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HSSB60: You won’t find the people you want, only a pair of fists!


Elder Qin sat there, unmoving.

His eyes shifted from Yan Zhaoge to fall on Feng Yunsheng.

The Elder’s gaze was so focused that it almost took tangible form.

As it landed on Feng Yunsheng’s wrist, it was as though he were checking her pulse with his gaze alone.

Feng Yunsheng just remained quietly where she was.

A short while later, Elder Qin retracted his gaze.

“Her pulse shows that she indeed had the Extreme Yin Physique once.

However, her physique was compromised by an excess of yin, which led to it drying up and completely dissipating.

Her yin is currently only slightly stronger than an ordinary person’s.”

Elder Qin looked towards Yan Zhaoge, slowly shaking his head.

“The people of the Sacred Sun Clan probably checked this several times before making the final judgment.”

Yan Xu and the others all nodded in agreement.

This would only be natural–it was well within their expectations.

Elder Qin paused for a bit, a trace of pity in his gaze as he looked at Feng Yunsheng.

“Her bones, however, are outstandingly suited for cultivation.

I wonder how her power of comprehension and strength of mind compare.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “If not for her having gotten into the accident that year, the Sacred Sun Clan’s prime representative in the Extreme Yin Bout would actually have been her instead.”

“Perhaps this was because she entered the clan earlier, but at the very least we know that she was definitely not inferior to Meng Wan.”

Meng Wan was not just a Maiden of Extreme Yin.

Her cultivation talent also stood out noticeably among the members of the younger generation.

Among those of the same age, she was an absolute elite, her fame shaking the world.

The momentum of her rise was such that there was even a vague feeling of her starting to preside over the Four Rising Suns.

“If Junior Sister Feng had only injured some other part of Xiao Shen and not castrated him, perhaps she wouldn’t have been forced to flee,” Yan Zhaoge added.

Elder Qin nodded, before falling back into thoughtful silence.

If Feng Yunsheng’s cultivation talent was ordinary, taking her in simply to spite the Sacred Sun Clan was something that Broad Creed Mountain really had no need to do.

While the two factions had a disharmonious relationship, it had still not yet reached the point of refusing to compromise with each other even over such a small matter.

If it was the Water Domain’s Jade Sea City whose relationship with the Sacred Sun Clan was like that of fire and water, though, such a situation could actually occur.

From a certain perspective, that was the best place for Feng Yunsheng to seek asylum.

It was only that the Water Domain was situated too far away from the Heaven and Fire Domains; if Feng Yunsheng wanted to escape there alone under such heavy pursuit, it would be very difficult indeed.

Therefore, Broad Creed Mountain had become the best choice for her.

Earlier, if Yan Zhaoge had refused to take her in but also had not hand her over to Xiao Shen, Feng Yunsheng had been prepared to risk travelling to the Water Domain.

Now, Elder Qin had discovered through his examination that Feng Yunsheng was still a genius amongst geniuses even without the Extreme Yin Physique–a monstrous talent that was worth raising.

This caused Elder Qin and Broad Creed Mountain to be a little conflicted.

They had to carefully consider, weighing what they stood to gain against what they might lose as a result of their choice.

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly.

“Actually, Junior Sister Feng’s Extreme Yin Physique… it can be recovered.”

Elder Qin knit his brows but did not say anything more, simply looking towards Feng Yunsheng once again.

This time, he lifted his arm and tapped in the air with his finger.

A strand of light flew out from his fingertip, landing on Feng Yunsheng’s wrist.

After carefully checking Feng Yunsheng’s condition once again, Elder Qin looked at Yan Zhaoge, asking in a deep tone, “On what basis do you make this claim”

Yan Xu also glanced at Feng Yunsheng, and he too had something tangible in his gaze as it landed on Feng Yunsheng’s wrist.

After a moment, Yan Xu retracted his gaze as he said in an indifferent voice, “You imply that the damage is light, but her physique can’t even be considered simply damaged anymore.

Rather, it has already completely withered away.”

“To help her to recover–the difficulty would be no easier than trying to resurrect a dead person.”

“Moreover, it’s not a person who’s just drawn his final breath but a person who’s already been dead for two years.”

