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HSSB598: The stunned Huang Guanglie


The Northern Ocean Clone approached the mountain peak, pressing his palm on its rocks.

The layers of white light that surrounded the mountain peak instantly undulated like water, numerous ripples emanating outwards.

Yan Zhaoge extended his left hand, drawing numerous runes in mid-air that did not dissipate for a long time.

When all those runes had come together to form a profound, complex spirit pattern, Yan Zhaoge punched outwards with his right fist.

Stimulated by his fist-intent, this spirit pattern landed on the mountain peak that flickered with white light before him.

The Northern Ocean Clone did not cease in his movements as he continued infusing his true essence within.

The size of the mountain peak gradually shrunk, the massive sigil above it circulating at a more rapid pace.

The concept of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation changed unceasingly, passive at times whilst active at others, slow at times whilst fast at others as the surrounding sky began changing non-stop.

A powerful force seemed to be awakening within the seal, beginning to stir.

There seemed to be a violent will that wanted to break out from within as the sound of a roar even vaguely resounded beside the ears of Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone.

However, accompanied by the circulation of the seal, that roaring will began to slowly weaken.

While it was struggling unceasingly, its aura unceasingly deteriorated till it finally vanished.

The mountain peak grew smaller and smaller.

Instead, the spirit pattern above it began gradually expanding in size.

At the end of it, it came to resemble the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation somewhat, gradually turning complete.

Looking within the formation, Yan Zhaoge indistinctly saw four figures, each standing within a corner of the dense white light.

As the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation expanded once more, a great amount of white light enveloped the surrounding heavens and earth, a world of white light manifesting that isolated the space within.

That mountain peak gradually vanished within the world of white light, leaving behind only a single, unceasingly distorting sigil.

At the centre of the sigil was a tiny black dot.

While it seemed small, it emanated an extremely heavy feeling, resembling a black hole.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he shot the Northern Ocean Clone a glance.

The Northern Ocean Clone descended, the Fish Dragon Lance that was half-black and half-gold appearing within his hands.

As the Northern Ocean Clone pierced outwards, a jet-black point appeared on the tip of his spear, seemingly having drawn all the surrounding light within as it was incomparably heavily to the point that it could have been no heavier.

As the two small scale black holes met, the surrounding space instantly distorted even more greatly, the border regions even vaguely feeling like they would be ripped apart.

The black hole at the centre of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation emanated a sweltering, blazing hot aura of destruction.

As if putting up a final struggle, that terrifying roar resounded once more.

However, numerous streaks of white light descended, sealing it again.

The Northern Ocean Clone tapped out with his spear, both black holes simultaneously dissipating.

That tiny black dot within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation had completely disappeared, with only a single sigil remaining.

The sigil sunk into the depths of the ocean, emanating a faint radiance as it was condensed within the depths of the sea.

The Northern Ocean Clone kept his spear and stood at the ready, his left palm descending as the depths of the sea surged with hidden undercurrents.

The tides congregated, gradually coming to form a barrier as the sigil was once again hidden within.

Now, in the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation up above, the flickering white light gradually deteriorated as the formation gradually fell apart.

The four figures were gradually revealed after the dispersion of the white light.

Yan Di, Old Man Mo and Song Wuliang all became visible.

Huang Guanglie was no exception.

Previously, Huang Guanglie had been forcibly restricted within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

Now that the power of the formation had dissipated, he was not feeling happy.

While they had been trapped within the formation, the four of them had generally been aware of the passing of time outside.

Huang Guanglie could feel that there was still a long time from the expected date of three years.

Broad Creed Mountain unquestionably hoped most for the premature release of the Seal of the East Sea as Yan Di returned to their side.

Meanwhile, before the Sacred Sun Clan had come up with a method to resolve things with, they would definitely hope for the current situation on the East Sea to be maintained as much as possible.

First not mentioning Old Man Mo who did not participate in internal conflicts of the human race, of the remaining three, there was only a single Huang Guanglie while Yan Di and Song Wuliang had both been trapped here as well.

