the Sacred Sun Clan had not exaggerated it, this was a force that even the entire Eight Extremities World combined wouldn’t be able to face.

During the chaotic events in the East Sea and the Earth Domain that had previously elapsed, the Eight Extremities World had only made it through that great storm with much difficulty.

However, if the forces of the Radiant Light Sect that had descended into the Eight Extremities World this time wanted to destroy this place, it would inevitably be the greatest tribulation in the history of this world, also being a tribulation that could not be blocked.

“Pavilion Lord, are we really doing nothing at all like this and just waiting” Someone asked.

Another Turbid Wave Pavilion longtime Elder instead rebutted, “There isn’t anything that we can do right now, right The gulf between us is too great.”

The person who had first spoken slowly said, “It is precisely because the gap is too great that we should do something.

Otherwise, what follows after Broad Creed Mountain may not be Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain but our Turbid Wave Pavilion.”

The other party came to a realisation, “Are you saying…”

That person nodded, “Circumstances are stronger than people.

We cannot but bow to them.

The Sacred Sun Clan can, and it’s not for sure that we cannot.

Perhaps we can even try to take over the Sacred Sun Clan’s position.”

Everyone was taken aback, their expressions varied.

Some were unresigned, some were filled with righteous anger, some were hesitating, some approved, some fell into deep thought.

Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Pavilion An Qinglin still remained silent.

As they were debating about it, news suddenly arrived.

A stream of light hovered in mid-air.

Her expression solemn, An Qinglin lightly tapped on it.

The light scattered, condensing to form rows of words.

After seeing their contents, everyone fell silent, shocked expressions on their faces as they could only feel that it was utterly ridiculous and inconceivable.

Even An Qinglin was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied, “Three third level Martial Saints and two second level Martial Saints were all slain by Broad Creed Mountain; the Sacred Sun Clan was exterminated!”

“They…they were not exterminated by Broad Creed Mountain, but by Yan Zhaoge”

Finally regaining their wits with much difficulty, everyone exchanged looks, their first reaction being that it was ridiculous.

Someone directly ordered for the information to be verified.

Yet, however many times they checked it, the information still came back the same.

Digesting this news with great difficulty, the experts of Turbid Wave Pavilion did not relax as a result, instead growing even more solemn.

Someone even felt fear, “How exactly…did he do it Being able to slay even such powerful existences, Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge-what kind of terrifying would he be”

What kind of power might Yan Zhaoge, that youth who was merely in his twenties, possess

Someone muttered, “The earlier suggestion was not wrong, just that the target of our discussion has to change.

The point still remains.

What should our clan be going by following this…”

Everyone fell silent.


In Infinite Boundless Mountain, Chief Chu Yan who had been in secluded cultivation recuperating from his injuries all this time had already left seclusion now.

His expression was complex, and this was true for the Infinite Boundless Mountain Elders before him as well.

They all looked amongst one another.

After a long time, Chu Yan who still appeared very pale and weak stood up, “Contact Broad Creed Mountain.

This old man is preparing to pay them a visit.”

Someone voiced out, “But Chief, your injuries…”

Chu Yan slowly said, “This old man can still move, and at this time, even I weren’t able to move, as long as I still have the breath within my body, even if all of you have to carry me there, I would still have to be carried over to Broad Creed Mountain.”


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