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HSSB603: The abnormal Yan Wudi


“There’s a girl who’s caught your eye” Yan Di was momentarily taken aback by Yan Zhaoge’s words before he appraised his son with his gaze, “Who is it”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You know her as well.

She’s junior apprentice-aunt Fu’s disciple, Feng Yunsheng.”

Yan Di could not help but smile.

Not only did he know her, as Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief, he was deeply familiar with every one of their direct disciples.

Moreover, he had even been the First Seat Elder of the Martial Inheritance Hall before he had become Chief.

Feng Yunsheng being a Maiden of Extreme Yin and her situation being unique, Yan Di naturally couldn’t be any more familiar with her.

“Yes, it’s a decent girl, her quality and disposition both being of the highest grade, possessing both looks and talent,” Yan Di nodded, but his words then shifted, “Still, while she’s caught your eye, has she fallen for you too”

Yan Zhaoge stared, “Are you serious, father If I, your son, were to yell loudly for marriage-finding in the Eight Extremities World now, the number of hot chicks who would want to birth little monkeys for me would line up all the way from the Great Western Desert to the East Sea, next going an entire round and lining back into the Great Western Desert.”

“What’re you saying Sire a monkey for me to see” Yan Di stared.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, finding that he had been a little uninhibited with his words earlier.

Still, while he smiled ingratiatingly, that arrogant, show-offish look of his just couldn’t be concealed.

Yan Di was amused whilst also exasperated as he just continuously shook his head, “You, really…”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he asked, “Explain properly.

What’s the situation”

Retracting his smile, Yan Zhaoge said very earnestly, “It is not a moment’s rashness or lust.

I had already clearly sorted out my thoughts before having returned from the Vast Ocean World.”

He pulled back the corners of his mouth, “While the two of us had never communicated this before, in the Vast Ocean World when I confirmed my feelings, I vaguely had that sort of feeling and yearning that transcended spacetime, seeming somewhat with grounding rather than being empty.”

“While I had constantly been worried about Yunsheng’s safety after having been attacked before, at that moment, while I was still worried, there seemed to be some grounding within my heart.”

“This feeling is extremely mysterious such that I even had some difficulty identifying its veracity, often wondering whether it was caused by my subconsciously hinting it to myself.”

At this point, Yan Zhaoge smiled again, “But when I returned and finally got to see Yunsheng again, it took me just one look at her eyes to know that that feeling is real.”

“And she can understand me as well.”

As Yan Di quietly listened, his usually sharp, domineering gaze was exceptionally gentle.

He looked at Yan Zhaoge for a moment before smiling, “Have you been able to pass senior apprentice-sister Fu’s trial then I’ll first say that I have no way around that.

If I try to help you convince her, it would only serve a negative effect.

Still, senior apprentice-sister Fu probably won’t make things difficult for you on this matter.

Back then, she herself resented the seniors of the clan for worrying about her marriage.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge instantly bragged confidently again, “You can rest easy, father.

I took care of senior apprentice-aunt Fu long ago.”

Yan Di nodded, looking at Yan Zhaoge for another moment before suddenly saying in a slow and leisurely manner, “Yes, but there is someone you haven’t taken care of yet.”

Yan Zhaoge’s hackles slightly stood on end.

His father was usually swift and domineering in his actions.

It truly was rare to see him speaking slowly and steadily in an intentional manner like this.

“Yunsheng is an orphan.

She hasn’t any relatives,” He probed, “It can’t be that you won’t agree, right”

Yan Di shook his head, “Of course I agree.

Junior apprentice-niece Feng is great.

The two of you being mutually in love, I am naturally very happy for you.”

Yan Zhaoge had just managed to calm himself when he heard Yan Di continue neither hurriedly nor slowly, “Yet, this matter ultimately still requires your mother’s opinion, isn’t that so”

Yan Zhaoge was momentarily dazed before he immediately smiled bitterly, “But mother’s not here now…”

Yan Di said leisurely, “She’s only out touring, not being in the Eight Extremities World.”

“Right, out touring, that’s what I meant,” Yan Zhaoge held his head.

He really had been too swept up in his triumph.

Clearly knowing that his mother wasn’t here, he had still played loving in front of his father.

Wasn’t this asking for trouble

It was just that he really had not thought that his usually domineering father would actually play with him like this.

There was probably only him under the heavens who could see a Yan Wudi such as this

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as if his teeth hurt, “While the two of us father and son are competing on who is more world-shocking and more cool, you and mother broadly invited guests and married in an official setting back then.

It was a grand event without any regrets to remedy.

You don’t have to accompany me on this, right”

Yan Di was set off by his lazy look, the extent of his shamelessness truly being great.

He raised his hand threateningly, “Your mouth really doesn’t have any limits now!”

Yan Zhaoge hurriedly said that he dared not, Yan Di retracting his hand, “At the end of the day, your mother’s will is my will.

Go to the World beyond Worlds and work hard on it.”

“Definitely, definitely,” Yan Zhaoge could only force a smile, “For your happiness, and for my own.”

Yan Di nodded, his hands behind his back as he leisurely strode towards the clan.

While his words just now had merely been a joke, he had indeed being drawn to thoughts of his wife whom he missed dearly.

Still, looking at Yan Zhaoge who was getting more and more mature and was walking closer and closer towards attaining great heights and starting a family, Yan Di felt incomparably reassured as even his footsteps appeared somewhat lighter.

These abnormalities in him just exhibited his exceptionally happy mood.

Having returned to the Mountain, Yan Di had already regained his usual self.

Still, having found Feng Yunsheng, his gaze was warmer somewhat.

“As the Chief of a clan, I want to say that you, junior apprentice-niece Feng, possess extremely high talent in the area of martial cultivation, also having an extraordinary will.

You will definitely achieve great things in the future,” Yan Di said warmly as he looked at Feng Yunsheng, “I believe that with your will, you should not be lazy, and will also not be content with hiding your brilliance behind a man’s, for such would truly be a great pity, even if that person was my son.”

“As a martial practitioner, one should have endless will and determination towards improvement.

The surrounding people and things should help you to grow, rather than serve as an obstruction.”

“You are such a talent.

I would not have judged wrong.”

Yan Di smiled, “As a father, I am very happy that Zhaoge has found such an outstanding partner.”

Yan Zhaoge was similarly smiling.

Despite having teased him for fun just now, when seeing Feng Yunsheng, his father had still quickly expressed his stance on the matter.

Feng Yunsheng was straightforward and natural in front of others even when she was holding hands with Yan Zhaoge.

Still, standing before his father, a rare look of shyness appeared on her face as she bowed towards him, “I thank Chief for your teachings.”

It was Fu Enshu, standing by the side, who said, “I have seldom been won over by people in my life.

Still, I have to admit that not being overshadowed by Zhaoge’s brilliance would not be an easy thing at all.

Even you, Yan Di, should be feeling a little like this now.”

Yan Di smiled, “New generations surpass the old.

This is a good thing.”

Fu Enshu nodded, “You speak rightly.

I too believe that Yunsheng’s future accomplishments will be above mine.”

After Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng had taken their leave, Fu Enshu looked at Yan Di and asked after a moment’s silence, “Are you going to the World beyond Worlds to look for Xue Chuqing”

Yan Di answered calmly, “It is Zhaoge going this time.

I will be staying in the Eight Extremities World and keeping the situation here stable, preventing the Radiant Light Sect from invading once more.”

Fu Enshu nodded quietly before she turned and left.

Outside of the great hall, looking at the clouds and sky in the distance, Fu Enshu’s gaze was distant as she stood there in a daze, not speaking for a long time.


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