Yan Xu looked at Yan Zhaoge, “In recent days, you have indeed far exceeded everyone’s expectations by consecutively performing a number of major deeds, but I’d like to know–do you have the power to bring the dead back to life”

Elder Qin remained silent, but he obviously agreed with what Yan Xu had said.

He looked calmly at Yan Zhaoge, waiting for him to give him an explanation.

Yan Zhaoge said with a slight smile on his face, “Elder Qin, you said just now that the power of yin within Junior Sister Feng’s body was only a bit stronger than that of ordinary people”

Elder Qin nodded his head, “That’s right.”

Yan Zhaoge said leisurely, “When I first met her, she was actually no different from the common person.

Her Extreme Yin Physique had already completely dried up, with only some remnant traces and not even a single bit of Extreme Yin qi left at all.”

“What!” Elder Qin’s eyes abruptly widened.

He looked towards Feng Yunsheng, finding it rather hard to believe Yan Zhaoge’s words.

Feng Yunsheng now opened her mouth, saying, “While travelling alongside Senior Brother Yan these past few days, this junior received the acupuncture treatment of his golden needle secret technique.

With that, the dried up arteries and veins in my body have indeed begun to fill with Extreme Yin qi once more.”

“While the rate of recovery is extremely slow, my condition is already different from before.”

Yan Xu and the others all stared at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng in disbelief.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Our clan has never had a Maiden of Extreme Yin, having not been able to find one despite searching everywhere.

These past few years, while the other Sacred Grounds competed for the Extreme Yin Crown, we could only watch from the sidelines.

I was also extremely worried and troubled by this situation.”

“Thus, I thought: while the Extreme Yin Physique comes inborn, is there the possibility that it could be artificially induced in a person”

“Thus, I began gathering lots of records and information and did some research in this field.” Yan Zhaoge shook his head a little regretfully.

“Sadly, the Extreme Yin Physique is a gift from the Heavens; I made no progress and have no hope whatsoever of inducing it artificially.”

He swivelled his head to look towards Feng Yunsheng, “However, I also managed to accumulate quite some knowledge in this area.

In the end, I discovered that, while it is impossible to induce the Extreme Yin Physique after birth, if there was someone who had been born with the Extreme Yin Physique yet had it damaged afterwards, repairing it would indeed be possible.”

“I also have to thank Junior Sister Feng for trusting in me and allowing me to experiment on her.

After all, I have never had a way to verify the efficacy of the method I came up with before now.”

Yan Xu was expressionless as he looked coldly at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “A one-sided claim.

How can you prove it”

Yan Zhaoge said, “From the time I met Junior Sister Feng to now–the time that’s passed has not been long.”

“After a few more days, the Extreme Yin qi within Junior Sister Feng’s body will have strengthened a step further.

At that time, my words will be validated.”

Yan Xu said expressionlessly, “The people of the Sacred Sun Clan were repelled by this old man just a few days ago.

Now that all of you have returned, they should come knocking again very soon.”

“We must make a decision and fast.

We don’t have the time to wait for that verification of yours.”

Yan Zhaoge’s raised his brows slightly, intending to speak, but was interrupted by Elder Qin’s raised hand.

The burly East Elder looked straight at Yan Zhaoge, “Even assuming that what you claim is true, to what extent can your method help her to recover Will she regain merely a portion of what she had previously, or can you cause it to be as it was before, or at least bring her close to her peak state”

His expression a little solemn, Yan Zhaoge said slowly, “Recovery would require some time.

Also, there are some required resources and environmental conditions that I am still lacking and will have to be procured.”

“As for what extent she can recover to” Yan Zhaoge gazed back at Elder Qin candidly.

“To an even stronger condition than before!”

He suddenly laughed.

“If I fail to do so, I will enter the Heaven Sealing Gorge.”

Elder Qin looked at Yan Zhaoge, his gaze deep and silent.

Yan Xu wrinkled his brows, wanting to say something, but was interrupted by someone from outside coming in to report that the Sacred Sun Clan had mobilised right to their doorstep.

“Elder Qin” Yan Xu looked at him.

The burly Elder stared impatiently.

“Directly send them packing! They won’t find the people they want here, only a pair of fists!”


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