The three of them remaining here, the global situation would definitely be more beneficial towards the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall.

“Unless…they have guided the Radiant Light Sect of the World beyond Worlds into descending within the Eight Extremities World” If it was the Sacred Sun Clan who had done this, this was the sole possibility that Huang Guanglie could conceive of.

Huang Guanglie felt greatly conflicted at this possibility.

He did not hope for that possibility, but the pressure that Yan Di and Broad Creed Mountain truly exerted on him could only render him silent.

Yet, as the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation slowly broke apart, the one who appeared before Huang Guanglie was not someone of the Sacred Sun Clan but a youth who had left a very deep impression on him.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Huang Guanglie’s heart instantly sunk.

Meanwhile, Yan Di instead smiled as he looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge similarly smiled, “You have waited for a long time.

Fortunately, it was not too late.”

Yan Di did not speak, a diamond-shaped white symbol appearing on his forehead which was currently circulating unceasingly.

As the leader of this formation, after the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation broke apart, he was still carefully analysing the concept within as well as the spiritual qi changes of the surrounding heavens and earth.

Seeing this, Old Man Mo slowly nodded, “What high comprehension.

Gains derived from all myriad forms.

As only befitting of a heaven-defying genius.”

A look of admiration surfaced slightly within Song Wuliang’s gaze as well.

Watching this scene from the side, Huang Guanglie felt comparatively awkward.

He was silent for a moment before his figure flashed, wanting to first leave the area before anything else.

However, a streak of light swayed before his eyes as Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had already blocked his path.

Huang Guanglie had already noticed the presence of the Northern Ocean Clone earlier.

As the latter blocked his path now, Huang Guanglie’s originally gloomy face turned as dark as a pot’s bottom.

Looking at Huang Guanglie, Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “Where is the East Coming Martial Saint in a rush to go to If it is the World Illuminating Peak, there is really no need to, because that is already just a pile of ruins and debris.”

Huang Guanglie’s gaze turned cold, “That’s impossible.”

Golden light flickered about the old man’s entire body, resembling the rising of the great sun as the surrounding area was illuminated completely white.

He glanced coldly at Yan Zhaoge, his gaze finally landing on the Northern Ocean Clone, “Who are you”

The Northern Ocean Clone smiled slightly, “There is nothing that is impossible.”

Noting the Northern Ocean Clone’s expression and manner of speech before carefully appraising him together with Yan Zhaoge, Huang Guanglie was stunned where he was even despite his many years of experience out in the world, “This is…your clone! You actually refined a clone that is at the second level of the Martial Saint realm”

Old Man Mo and Song Wuliang were rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied upon hearing this as well.

Even Yan Di felt taken aback by this, appraising Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone for a moment before a look of approval appeared on his face.

Huang Guanglie calmed himself, looking at the Northern Ocean Clone and the Fish Dragon Spear in his hands before saying in a heavy tone, “Even so, while this old man would believe it if you said you had destroyed the Heavenly Thunder Hall, it is definitely impossible for you to have destroyed my World Illuminating Peak.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “Are you thinking that even if your Sacred Sun Clan cannot block me, they would still be able to guide those of the Radiant Light Sect down from the World beyond Worlds”

Huang Guanglie’s pupils dilated abruptly as his heart shot straight down to the very bottom.

When their two sides had clashed at the East Sea a year ago, Yan Zhaoge and the others had already known his clan’s connection with the World beyond Worlds.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge having been able to state the identity of the Radiant Light Sect now, Huang Guanglie’s heart instead fell greatly.

Despite having met with the Radiant Light Sect, it was instead Yan Zhaoge who was standing here now.

Then, didn’t that mean that…

But how was that possible!

Huang Guanglie’s gaze was somewhat dazed, shocking tidal waves surging within his heart as he felt suffocated, seeing stars before his eyes that left him reeling.


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