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HSSB597: He who no one dares to provoke


Some time would still be needed before the Seal of the East Sea would completely stabilise, after which Yan Di and the others would be able to withdraw from within.

As the person of this world with the greatest understanding of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, Yan Zhaoge had a method for prematurely getting Yan Di and the others out.

Still, the result of that would be the instability of the seal as the Flame Devils might break out from within.

This was what Deng Sen and the others of the Radiant Light Sect had been preparing to do before this.

Still, they had been confident of taking care of the Flame Devils together with everything.

Now that he was unable to use the Extreme Yang Seal, Yan Zhaoge decided to be a little more cautious with things.

Still, his understanding of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation far surpassing others, he had a way to help Yan Di and the others stabilise the seal prematurely, extricating themselves from within.

It was just that this method was related to the circulation of the qi flow of the Eight Extremities World’s earth veins.

It required patiently waiting for an appropriate timing in its circulation.

Over this period of time, Yan Zhaoge cultivated in peace while sorting out various treasures, making good use of them.

As time passed, those of Broad Creed Mountain vaguely felt an aura growing stronger and stronger within the Myriad Dragon Palace to the point of terrifyingness.

Yan Zhaoge sat opposite from the Northern Ocean Clone within the palace that overflowed with dragon qi.

Between them was the Internal Crystal Furnace.

Currently, it appeared very quiet.

However, a powerful aura seemed to be in the midst of accumulating and stabilising unceasingly within.

As time passed, that aura grew more and more domineering to the point of stirring the soul.

The Internal Crystal Furnace remained stable as Mount Tai as a stirring sense of incongruity was instead formed with it.

The qi of true dragons within the Myriad Dragon Palace now condensed into tangible form, transforming into numerous dragons which traversed the air unceasingly, emitting endless roars.

When that terrifying aura within the Internal Crystal Furnace was gradually converging towards that one point, Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone punched outwards simultaneously.

Majestic fist-intent surged as the Internal Crystal Furnace that had been continually suppressing and brewing in silence finally lost its calm, shaking mightily as its lid flew open.

Space seemed to expand limitlessly within the furnace.

A golden spear lay within, dense dragon patterns visible on its surface which resembled dragon scales.

Surrounding the spear were numerous complete bones of true dragons that were bright and clear as crystals.

As the dragon scales on the spear pulsated, the spear resembled a living dragon as it shot upwards, wanting to fly out of the Internal Crystal Furnace.

All the true dragon bones around it seemed as though they had been revived as they flew up alongside it.

At this moment, under Yan Zhaoge’s guidance, the massive dragons formed of a great amount of true dragon essence qi within the Myriad Dragon Palace shot towards the Internal Crystal Furnace all at once.

The dragon qi sunk, trapping that spear together with the true dragon bones inside as they all congregated within the Internal Crystal Furnace.

The Northern Ocean Clone stood up, coming to the Internal Crystal Furnace in great strides.

He brought his palms simultaneously forward to close the lid of the Internal Crystal Furnace.

The Internal Crystal Furnace shook unceasingly.

The Northern Ocean Clone paced around it, punching outwards once with every step.

The silhouettes of rocs shot into the Internal Crystal Furnace, causing it to shake even more intensely.

Yan Zhaoge himself sat in another corner.

He extended his palms horizontally outwards, the image of chaos seemingly visible on both of them.

After the Northern Ocean Clone had released eighty-one consecutive punches, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered as he roared, “Open!”

He circulated the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, serving as the finishing touch.

The lid of the Internal Crystal Furnace flew open.

A streak of golden light shot up into the sky, penetrating the roof of the Myriad Dragon Palace and shooting straight up into the horizon.

With the golden light, there seemed to be a vast ocean.

The great roc bobbed within the ocean of light while true dragons soared amidst it, the entire world seemingly having returned to primordial times as an infinite aura of boundless wildness enveloped the area, vast, limitless power contained within.

If not for the Northern Ocean Clone suppressing and stabilising it, the Internal Crystal Furnace would definitely have broken apart from the vibrations.

Yan Zhaoge himself strode forward, extending his hand into the Internal Crystal Furnace before pulling out a spear that flickered with a half-black, half-gold lustre.

That spear was incomparably heavy, resembling the sky and the ocean as all the primordial wilderness had been merged within.

It was only Yan Zhaoge who cultivated in the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture who could make use of it.

If it were other Martial Grandmasters, let along wielding this spear, even lifting it up would be a problem for them.

“Fish Dragon Spear, ha! I did not waste all those good materials,” Yan Zhaoge nodded satisfiedly, “This spear is a definite elite amongst low-grade Sacred Artifacts.”

The Northern Ocean Clone received the Fish Dragon Spear.

As it shook, space trembled as a black hole seemed to appear at the tip of the spear.

That heavy, unparalleled force shook the heavens and the earth.

The aura of the Sacred Artifact shot into the heavens, the pillar of light above the Myriad Dragon Palace beginning to flicker as gold and black light shone interchangeably.

Seeing this shocking scene, all of Broad Creed Mountain had their spirits uplifted, “Birth of a Sacred Artifact!”

Currently, even the slightest of movements at Broad Creed Mountain would be paid close attention to by the other Sacred Grounds.

Seeing light filling the entire sky above Broad Creed Mountain with the shocking power of a Sacred Artifact sweeping the area, all of their minds were inevitably shaken.

As the news was relayed, not even mentioning what the first and second-rate powers were thinking, the remaining three Sacred Grounds all had complex emotions.

It need not be said for Turbid Wave Pavilion.

They had been striving hard for the preparation of their own Sacred Artifact all along, yet had not seen any success in it.

Having regained the Heaven Cleaving Axe, Infinite Boundless Mountain could not but feel greatly emotional.

When those of Jade Sea City thought about the numerous tribulations they had faced in the forging of the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword that year, all of them felt rather conflicted as well.

This was especially true when thinking even more carefully about it, the successful completion of the Jade Sea Pill Heart Sword also had Yan Zhaoge to thank for it.

They felt even more complex at this.

The Northern Ocean Clone kept the Fish Dragon Spear.

The two of their minds being connected, Yan Zhaoge seemed to find the spear as an extension of his bloodline, with it being like a part of his own body that he could use freely like a limb of his own.

Counting the days, Yan Zhaoge found that almost a year had already passed since the Seal of the East Sea had been established.

Generally speaking, the seal would have needed around three years before stabilising completely.

However, to Yan Zhaoge, the time was already right.

After informing the clan, Yan Zhaoge travelled to the Outer East Sea along with the Northern Ocean Clone.

On the way there, Yan Zhaoge was concealed atop a cloud as it was hard for others to detect his presence.

However, Yan Zhaoge was sometimes able to hear the discussions of other martial practitioners.

At the current time, the Eight Extremities World had already gradually come to accept the intense upheaval that had occurred, accepting Broad Creed Mountain’s dominant position.

The solitary practitioners who were active beyond the seas were the most lawless group of people, being intractable as they licked blood off the tips of their blades.

They cared not about even the descendants of the various Sacred Grounds, only caring about strength.

They also ignored the background of their enemies as they could just flee into the seas beyond, into the infinite ocean.

Now, however, while these ruthless people would still act the same way towards those of Turbid Wave Pavilion, Jade Sea City and Infinite Boundless Mountain, when meeting descendants of Broad Creed Mountain, they were still generally much more restrained, avoiding trouble if they could.

Heading east, Yan Zhaoge eventually arrived at the Outer East Sea.

Gazing far into the distance, he saw a mountain peak that flickered with white light, descending straight into the depths of the sea with its peak reigning high above the surface.

In the air above the mountain peak was a vast, boundless sigil that flickered with a gentle light.

The scale of the mountain peak and the sigil was such that it had shrunk greatly in scale from when it had just been established.

However, the power within was even more condensed.

With just a thought on Yan Zhaoge’s part, the Northern Ocean Clone strode forward, suddenly arriving before the mountain peak.


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